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What are you currently reading?
Currently reading an original work on AO3 called The Northern Caves. I know there's some debate about whether original fiction should be allowed on AO3, but even if you're against it, this is the sort of thing that should be there, IMO. It's a story about fandom, even though it's a made-up fandom. Someone recced it on FFA and I clicked over out of curiousity and got hooked immediately.

I'm only on chapter 5 so far (it's a WIP and there are 17 chapters posted, though the total is unknown (I saw on tumblr the author said it's over halfway done, though)), but I'm really enjoying it. The made-up fandom is for a series of children's books that got increasingly stranger as the series went on, with the last ones being self-published because the publisher wouldn't take them. The mysterious final book is over 3000 pages and mostly nonsensical. The fic focuses on the fandom trying to regroup after a convention gone wrong. The narrator has been chosen to do a write-up of events, and chapters alternate between his rambling notes and actual messageboard posts, in which various fandom members discuss and try to make sense of the final book.

It definitely reminds me of House of Leaves, though I didn't like House of Leaves much at all.

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished two things last night! First off, I finished vol. 15 of Kurage Hime, which is the last volume that's been released. It's been on hiatus for a while, though I found a post just now saying there was a new chapter out in July, so maybe it's starting up again? At any rate, my feeling after finishing the volume was that even if she didn't finish it, this was a good place to end, so I would be satisfied. (I'm glad it's continuing! But I was worried the end of vol. 15 might be a cliffhanger or something, so I was really glad that it was something I could be satisfied with if it never continued.) There was even an extra chapter about how all the other Amars came to live at Amamizukan.

I also finished reading the first Nancy Drew book, Secret of the Old Clock. I probably read it multiple times as a kid, but this would have been over thirty years ago, so I had zero memory of it. It was enjoyable enough, though kind of light on the mystery aspect. I do plan to read some more Nancy Drews, though I'll probably read something else first.

What do you think you'll read next?
No idea. I have so much choice both in terms of manga and books, and nothing is immediately calling to me, so I'll probably just pick something at random. (In terms of manga, some of the series I like the most, I've been avoiding reading because I don't want to get into it and then have a long like with 7 Seeds, I've managed to amass three volumes now through avoidance! But if I wait just a little longer, there will be vol. 30 next month, too!)

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