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Finished reading it tonight. Amazing the things you can get done when you actually sit down and do them. :p

Vague, spoilery things thisaway. )

Not sure what I'm going to read next. I have two more library books, Faith of the Fallen and Assassin's Apprentice. The second, I've read before, but I need to re-read the whole trilogy before starting the new one as it's been too long. Faith of the Fallen, I'd like to re-read the whole series before starting it, as again, it's been way too long, but there are too many books and they're all too long, and I've already re-read several of them. I do need to find a detailed summary of the book that came before, though, just to refresh my memory. Maybe I'll google around for that tomorrow.

I also have Maurice here, and Go (and also Shounen Keisuuki, which I still need to finish the last story of), but those aren't library books, so I might put them off and try to do the library ones first.

There also seem to be a few manga sitting around my desk that I bought and haven't read yet: One Piece, Naruto, and Ppoi! among others.

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