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What are you currently reading?
I just started two new books yesterday, Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children and The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory, both of which I've only read a little of so far, but they both seem promising.

What did you recently finish reading?
I actually finished The New Jim Crow a couple weeks ago, but since I didn't do a reading post last week, that goes here. I definitely recommend this to anyone who's interested in anti-racism, police/prison reform/abolition, or if you're just curious about the various policies that have led to the US law enforcement system ending up as it is today.

I finished The Library at Mount Char a few days ago, after holding off for like a week on the last couple chapters because I didn't want it to end. The ending was extremely satisfying, though, and for a book that I felt got off to such a rocky start, I really ended up loving this. I think the reason I wasn't sure at first is that it sets itself up to be a very different story than it actually ends up being. And the reveal of what actually is going on is great and I loved all the secrets and surprises and twists and turns. But the story is seemed to be at first wasn't really grabbing me, so I'm glad I am not the type to drop something just because of a slow beginning.

I also read volumes 4-8 of Y: The Last Man, and my feelings are as mixed as when I started. Overall I'm enjoying it, though.

Manga-wise, I read 7 Seeds vol. 34, which is, according to the author's note at the end, the second-to-last volume of the main series, though she is planning on writing some side stories. I will be so, so sad to see this series end, but I also can't wait to see the conclusion. The final volume is coming out next month, but there's usually a one-month delay for ebooks, boo.

I also read volume 1 of Slow Motion wo Mou Ichido, a series about two high school students who are super into 80s music/pop culture and can't relate to the stuff their peers are into. It's pretty cute, and also super nostalgic.

What do you think you'll read next?
I'm probably going to read the last two volumes of Y: The Last Man today, and I also finally got around to getting the last book in the All-of-a-Kind Family series transferred from the main library to the one near me, so I'm going to pick that up tonight and will probably read it right away.

By the way, if any of you are on Goodreads and we're not friended yet, hit me up! Lately I've been using it a lot more frequently, updating my progress in books as I read them, etc. rather than just going on once in a while to input books I've finished, and I found I really like seeing the sidebar with books my friends are reading or interested in reading, and I've picked up a lot of interesting-sounding stuff that way.
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What are you currently reading?
I've actually been reading a lot this week! I'm about halfway through The New Jim Crow now. The first couple chapters were good reading, but also pretty much stuff I already knew, but the chapter I just finished focused on specific laws, Supreme Court decisions, etc. that I wasn't familiar with, and wow, that is even more fucked up than I realized. The Supreme Court has basically made it legal for cops and the legal system to discriminate based on race, and they've also made it so that individuals can't bring a suit against the police for discrimination.

In more lighter reading, I made a bit of progress on The Library at Mount Char and am about 20% done. I ended up having to go back and reread the first chapter because I was confused about the timeline. I'm definitely sucked in now, though, and will probably be reading it faster now because I really want to find out what the hell is going on, lol. One thing rereading the first chapter reminded me of that I didn't mention last time, though, is the terribad google translate Japanese. >_< The POV character is supposed to be fluent in every language in existence, so the least this guy could do is make sure if he's going to write out the words, rather than say "she said in Japanese", he consults someone other than a machine translation. I mean, it's not Dan Brown level bad, but it's grating, and there's really no excuse for it in this day and age.

I also picked up another library book the other day, which is actually a book of short stories about libraries. XD Or rather, with themes that could tie into an overarching library theme. I had expected more actual libraryness, but have so far been disappointed. The book is Public Library and Other Stories by Ali Smith, one of my favorite authors, so I'm still enjoying it even though it's not as libraryish as I had expected from the title and summary.

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished up A Chance Child in just a couple days. Rereading it as an adult, it's still pretty weird, especially the first few chapters when you're just thrown right in and have no idea what's going on. But it makes more sense now, as I think a lot of it went over my head when I first read it. It's a good story and I'm glad I had a chance to read it again.

I also read volume 28 of Kimi ni Todoke, which is the last of what's currently out, though I think 29 is coming out in August. I always forget how much I love this series.

And speaking of adorable manga, I read volume 3 of Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! For the first two volumes, I just read it as I was translating it, but this time I ended up reading the whole volume at once. It's such a cute series and I'm sad that it seems to be on hiatus or something. (Though there is still one more volume out after this.)

Then, in my quest to clear off even more stuff from my ipad, I decided to start in on Y: The Last Man, which I have been curious about for a long time, but just never got around to reading. I've read the first three volumes so far, and while it's interesting, it's definitely not a huge hit with me.

What do you think you'll read next?
Just keeping on with all the stuff in progress, mainly, and reading the rest of Y.


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