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Ooh, I really liked this book a lot. Very highly recommended, even to those who don't normally read fiction, because it reads like non-fiction, only with zombies.

[ profile] fabu had a post the other day about narrative framing, and this is definitely not a story that could have been told without that device, not on this scale. You could have individual people's stories, but not the whole "chronicle of the war all over the world" sort of thing he has going on.

Anyway, this was really neat. I loved reading about the various techniques they used to fight the zombies, how each country dealt with the threat, the various responses, etc. There were some things I wish had been different, mainly some sort of explanation about what started the zombies and how it worked. So even though it was really cool, I was still left a little dissatisfied with not knowing how it came about.

I would really like to write fanfic for this, though.

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