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Title: 4teen
Author: Ishida Ira
Number of Pages: 329 pages
Book Number/Goal: 32/40 for 2010
My Rating: 4/5

Jacket Summary: Tsukishima, an island in the middle of Tokyo Bay. Here we race through the streets on our bikes, faster than the wind. Naoto, Dai, Jun, and me, Tetsuro, four 9th graders. We each have our problems, but together we can go anywhere, maybe we can even fly...

Review: Like Ikebukuro West Gate Park, 4teen is a collection of short stories about young people set in Tokyo (though younger kids this time and a different area of Tokyo). No mysteries here, though, but basically if you like Ikebukuro West Gate Park, if you like Ishida Ira's writing style, this is more of the same.
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1. My mom came over to put some stuff in the garage today and I got her to give us a ride to the store. There was a good sale on Coke, but you had to buy a ton to get the sale price, so it would have been difficult on the bus. This saved me from having to take the bus to get the giant box for Julie's stuff, too. Unfortunately Staples was entirely out of boxes of any size, so I had to go to the UPS Store. Do not ever buy boxes at the UPS Store. Their prices are ridiculous. D: But I had no other choice, damn them.

2. I finished reading Shounen Keisuuki tonight. I actually started reading this book three, maybe four years ago. It's four short stories, all with the same narrator, same universe, but still, each story is self-contained, so when I put it down after the third story and got distracted, I just never got back to it.

This was my year to finish any half-read books on my shelf, though, so I was determined to get through it before the end of the year. The final story took me twenty pages or so to really get into and I kept putting it down, but then I was hooked and I remembered why I love Ishida Ira's writing so much. I spent most of this evening finishing it up. I love his writing so much, and I really love these Ikebukuro West Gate Park stories.

I honestly can't remember much about the earlier stories in this book, as like I said, I read them several years ago. I did like that the first one featured a transguy (and was a very respectful portrayal, not problematic at all that I can remember), but I was less thrilled with Spoilers in case anyone else in the world actually reads these books or plans to, which you totally should if you can read Japanese; there's a reason why Ishida Ira is an award-winning writer! )

That's a whopping ten books read this year now. Hopefully I can get a couple more in before the end of the year. :D

3. I ended up buying an account on LibraryThing. [ profile] helens78 said you can only add 200 books with a free account, though I can't find any documentation on the site itself about what free and paid accounts can do. But it was only $19 to buy a permanent account, so I figured what the hell.


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