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Weedflower is about Sumiko, a Japanese-American girl whose family is sent to a relocation camp in Poston, Arizona during WWII. This camp was actually on a reservation (constructed there against the wishes of the Mohave tribe who owned the land) and one of the themes of the book is the uneasy relations between the Japanese and the Indians there, shown through Sumiko's friendship with a Mohave boy named Frank.

It was a good read, though unsurprisingly enraging. It's definitely a children's book, though. At first I was trying to put my finger on what made it feel so different than just a story told from a child's POV, but I think it was the all-tell, no-show style. Everything was spelled out. If I were reading an adult book like that, I'd say it was badly written, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she just didn't trust kids to be able to infer anything. So that was a little annoying to me, but I'd still recommend it for the story.


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