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I really loved this book. I've never seen the musical (I wouldn't mind doing so, now, but only if they did a film version; I'm not really keen to actually go to the theatre), and while I have seen The Wizard of Oz a zillion times as a kid, I haven't read more than one or two of the original books, so overall I found myself wishing I had a little more Oz background going into this, to compare his version to Baum's. I'm going to haul out my grandpa's Oz books and see if any of them are still in readable shape, though I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed with the lack of depth after reading Wicked!

Anyway, I really love this story. I love that it doesn't just retell The Wizard of Oz from the Witch's POV, but tells a different story that is similar. It really has that feeling of "the real story behind the legend" or whatever.

I do have a few complaints, but not enough to dent my overall love of it. For one thing, I could have done with a lot less emotional exposition. There were so many times when an event happened and then we got paragraphs and paragraphs of how people felt about it and what they were thinking. I would have liked more room to make my own conclusions about people'smotivations based on their actions, rather than being told everything.

The other thing is that I would have liked some of the space given to all that emotional exposition to go to explaining some more about the world! There's still so much I'm curious about. What is this book of the Wizard's? Who are the dwarf and Yackle? What was it about Dorothy that made everyone fall in love with her so? I am hoping that some of this gets explained in his other books set in Oz.

Also, I saw that it was a requested fandom for [ profile] yuletide and I'm really, really hoping there are at least a few stories written. I know the musical actually has quite an active femslash fandom about the cast, but is there fic about the books? I haven't gone looking yet.


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