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Title: Bayou
Author: Jeremy Love
Number of Pages: 160 pages
Book Number/Goal: 43/75 for 2009
My Rating: 5/5

Lee is a black sharecropper's daughter in the early 1900s. When her white friend Lily goes missing, Lee's father is blamed for her kidnapping. But Lily saw what really happened, and to save her father from getting hanged, she starts off on a journey to Dixie, an alternative South filled with monsters and talking animals, to try and find the man who really kidnapped Lily.

The story is amazing. It doesn't pull any punches in its depictions of race relations, so it's not an easy read, but it's well-worth it. The art is awesome, too. It has a very unfinished look, just colored-in sketches rather than perfectly-inked drawings, but they're really well-drawn and I love the look.

I have actually been reading this online and have not read the physical book (which is chapters 1-4 of what's been posted online), but I saw several other people posting reviews of the book and was like, hey, I have read that, even if not the physical copy, so I should totally add it to my count! (That's what I do with manga that I read chapter by chapter, after all. I just add it to my list when the volume comes out.)


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