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Title: Let the Right One In
Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist
Number of Pages: 472 pages
Book Number/Goal: 25/30 for 2010
My Rating: 5/5

Jacket Summary: Twelve-year-old Oskar is obsessed by the murder that's taken place in his neighborhood. Then he meets the new girl from next door. She's a bit weird, though. And she only comes out at night...

Review: Okay, that is a horrible summary (the book jacket is mostly taken up with quotes about how awesome the book is, which I hate), but the book is totally awesome. I really, really loved it. It is a vampire story and a sort-of romance, but it is about as far from Twilight as you can get.

Oskar is a fat kid who is constantly bullied at school. He keeps a wad of mattress foam called the Pissball in his underwear because he wets his pants. He's obsessed with murderers and serial killers and keeps a scrapbook with newspaper clippings about various murder cases, and he daydreams about killing his classmates with the knife he stole.

Everyone in this book is fucked up and I love it. The movie makes everything so much prettier. Not just Oskar himself, but it leaves out the fact that the guy who kills for Eli is a pedophile, and cuts out a lot of the more gory stuff that happens. I liked the movie okay, but it can't compare to the book at all.

I also really like Lindqvist's vampires. I really dislike a lot of vampire fiction, but I don't think there was any element of these vampires I didn't like. I especially loved that they were solitary and there wasn't this vampire society with sires and all that stuff.

If anyone wants my copy, let me know. I can only ship within the US.


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