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What are you currently reading?
Currently reading an original work on AO3 called The Northern Caves. I know there's some debate about whether original fiction should be allowed on AO3, but even if you're against it, this is the sort of thing that should be there, IMO. It's a story about fandom, even though it's a made-up fandom. Someone recced it on FFA and I clicked over out of curiousity and got hooked immediately.

I'm only on chapter 5 so far (it's a WIP and there are 17 chapters posted, though the total is unknown (I saw on tumblr the author said it's over halfway done, though)), but I'm really enjoying it. The made-up fandom is for a series of children's books that got increasingly stranger as the series went on, with the last ones being self-published because the publisher wouldn't take them. The mysterious final book is over 3000 pages and mostly nonsensical. The fic focuses on the fandom trying to regroup after a convention gone wrong. The narrator has been chosen to do a write-up of events, and chapters alternate between his rambling notes and actual messageboard posts, in which various fandom members discuss and try to make sense of the final book.

It definitely reminds me of House of Leaves, though I didn't like House of Leaves much at all.

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished two things last night! First off, I finished vol. 15 of Kurage Hime, which is the last volume that's been released. It's been on hiatus for a while, though I found a post just now saying there was a new chapter out in July, so maybe it's starting up again? At any rate, my feeling after finishing the volume was that even if she didn't finish it, this was a good place to end, so I would be satisfied. (I'm glad it's continuing! But I was worried the end of vol. 15 might be a cliffhanger or something, so I was really glad that it was something I could be satisfied with if it never continued.) There was even an extra chapter about how all the other Amars came to live at Amamizukan.

I also finished reading the first Nancy Drew book, Secret of the Old Clock. I probably read it multiple times as a kid, but this would have been over thirty years ago, so I had zero memory of it. It was enjoyable enough, though kind of light on the mystery aspect. I do plan to read some more Nancy Drews, though I'll probably read something else first.

What do you think you'll read next?
No idea. I have so much choice both in terms of manga and books, and nothing is immediately calling to me, so I'll probably just pick something at random. (In terms of manga, some of the series I like the most, I've been avoiding reading because I don't want to get into it and then have a long like with 7 Seeds, I've managed to amass three volumes now through avoidance! But if I wait just a little longer, there will be vol. 30 next month, too!)
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What are you currently reading?
Currently almost done with How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship, and Musical Theater by Marc Acito. This is one I've had on my shelf (and later ereader) for years and just never got around to. It was a slow starter, but once it got going it was really good. I've only got about a hundred ebook pages left (who knows how much that actually is, but it feels very close to the end) and it's all I can do to not just sit here and read the rest in one go, but I have to concentrate on my translating (deadline today!).

For people for whom its a selling point, both the main character and one of the supporting characters are bi. (I was expecting the main character to be gay, since the author is and it's about theater kids, so was kind of surprised.)

What did you recently finish reading?
I've been chugging along with this since whenever I last made a reading post, so I haven't finished anything.

What do you think you'll read next?
Not sure. There is a sequel, Attack of the Theater People, which I will want to read at some point, but probably not just yet. I downloaded all those Nancy Drew books the other day, so maybe one of those? Or possibly catch up on some comics, especially Lumberjanes, which I am a bunch of issues behind on. I had already been planning to catch up soon, but then I read this article (contains spoilers) and now I really, really want to get caught up. (And also maybe reread from the beginning.)
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Yikes, apparently I haven't done a reading post in almost four months. Basically, I wasn't reading much of anything, and what I was reading was just a few pages here and there of the same manga and book, so I didn't want to make a post just saying "read a few more pages of X and Y". But now I actually started reading stuff again, yay!

What are you currently reading?
I am currently reading Kurage Hime, which is one of the things I've been chugging along at all these months. I just started volume 13 and there are only 15 volumes out (and it's apparently on hiatus?), so I'm almost done with what's available.

I've been enjoying it at lot, though I am really torn about spoilers )

Anyway, I saw a bunch of people tweeting this week that the manga has been picked up for an English release (as Princess Jellyfish), which is great because more people should read it! The anime was cute (I actually saw the anime before reading the manga), but it's short and there's so much more to the story.

I'm also reading From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, which is one of those children's books I'm very familiar with by name, but I don't think I ever read as a kid because I don't remember any of it. Carla had been wanting to reread it and we just happened to find a copy at one of the Little Libraries in our neighborhood, so I decided to read it, too. I've only read a few chapters, but I'm enjoying it so far.

What did you recently finish reading?
I read a handful of baseball RPF (Tim Lincecum/Buster Posey) fics in [personal profile] telesilla's high school AU series. I'd read the first one when she posted it a couple years ago and liked it, and hoped she'd write more, but for a long time she didn't and then I stopped using tumblr as much, so I missed the announcements for some recent fics she'd added this year, until I saw the most recent one, which also caught my eye because it's titled with a line from REM's Nightswimming (a good way to make me read your fic). So I clicked over to AO3 and read that, and then read a couple of the previous ones, too.

I also read the first issue of the Invader Zim comic! It's really just setting things up so far, so there wasn't much going on, but it seemed pretty promising. Anyway, I'm excited about Zim comics. :D It makes me want to do a Zim rewatch, even though we just did one not that long ago.

But the main thing I read was Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith.

The summary on Amazon is pretty good:
Many generations ago, a mysterious cataclysm struck the world. Governments collapsed and people scattered, to rebuild where they could. A mutation, "the Change,” arose, granting some people unique powers. Though the area once called Los Angeles retains its cultural diversity, its technological marvels have faded into legend. "Las Anclas" now resembles a Wild West frontier town… where the Sheriff possesses superhuman strength, the doctor can warp time to heal his patients, and the distant ruins of an ancient city bristle with deadly crystalline trees that take their jewel-like colors from the clothes of the people they killed.

Teenage prospector Ross Juarez’s best find ever – an ancient book he doesn’t know how to read – nearly costs him his life when a bounty hunter is set on him to kill him and steal the book. Ross barely makes it to Las Anclas, bringing with him a precious artifact, a power no one has ever had before, and a whole lot of trouble.

Post-apocalyptic stories are probably my top favorite genre, and having it be set in Los Angeles? I really didn't need any more than that to want to give it a try. XD

I loved that we were just dropped right into the world with no exposition; instead all the little details about this world are revealed organically throughout the story. I really dislike exposition and am easily bored by long paragraphs of description, so this is my kind of writing.

The story is told through multiple POVs, changing from chapter to chapter, with the name of the POV character noted at the beginning of each chapter. I think there were about five POV characters, Ross, Yuki, Mia, Jennie, and Felicité, all of whom I grew to like by the end of the book, even those like Yuki and Felicité, who annoyed me at first. (I actually ended up liking Felicité the most, as obnoxious as she is. I'm really curious where her plotline will go in the next book.) I also liked a lot of the more minor characters, especially Mia's dad, the sheriff, and the bounty hunter.

I'm definitely looking forward to reading the sequel (and I hope the third book isn't too long in coming).

What do you think you'll read next?
Up next for sure: the last couple volumes of Kurage Hime, the rest of Mixed-up Files, and three recent chapters of Attack on Titan that I haven't read yet.

As for ebooks, I did buy the sequel to Stranger, but I'm not sure if I want to read that just yet or something else first. When I was putting ebooks on my new phone (which I only just did this week, aside from Stranger, which I put on as soon as I got the phone), I actually found myself feeling excited about a lot of those books, so I might just pick one of those first? We'll see!
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What are you currently reading?
Currently reading Kindaichi (still/of course). I'm on the third case of the second series and honestly have no memory of this one at all. (This has actually been the case with a lot of them!)

I'm also still reading Prisoner of Azkaban, though I've slacked off a bit on my lunchtime reading and I don't think I read more than a few pages this week.

Also also I am reading a physical book. (What!?) You see, all around my neighborhood are a lot of these Little Free Libraries in it and we always check them out when we walk by. So far Carla has picked up quite a few books from them, but I hadn't until last week. I picked up two books that looked interesting and I read one already (which I will talk about below) but have not yet read the other. I plan to take te one I read back today (to a different Little Library than the one I took it from, just for fun) but I decided I'd also like to try and read more of the books on my shelf so that I can leave them in these libraries when I'm done.

So to that end, I picked a book off my shelf that seemed like something I could read fast. XD It's a graphic novel called Vietnamerica by GB Tran and I think I must have read about it years ago on [ profile] 50books_poc. I've only read a bit so far, but I'm enjoying it. (Though I have found some of the lettering choices to be a bit hard to read. For some reason parts of it are done in cursive...)

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished reading my first actual book of the new year! One of the books I picked up at the aforementioned Little Library was Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I really did not enjoy The Mindy Show and gave it up after four or five episodes (the love interest was just so annoying!) and I've never seen The Office (though it's on my list), but I really liked this book a lot! It's hilarious and a super easy read, which was just the thing I needed to get me back into (hopefully) the habit of reading things other than manga. If you like humorous autobiographies, I'd definitely recommend it.

What do you think you'll read next?
Mainly just continuing to read the things I talked about above, but I will probably give Kindaichi another break after this case and try to read something else manga-wise. Not sure what, but I have a bazillion files on my ipad, so there's a lot to choose from. :D


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