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Nana 17

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I have the first Nana movie on my hard drive somewhere. I should watch it.

D.Gray-Man "Reverse 1: Tabidachi no Clergyman"

I actually liked this book quite a lot. As I said the other day, there are three stories, Allen's, Kanda's, and Bak Chan's. The writing isn't wonderful, but mediocre writing doesn't bother me as much in Japanese as it does English.

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Apr. 24th, 2007 02:21 am
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Still in a D.Gray-man mood from reading the manga the other day, I started reading the D.Gray novel I picked up at Book Off recently. It's a quick read (I read about eighty pages in under an hour); these things aren't called light novels for nothing. There are three stories, one about Allen, one about Kanda, and one about Bak Chan, and I read the Allen one tonight. I see there's a second book out, too. I wonder if it has anything about Lavi. I can't say I'm particularly interested in Kanda or Bak (though I will read the rest of the book regardless).

I just realised something, though. I had noticed before that Hoshino Katsura, author of D.Gray-man, is a LotR fangirl, as two of the characters are Reever Wenham and Miranda Lotto. (Miranda doesn't particularly look like Miranda Otto to me, but Wenham does look similar to the way I often see him drawn in manga style.) Now I'm thinking she might be a Phantom Menace fangirl, too. Bak Chan sounds an awful lot like Bruck Chun, especially when you take into account that the character has white hair like Bruck (despite being Chinese, and thus not normally someone you'd expect to have white hair).

While writing up this post, I got distracted by looking up light novels on Wikipedia, and found a manga/light novel publishing company that's hiring, so I filled out their questionaire and sent it in.

I am kind of still addicted to the kaleidescope thing. It's really terrible. Oh, and here's a new time-waster I found in [ profile] cindyjade's links: BSC Headquarters. The "about me" section says, "I am blogging my way through the Baby-sitters Club series that I loved growing up." The reviews of the books are hilarious and really make me wish I still had mine around.


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