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Whoops. Been so busy with Irene here that I haven't had much time on the internet and didn't manage to get my reading post done on Wednesday or even on Thursday! Still, I had a lot to talk about this week and by next week will surely have forgotten, so I'd better do it now while I have a chance. :D

What are you currently reading?
Currently back to reading manga only, I guess? I'm about halfway through two different volumes, 7 Seeds 24 and Aozora Yell 11. Aozora Yell is one that I bought several months ago and it's just been sitting on my desk because I always go for my iphone instead of physical books. But since I'm not doing a book club book this round, I thought I would try and read some physical books (both prose and manga) that I have sitting around, as I really like the idea of using the book club to read non-ebooks.

I forgot how much I love Aozora Yell. How could I have forgotten? It's just so, so, so cute. (If you're not familiar with the series, you may be familiar with the author from her other series, High School Debut, which actually did get an official English release. All her stuff is the same sweet/heartwarming kind of thing.) This volume starts Tsubasa's second year, so there are a bunch of new characters introduced as new first-years join the brass band.

Meanwhile in 7 Seeds, things continue to get more and more exciting. Really, I am just absolutely blown away by the most recent turn of events. How does Tamura-sensei manage to keep coming up with these awesome ideas?

What did you recently finish reading?
Well, on Sunday I finished Go by Kaneshiro Kazuki, exactly on the last day of that book club round, so perfect timing. :) Here's my book club questions for the end of the round:

1. Are you glad you've finally read this book? Would you read more books in this genre or by this author as a result? Would you recommend this book to others?

Very glad I finally read it! Like I said in my initial post, I watched the movie over ten years ago and bought the book soon after and it's just been sitting here ever since. XD Plus it's very good timing since I'm heading to Book Off next week and taking some stuff to sell and I can include this with my manga and CDs.

I don't think the author has really written a whole lot else, and the genre is just...modern fiction/literary fiction, I guess. Which is what I mostly read in Japanese anyway. I would recommend it to anyone who can read Japanese! It's both an interesting story and a good look at what it's like to be an ethnic minority in Japan.

2. What's your favourite quote or scene from the book? Alternatively, which is your least favourite, or the one that made you think the most, or the one that made you lose all patience with the book?
I don't really tend to think of books in terms of favorite scenes and least favorite scenes.

3. How did you enjoy reading to a deadline? Were you strict with yourself? Did you have a schedule? Was the book too long or too short for the time frame of the challenge?

This book was really the perfect length (a bit under 250 pages). If I were reading an ebook, I could do with something longer, but since this was a physical book, it meant that my two main reading times (in bed before going to sleep and on my lunch breaks at work) were times I was reading something other than the book club book. (I don't want to lug a physical book to work and I don't have a bedside lamp, so the only reading I can do is with something that has its own light like my phone.) By reading about twenty pages a day, I was able to keep on track while still being able to miss a day or two if I didn't have time to get to my reading. I didn't really have a set schedule, just tried to keep to about that number of pages each time.

In addition to my book club book, I also finally finished the fic I was reading for what felt like forever!

How the mouth changes its shape (132531 words) by breathedout
Chapters: 20/20
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John(nie) Watson, Sherlock Holmes/Victor(ia) Trevor, John(nie) Watson/OFC
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John(nie) Watson, Victor(ia) Trevor, Sally Donovan, Original Characters, lots of them
Additional Tags: Genderswap, Alternate Universe - 1950s, Butch/Femme, Gender Issues, Gender Roles, Case Fic, bildungsroman, World War II
Summary: 1955. Under the placid veneer of suburban playparks and middle-class conformity churns a hidden London: femmes and butches dancing close in basement bars; clandestine love between women. To Sherlock Holmes, struggling private detective and mistress of disguise, it’s a realm she renounced years before. To Johnnie Watson, daredevil ambulance driver turned auto mechanic, it’s become a little too familiar. But when someone is murdered in the washroom of the city’s most notorious lesbian club, the investigation will lead both women to reconsider their assumptions about themselves, each other, and the world in which they live.

This was really good! I've not read anything this long in years and the length was definitely daunting, but I'm glad I gave it a chance. I definitely found Sherlock more likable as a woman (I'm sure that male!Sherlock is often written in a more likable way in fic than he is on the show, but here it was more that I didn't find the arrogance as off-putting in a female character vs a male character).

What do you think you'll read next?
I just realised I hadn't downloaded this week's Jump, so that for sure! But also in addition to Aozora Yell, I'd like to read at least one other volume of physical manga that I have here on my desk, maybe either Tegami Bachi 15 or Tera Girl 2. Also I would like to read one of the non-manga books on my shelf, something short that I can finish in the two weeks of the book club round, so that I'm ready to start fresh with a new book when the round I'm sitting out ends. A likely candidate is All I Asking for Is My Body by Milton Murayama, since it's only about a hundred pages long.
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What are you currently reading?
Still reading the same stuff as last week, a Sherlock fic and Go by Kaneshiro Kazuki. I should be done with both soonish, though (Go needs to be done by the 5th as that's the book club deadline, and I've only got 400 ebook pages of fic left, which translates into I have no fucking idea how many real pages, but probably not a whole lot).

Here are some book club questions I answered Monday on tumblr:

I am exactly halfway through with my book! (I would be more than halfway if I had done my reading for today, but I don't think that's happening. Still, I have more than enough time to finish it by the deadline.)

1. What aspects of the book are you enjoying? What aspects are you struggling with?
I'm generally enjoying my book (Go by Kaneshiro Kazuki), though the part about being zainichi Korean is much more interesting than the manic pixie dream girl romance part (which I wouldn't say I’m necessarily struggling with, just, meh, don't care).

2. Tell us about your favourite character, and/or your least favourite character
I like the main character okay, but mostly I don't really have feelings one way or the other for any of the characters. (It's first-person narration and there are only a few other characters, none of whom get a whole lot of page time, except for the love interest, and even she doesn't get a ton.)

3. Have you been talking to people about the book you're reading? What have their reactions been?
Aside from my initial post on tumblr and crossposted to DW/LJ, I haven't talked about the book with anyone. I knew going in that this was not a book I was going to be discussing with other people so much as just writing down my own thoughts, since it's not available in English.

What did you recently finish reading?
I read the three issues of Jump I was behind on and then read this week's as well.

What do you think you'll read next?
I downloaded vol. 24 of 7 Seeds the other day, so I'll probably read that once I finish one or both of the things I'm currently reading.

The next theme for the tumblr book club thingy is to read a book you've pretended you read, which is just such a bizarre theme. Is that really a thing people do? idk, it's not something I do, so I have nothing to choose and thus will be skipping this round. I think I will still try to read a book over those two weeks, though.
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What are you currently reading?
As I mentioned the other day, I decided to do this biweekly book challenge on tumblr. The book I chose is hardcover, so I'm only reading at home. I didn't read any tonight, but I managed a chapter last night and the night before, which I think is a good pace to finish up within two weeks (the book is less than 250 pages and I'm already on page 50). Anyway, here are some questions I answered about the book:

1. What made you choose the book you did?
The book I chose is Go by Kaneshiro Kazuki. I saw the movie based on this book over ten years ago, liked it a lot, and bought the book intending to read it. And then I never did. So when I was looking at my books trying to figure out which one would be good for a theme of "always meant to read", it seemed like the best fit.

2. What took you so long? What is it that has stopped you reading this book until now?
What took me so long? Well, I used to read all the time, but over the years I've read fewer and fewer books (sometimes that's because I’m reading manga or fanfic instead, but sometimes it's just because I'm not reading anything). All the books I own, both physical and on my phone, are ones I've been meaning to read for some time, many of them for years. Last year I think I read ten books total and now it's almost May and I've only read one book this year so far. So it's not so much this book in particular that I've put off, but rather just in general having far more books that I want to read than I have the time for.

3. What are your impressions of the book before you start, and what has formed them?
As I said, I did see the movie so I know the general plot (it's about a zainichi Korean boy), but again, that was over ten years ago, so I barely remember anything about it.

I'm also still reading How the mouth changes its shape, the Sherlock '50s lesbian AU I mentioned last week. I am a little under halfway through and enjoying it fairly well, though not as much as I'd expected from how much I've seen people rave about it.

What did you recently finish reading?
I took a short break from the Sherlock fic to read the fourth volume of the Kindaichi 20th Anniversary Series, which I bought from iTunes Japan. I meant to just open it up to make sure the file worked okay, but then I got sucked in. XD The last couple mysteries were kind of meh (including the short case that started this volume off), but I'm really enjoying the case that took up most of the book (though annoyed that it will be another couple months before I can find out how it ends, since this volume only came out last month). In this case, it's not the mystery itself that's all that great (having just reread some of those earlier cases means I can more easily spot when bits are being recycled), though it's certainly enjoyable. But the best part is that Kindaichi is reluctantly teaming up with his nemesis Takato Yoichi, aka the Puppetmaster from Hell!

What do you think you'll read next?
Well, I doubt I'll finish either one of the books I'm reading before next week, so mainly those. Also I think I've got like three issues of Jump I should read.


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