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1. Had lunch with my mom today for my birthday. She also gave me $20 in addition to the usual gift of money off the rent. :D Also she brought over some more stuff from their cupboards, including a box of microwave fudge mix, which I made tonight. :D :D :D

2. I saw my grandpa today. He came by to give me a birthday card & money. It was weird, because if I didn't know from my mom that my grandparents had got the coming-out letter I sent them, I would never have known. Totally acting like nothing changed. I had not heard anything from them or seen them at all since I sent the letter, so I really didn't know what to expect, didn't know if they even would be acknowledging my birthday or what. So the card was addressed to my old name, and that's what my grandpa called me, which grates, but at least now I know they haven't cut me off financially.

3. It was Santa Monica's 4th of July fireworks tonight. For some reason they had it this week instead of next weekend, which would actually be closer to the 4th. We have a nice view from our back yard, since the show is right across the street at the college.

4. It's two hours after midnight, so I am officially 35! Woohoo! :D

5. I love this Lord of the Rings fanart called Broship of the Rings. My favorite is Saruman with his Palantir laptop and the Nazgul in a hoodie on an old bike.

Daily Happysong:

Staind - So Far Away
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Oh God, I checked Read It Now and somehow I have seven pages of links? D: Okay, I will unload the quick/fun stuff first!

First off, here's a ton of Yuletart recs that have been sitting there for ages:

Good Enough to Eat by [ profile] dualbunny [Vampire Diaries; Caroline]
I've never seen Vampire Diaries, but this is really great. I love the way they did the chandelier in the background.

Lazy Afternoons by [ profile] darthneko [Suikoden; Liu, Jale, Marica, Hero]
Another fandom I'm unfamiliar with. I really love the poses, especially the girl pulling off her sock.

Gaang 7 by [personal profile] glockgal [Avatar/Naruto; Aang, Katara, Sokka, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke]
Awww! I love these guys!

smile for you by [ profile] walking_in_dark [Fullmetal Alchemist; Al]
Nice portrait of post-canon Al.

A Little Push by [ profile] fightfair [How to Train Your Dragon; Toothless, Astrid, Hiccup]
Super cute. I love the style of the humans and the dragn is just adorable.

The (adorably) fearsome KARKAT VANTAS by [ profile] wensleydale [Homestuck; Karkat]
Really well done sculpey figure. (There has been some awesome craft-type stuff in this fest.)

The Venus Flytrap by [ profile] _odella_ [Batman; Batman, Poison Ivy]
Wow, this is really good. I love the vines.

I found this awesome artwork on Tumblr, which eventually led me to the website of an artist called Jacek Yerka, but that picture does not seem to be on their site. There is a ton of other really neat illustrations, though, all similarly surreal.

This collection of paper layer art is just amazing. I love the Alice in Wonderland one best, but they are all so good. *_*

Especially for [personal profile] mrkinch and other Sean Bean lovers on my flist, check out this drawing of him as Sharpe.

And this one is especially for [personal profile] nixwilliams (and everyone, really, because everyone is fond of owls). Crochet owl cell phone pouches!

Everyone needs to know how to tie a tie (or so they say). Here's a handy guide to show you to to tie the Lovecraft to turn yourself into Tie-thulhu.

Speaking of things people need to know how to do, people also need to know how to organise things. Specifically, how to organise cats. That site shows you fifteen unique ways to organise your cats! What a great resource.

[personal profile] giandujakiss posted this awesome series of photos of a bear. It will make you laugh, I promise!

Here are some neat photos of the US in the '30s and '40s. It's cool because they're in color. I felt this with those old Russian color photos that were linked around a while back, but it's the same with these. It feels more real to me than black and white, idk.

Moar Nancy Drew covers from Kate Beaton always make me happy. Although I loved all the Hark! A Vagrant fic that got posted for Yuletide, I wish there had been some Nancy Drew stuff, too. This was not a mystery that needed to be solved!

Also humorous and only slightly belated for the Christmas season, An Interview With the Nativity Innkeeper.
Interviewer: So the baby is born, and they place him in the manger.

Innkeeper: Which, by the way, I told them not to do.

Interviewer: Why?

Innkeeper: Because how unsanitary is that? Do you know what a manger is?

Interviewer: As far as I know, it’s the place you put infant messiahs.

And [personal profile] some_stars offers up bad sex advice for heterosexuals courtesy of Cosmo.

Segueing from bad sex to hopefully good sex, if you like romance/erotica and read ebooks, you might want to check out a new recs/review comm, [community profile] ff_mm_bookrecs.

And finally, Seeking short works: Book-length collection of transgender literary fiction may be of interest to some. I may try to submit something myself. The deadline isn't until the end of August.
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Wow, turns out a lot more links I had saved were happy fun stuff than I thought. :D

More [ profile] yuletart recs:

Happy Together (Being Human; George, Annie, Mitchell)
I've never seen this show, but this is adorable.

Sally Sends a Present (Nightmare Before Christmas; Jack Skellington)
Wow! I love when people do crafts for art exchanges. This is a really neat clay figure.

Together for Christmas (The Dark Crystal; Jen & Kira)
Super cute character designs. I love this.

Wallace Wells: Drunk Homosexual (Scott Pilgrim; Wallace Wells)
Another craft piece. It's cross-stitch!Wallace Wells! So awesome!

And some non-Yuletart fanart:

Some X-max cards and random pics~~ by [profile] sadynax
I love the movie!Holmes & Watson card best, but the Sherlock drawings are cute, too. (And there's also Doctor Who and some other fandom I don't recognise.)

I wish people on Tumblr credited stuff, but they often don't, so I don't have artist info for these two, but they are super awesome: adorable chibi fat girl with tentacles (NSFW, inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e octopus pics) and Party Poison (I think this is the best Killjoys fanart I've seen and I'm really sad I don't know the artist). ETA: Thanks to [personal profile] eisen for finding the Party Poison artist. It's solitarium and I changed the link to go to their devart account instead of the tumblr image. (You should check out their account. They have a lot of other cool art.) /ETA

Geek Art is a Tumblr with fanart of the typical western guy geek variety (in other words, mostly superhero comics, video games, Star Wars, and Star Trek). There is some really awesome stuff in there. It's on break for a couple weeks over Christmas right now.

Winter and Christmas wallpapers is a collection of official wallpapers from various manga artists. I am using the Hourou Musuko one as my current wallpaper. :D

The week before last on Cake Wrecks' Sunday Sweets was gingerbread and wow, those are some of the most beautiful gingerbread houses I've ever seen. Following a link from there, I also found this post with more gingerbread houses.

Desaturated Santa
This is so cool! Those pics have not been photoshopped. The woman is actually dressed in greys and has painted her skin and hair grey so that she appears to be black and white.

This graphic illustrating the difference between people acting suspicious and people going about their business made me laugh (even while headdesking and feeling helplessly raegy that the first half is actually a real poster).

Do you like Privilege Denying Dude? Now there's Privilege Denying Cat.

There are also cute puppies running and a fluffy dogs in a stroller.

And I really love these two Wondermarks: In which a Plan ends poorly and The Taylors leave a Shadow.

I really loved this post about Pluto. First off, the art at the top is adorable, but I also really love the post itself about why there's no reason to be sad that Pluto is no longer a planet: "Pluto is now with it’s rocky sistren and brethren in the Kuiper Belt and is THE BOSS OF THEM ALL, because it’s actually much larger and fits in with them better, because instead of having a definition of planet that fits well for eight planets and Pluto getting shoehorned in, you have a definition for planet that fits those eight and Pluto is classified according to it’s actual properties rather than assumptions and nostalgia."

Pompeii skeletons reveal secrets of Roman family life
What it says on the tin.

The Real American Pie
Neat post about mince pie.

Ace Manifesto: Charlie Weasley (Harry Potter)
Did you know that JKR pretty much said Charlie is asexual? She didn't use that word, but she said Charlie "never had children or married" and then when asked if that meant he was gay, she said no, "just more interested in dragons than women".
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First off, more Yuletart!

Paleolithic Sunset (Earth's Children by Jean M. Auel; Ayla & Whinny)
I have never read these books, but I'm clicking on everything that comes up and I'm really glad I am because this watercolor piece is absolutely beautiful.

Holy Knight (Final Fantasy Tactics; Agrias)
This is done in the same art style as the official game art and is super adorable. I always liked those character designs.

Sea of Paradise (Ponyo; Sousuke & Ponyo)
Another canon I'm unfamiliar with, but wow. *_* So pretty.

And while I'm reccing fanart, I can't skip [ profile] sadynax's newest, Babysitters. It's more baby!Holmes stuff. All the different Holmeses and Watsons as babies, with various Sherlock characters (Mycroft, Lestrade, Sally Donovan) as older kids. There is so much awesome here. RDJ!Holmes drawing moustaches on all the baby!Watsons. The Russian Holmes and Watson off in their own corner speaking Russian. The bee design on Granada!Holmes's jammies. ♥♥♥

And speaking of cute, how about a kitty cosplaying as a lion? Or cute dogs in swings?

And moving on from animal photos to animal videos, if you haven't seen How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas, you should go do so now! It's awesome!

Another video I recently enjoyed was The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. A guy attempts to play the most ridiculous game I have ever seen, where you have to try and run a race by pressing buttons that move the character's calves and thighs separately. And the character has a floppy body that just wants to fall over. I'm sure you can imagine how much fun that is. XD (If you can't, or if you are just masochistic, you can play the game yourself here.)


Dec. 5th, 2010 07:10 pm
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So last month I recced Sherlock Holmes at [community profile] fanart_recs. You can see everything I recced in the Sherlock Holmes tag. I only ended up doing four (the required minimum) because I was feeling really overwhelmed, so I think most of it is stuff I already linked here at one point or other.

Also [ profile] yuletart has started posting and there's lots of great stuff already. Here's what I've liked so far:

Catch me if you can (Merlin/Bon Cop Bad Cop; Merlin, Gwen, Martin Ward, David Bouchard)
I'm not familiar with the second fandom at all, and have only heard of it because someone ([personal profile] delurker maybe?) on my flist requests it every year for Yuletide, and I have never watched Merlin, either, but this is just adorable. I really love the cartoony style of the drawings and I love the layout with the random newspaper bits.

with an X on the floor (My Chemical Romance; Frank & Gerard)
Eeeeee! Killjoys! This is my favorite so far. I love Gerard's grin and his red hair.

"...and she rules the skies with lunar goodness." (Avatar; Sokka and his daughter)
Awwwww! He's telling his daughter about Yue! I love the daughter's wide-eyed look.

Winter Cold (Bleach; Renji)
I really love the background, both the buildings and the clouds, and I especially like the knitted-look of his scarf, hat, and sweater.
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There was so much awesome art posted for [ profile] paintedspires. If you weren't following it, you should go over and take a look at everything. These are my top favorites (in order of posting):

The Electric Things Have Their Life Too by [ profile] steammmpunk
John and Rodney as cyborgs. I love the ephemeral quality of this, with the thin lines and light coloring. The actual cyborg parts and cords and stuff reminds me a lot of Ghost in the Shell.

Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight? by [ profile] astridv
Ronon and Todd ambushing a group of Wraith. This has a really neat comic book style to it.

Enchanted Atlantis by [ profile] le_mot_mo
This is a movie poster for a John/Rodney version of Enchanted. I was initially frightened by the very thought, but it's really, really awesome. They've got the Disney style down well, and I love how the animated half of the poster blends so perfectly with the photographic half.

Zelenka & His Pokémon by [ profile] witchwaif
It's Zelenka as a Pokemon scientist! They got the Pokemon style down really well.

SGA-Noir by [ profile] leyna55
John, Rodney, Elizabeth, Ronon, and Teyla as detectives. I love the drawings (especially Ronon), and the fact that the artist made a bunch of cheesy-looking novel covers to go along with it.

On a Rainy Afternoon (Naptime) by [ profile] renisanz
This is just a really cute Ronon/Keller drawing. I like the coloring a lot.

It's a Strange World by [ profile] steammmpunk
Steampunk!Rodney done in a kind of woodblock print style. I really love the gears.

Muppet: Atlantis by [ profile] astridv
The team as muppets! They look really great, especially John. (There are also icon-sized pics of other cast members, though the quality isn't as good as the main drawing.)

Regency AU by [ profile] leyna55
The main focus is on John and Rodney, but there are lots of other cast members as well. The costumes look great.

Seasons in Atlantis by [ profile] _phoon_
Four art nouveau illustrations, one for each team member. These are really beautiful.

Sheppard & Steampunk!Puddlejumper by [ profile] ratcreature
This looks like an illustration out of a children's book about John the wacky inventor/pilot.

'Twas Brillig by [ profile] crysothemis
John fighting the Jabberwocky. The level of detail in this is amazing. It looks like a cover illustration for a fantasy novel.

Visual Music by [ profile] bingeling
Punk teenager!Teyla! I love the grass and the "music" and her clothing and just everything. It's all so sharp and clean.

Stargate: Atlantis (1974) by [ profile] _phoon_
This is done in the style of a '70s sci-fi comic or magazine. Really awesome.

Art recs!

Mar. 1st, 2007 02:21 am
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Today's challenge was to leave feedback on three audio or visual fanworks. I don't listen to podcasts or watch vids or look at other people's icons, but I do look at fanart. I really liked all of these that I left fb for today, so I figured I'd write them up here as well.

Canon Humper by [ profile] reallycorking
I don't often look at [ profile] smut_wednesday because the artists are not ones I'm terribly keen on, but I was looking for stuff to leave feedback on and just clicking everything. Anyway, I'm glad I did! This is a funny comic (also NWS) that takes innocent lines from HBP and gives them an entirely new meaning... And while I am not in love with her style, it's well-drawn.

Seven years of the Trio by [ profile] glockgal
This, now, this is amazing. It's seven sketches of the Trio, one for each year, and I am absolutely in love with it. I really like the "pencil sketch with a dab of color" style and how they obviously age with each new drawing (though I think they look older than eleven in the first one; I would have liked to see them a bit more wee). My favorites, though, are the final one (which made me realise how much I hope all three of them make it through!) and third year, with Hermione hidden behind her pile of books and her and Ron looking at each other over Harry.

Plus! Two of my favorite artists drew covers for book seven! Apparently a couple of the big HP sites are having competitions. Too bad the official cover won't be anything as good as these; I really don't like Mary GrandPre's style.

Deathly Hallows cover by [ profile] leelastarsky
This one actually won first place in the Leaky Cauldron contest. Instead of just doing a front cover as the others did, she actually did a full wrap-around, with book flaps and everything, plus a mock-up of how it would look on the UK version. Amazing. There's so much detail in the background, with the castle and standing stones, great atmosphere, and Harry's Celtic-knot-looking spell is really cool. This is colored in Photoshop rather than with the traditional media she usually uses, but she did a realy good job with it.


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