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[ profile] sgabigbang is open. I made art for [ profile] zillah975's awesome, awesome John/Ronon story, Push Until It Holds. (I will type up a proper review later, but I really, really recommend it, so you should go read it now.)

Anyway, I thought I'd also post my artwork here and talk about it a little bit. :)

You can see the full version on the Big Bang site.

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My second [ profile] paintedspires prompt, Japanese high school AU. I really, really wanted to do more cast members. In fact, I had three different ones planned, each set at a different school. John and Ronon are at a school where they wear gakuran, the military-style uniform seen above; Teyla, Elizabeth, and Jennifer are at an all-girls school that wears sailor uniforms; and Rodney and Sam are at a school that wears ties and blazers. I was also originally going to actually draw a comic strip for each, or maybe write a ficlet, but that didn't happen, either. Woe. I may still someday. Anyway, for now there's John and Ronon. :D

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So, this is the first of my [ profile] paintedspires prompts. The prompt was "Rock Music AU - one as a rock star, or more as a band" and I had this whole idea about the team as a band called Sunken City, with John as the vocalist, Rodney on keyboards, Ronon on drums, and Teyla on bass. I'd originally planned to draw the band, but I couldn't settle on a style I liked and was just feeling blah about it. So then I decided to do an album cover for their first album, Puddlejumpers. I toyed with drawing all of them as kids on the cover, but I really liked the simple style of just one, so it's just wee!John. I'm pretty pleased with it, though, even if it's not quite what the prompt was going for. ^_^;;

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[ profile] paintedspires is open for claiming and even though I got the time wrong (I was thinking 3pm when it was 2pm and thus only saw the post after it had been up for half an hour and had 50+ comments) I still was the first one to claim my first choice, the team (and others) in a Japanese high school AU! I am dead of the thought of Ronon in gakuran, you guys!

Also I made even more icons last night? I am getting to the point where it seems like almost all my icons are Sinfest...

Also Penny Arcade...

From this and this, respectively.
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[ profile] thefourthvine had a neat post about whether you think the sex you write is hot when you're writing it and/or afterwards.

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Oh yes, that interview meme is (still) going around (again). If you want to be interviewed, tell me so in a comment.

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I went to both Book Offs today and was unable to find any cheap Beck. :( The one we usually go to had almost the entire series on the pricey shelf, but I thought, eh, I don't want to pay $4.50, let me go see what the other one has. So I went, and they had nothing, not cheap and not pricey. So then I wished I'd got at least vols. 7 and 8 at the other one. >_<

I suppose it's for the best, since I do actually have a ton of manga here to read. I just went through my to-read shelf and here's what I've got in the queue (somewhat in planned order of reading):

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That's...83 volumes (and sixteen series!), if I've counted correctly. O_o So, yeah, I have plenty to read.

I just got Gokumon Juku Satsujin Jiken today, btw. I had such trouble finding the 3rd Opera one that I thought I'd have to order this one from Japan, too, so was pleasantly surprised to find it.

And now I'll leave you with a Harry Potter chibi I drew last night. Even though I don't think of DanRad as Harry, for some reason I felt like giving him DanRad's caterpillar eyebrows. XD


Mar. 16th, 2007 01:37 am
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I still have my pencil and stuff out from all those drawings I was doing and have been doodling some, so I figured I'd scan in this little pile that was starting to collect. I did the bare minimum of clean-up on these, which consisted entirely of darkening them and changing the yellow Post-It color to black and white.

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I...can't even remember what made me think of it, which is sad as it was just minutes ago, but there you go. Anyway, something made me think, hey, I should draw wee!subby!John from Take Clothes Off as Directed.

I thought about things like inking, coloring, actually finishing the picture, but lo, I am lazy, so you get a legless sketch. But isn't he cute? Kind of shy and looking up at some crush through this eyelashes. N'aww. Before he was all disillusioned. I also thought of drawing a toy airplane in his hand, but a football was miles easier.

PS. Why is procrastinating not a mood? It totally should be.
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Okay, so I had a terrible, no good, very bad morning, and then I went to bed and slept for eight hours, amazingly not being disturbed by loud neighbors who like to talk loudly in the driveway right outside our bedroom window, or screaming children at the Y daycare across the street, or the phone ringing, or anything like that. Yay sleep.

Then Bruce got home and we walked over to the college so he could sign up for this class he's taking with his friend. This is the friend who's trying to get him a job...not sure if I've mentioned that before. But Bruce's current job will not exist in May, when the firm dissolves and they no longer need a whipping boy an office boy. So Lubo is working in this office building doing networking stuff and it's a long story, but he will hopefully be in a position soon where he can hire someone, and that someone will be Bruce. I really hope this works out.

Anyway, so Lubo is taking this networking class on Saturdays at the college and Bruce wanted to take it with him, and he went last Saturday and the teacher gave him an add number, but he had to go over and see if he was still registered from when he thought about taking a class last semester. Answer: yes. So he got enrolled, then we went over and bought his book. $80. Ack. But if this helps him get this job, then it's worth it.


While waiting for Bruce at the bookstore, I drew some more John & Rodney chibis. I didn't bother to color them and they're on lined paper, but whatevs. They're cute.

kissy!John and pissy!Rodney )

Also, Ruth just said she thinks the tattoo machine turned Rodney into a monkey and he stole John's clothes and boxers, and the scary thing is? That's kind of what I was thinking, too. XD So maybe this angry Rodney is angry at John after getting turned back into a human, and then John is trying to kiss and make up and Rodney won't have any of it.

Yes. I think that's it. :)

And everyone liked my drawings and more people want some, so that is happy-making, too. :D


This is hilarious and the truest thing ever.


Here are five new (to me) songs that I've really been liking recently.

Beyoncé - Irreplaceable
There are a lot of Beyoncé and Destiny's Child songs that I like. I like Beyoncé's voice and the music is catchy. This song is really great, though. It just makes me want to sing and dance around, and I wish Erin was here so we could go karaoke, cause I'm sure they'd have it there.

Exile - Michi
This is the new Exile single and damn, it's good. It's a ballad and it really reminds me of a Hirai Ken song, though I can't put my finger on what.

Justin Timberlake - My Love
I missed this when I listened to his album, cause I only saved SexyBack off of that and ditched the rest. But then I heard it again Friday and really liked it, and since I downloaded it, I've had it on a small playlist and been listening to it a lot.

TegoMass - Miso Soup (English Version)
This is a new Johnny's duo made up of two of the guys from NEWS. There's a Japanese version of this song as well, but I really like the English version, which was apparently released as a single in...Sweden or somewhere. It's a ballad, but catchy. I find myself singing it all the time. Their English is pretty decent, too. I can actually understand most of what they're saying.

Gym Class Heroes - Cupid's Chokehold
OMG, so catchy. This is another one that makes me want to sing and dance around, or maybe just jump up and down a bit. I want to hear more from these guys.


I have a nice hot bowl of homemade split pea soup, and last night I had some of the new Ben & Jerry's flavor, Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream (vanilla with chunks of chocolate-coated waffle cone and caramel), which is omg so good and I kind of need to go buy more now. :)
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Ha! I bet you all thought I would slack off on these. But I haven't! And now I've finished up all the requests and they've been so much fun that if anyone else wants one, I'm happy to do more. You don't even have to have me friended. Random lurkers welcome, too!

And here's the ones I've done, complete with commentary. Despite the suckiness in some areas, I'm really quite pleased with all of them. :D

For [ profile] wickedcherub: Draco + boys in ties + muffins + cupcakes )

For [ profile] alixtii: Faith the Vampire Slayer + Muppets + vampire slayers )

For [ profile] delurker: Stargate: Atlantis + Pirates of the Caribbean )

For [ profile] telesilla: John + Rodney + BNF shaving )

For [ profile] zillah975: Sam Winchester + BDSM + books )

For [ profile] coreopsis: John Sheppard + John Sheppard's boxers + monkeys )

For [ profile] _wizzard_: Peanut M&Ms + Rincewind + so... you like celery? )

For [ profile] forcryinoutloud: David Hewlett's heart-shaped ass + John/Rodney + tattoos )

For [ profile] makesmewannadie: Women + pussy + subtext (completely safe for work!) )

For [ profile] cimorene111: Sheppard/McKay + hot cocoa + pajama pants )
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Wow, 2007, eh?

We had an exciting night playing Scrabble. Didn't end up going out anywhere, which was just fine with me. I kept score for Scrabble and of course doodled on the scorepad. See, this is why I used to draw so much and I never do anymore. I'm never just sitting around needing to occupy myself with doodling.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and Draco )

Anyway, earlier Erin and I went to karaoke. We only sang for two hours before our throats were killing us. I was kind of disappointed at the selection of new songs. There was a lot of rap/R&B/hip-hop, and strangely enough, quite a lot of country (Erin sang several new Kenny Chesney songs). But they had no Panic! At the Disco. :( They did have When You Were Young, though. As for Japanese songs, their last new updates were in September (there was new English stuff up through December), because they tend to be lax about updating the Japanese songs on the systems that are primarily English (the ones that are primarily Japanese, with just a few thousand English songs, have such a huge selection, but alas, all my karaoke-going friends don't speak Japanese, so we have to get the English systems). They did have some Remioromen songs that weren't there before (when I went in February or whenever Erin was here last, they didn't have any Remioromen at all) and they had Spitz's Mahou no Kotoba.

Erin's going to the Rose Bowl tomorrow, but we'll be going karaoke again Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I've got to go through my mp3s and write down some stuff I want to look for, cause I always forget when I'm there.
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So I've been feeling in a drawing mood but not really feeling inspired to draw much and figured I'd just draw what I'm reading lately, which is Naruto. He ended up looking a lot younger than he is, but I think it's cute. :D It's just a sketchy sketch, btw, cause I am way lazy.

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I used a stock photo of a snarling wolf for Fenrir in the background (and reddened the eye a bit with PS), but I may completely redo the background here as I'm really not satisfied with the photograph. The problem is I'm terrible at drawing animals (or rather, I just really don't like it, and it does take more time & effort, and thus I get bored of it). I used to do a lot of photo backgrounds with some of my old Digimon drawings, but eh... I don't know. I think I might draw something instead. At any rate, I'm quite pleased with how Remus turned out. He's done mostly with coloured pencils in ArtRage, with a wee bit of airbrushing in PS to add some highlights and darken a few areas.

970x590, 176KB )
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Uh, okay, so aaaaaages ago, I offered sketches or drabbles from people's userinfos and I'm only just getting around to filling some of those requests. ^_^;;

Clara, your user interests were all Star Wars stuff, so there wasn't really a lot of variety, or I'd have combined a few for comic effect.

And now I present wee, blushing!Obi.

He's probably thinking naughty thoughts about his Master...


Oct. 6th, 2005 05:42 am
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I'm posting the original sketch along with the colored version because I'm honestly not sure which I like better. I'm never quite as happy with things I color as with sketches (this goes for inked pieces as well). I do like the color version, but... Anyway! Sketched it in ArtRage and then colored in Photoshop. I was going for a smudgey pastel kind of look.

Sketch )

Colored version )


Oct. 3rd, 2005 05:59 am
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It's nearly 6am and I still have work to do and am procrastinating and also falling asleep at my desk, so what better to do than pull out the old tablet... >_> Dudley I just dashed off, but I drew like five Harry faces before I got one I liked. I'm quite pleased with him (and the whole thing) in the end.

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Working on a new film... I don't know why I always have such trouble getting started. I'm behind again, though I hope to catch up tomorrow some. I hope to catch up tonight as well... >_> We'll see.

I finished reading Middlesex. Absolutely loved, loved, loved it. Now I'm reading Michael Chabon's The Final Solution, which is a short story. It's only 130 pages and I read 50 yesterday, 50 today, and will finish it off tomorrow. After that I'm not sure. I've got a couple library books that I mentioned before, Neverwhere and The Beach, but I also have books of my own that I want to reread. The Drawing of the Three is one, and also when I was cleaning off the shelves the other week, I found that I have Over Sea, Under Stone. I've been wanting to reread The Dark Is Rising for some time.

Erin is not coming to visit next weekend after all, since she got a call from the airline saying that as of 9/30 they are no longer flying out of LAX. This despite the fact that they sold her tickets returning on 10/2. So she's getting a refund and will try to come out maybe in November. Boo. I was looking forward to a weekend of karaoke.

Yash got herself a blog, which is (so far?) just pics of Jory, most of which are small and not that great quality because she just grabbed them from the Sears website. ^_^;; I can't believe he's nine months old now, though. O_o

I asked her how the adoption stuff was going, and she said that it was mostly good news. Both the birth mother and father have had their parental rights terminated, so no worries from them anymore, and the uncle who was feeling like he ought to adopt him just because he's family (even though he hadn't even known his brother had a kid) finally let it go. Since he has a bunch of kids of his own that he's already not raising, this isn't too surprising. He gave some copout excuse like he thought Jory needed a woman's influence in his life (and I guess he's single) but it's good news for Yash. The only reason the uncle was going to adopt in the first place is that he was having visions of his nephew being trapped in the system, but since he's been with Yash since a couple days after his birth, that's obviously not a consideration.

However, now that those obstacles are out of the way, the social worker told Yash they can't find Jory's birth certificate, which they need next time they go to court in order to have him declared a legal orphan so she can adopt. They're hoping that the birth certificate is somewhere and they can find it, but they said he may not have one. >_< Apparently it's not uncommon to fall through the cracks, especially since he was already born when the mother came to the hospital, and he was there less than twenty-four hours. I said, how did they not know this for the past nine months? They don't need to have it on file as part of his paperwork or anything? But apparently they don't; they only need it for this step now... So if he has no birth certificate, they need to petition the court for one, which can take up to six months, and then the legal orphan/adoption stuff on top of that, so it could be another nine months to a year.

The good news is that even if it does take that long, there's really no worries about his getting taken away or anything; it's all just waiting and paperwork and stuff. But as soon as she turns thirty in December, she's going to adopt from China (you have to be at least thirty to adopt from China), so if it takes that long, she may actually have her daughter adopted before Jory's goes through.

In other news, I did another drawing, this one of Sirius. Pencil sketch done in ArtRage, then a lot of multipy layers for coloring and darkening in Photoshop. I started out doing a much cleaner sketch, actually, but the more I drew, the more I felt a really messy, rough sketch fit the mood of the piece.

In Azkaban )
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Using the coloured pencils on ArtRage again. The background was done in Photoshop cause I didn't feel like drawing that much. (Paint tool to the rescue!) This is big, but most of the space is blank... I just liked the composition and didn't want to crop it... >_>

Catching the Snitch )

The icon... I've been listening to Matthew Sweet's Falling over and over and really, really wanted to make an icon with these lyrics, so I searched for a pic (of Ewan) that would work. ^_^;;
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Harry and Hermione, but not together. The first is just a little sketch of wee!Hermione. I took liberties with the robes, but then again, everyone does. :p I usually start drawing with the eyes, but this one I started with the hair (which was very fun to draw). The second one I did a couple days ago, but never got around to posting anywhere, so I figured I'd post both of them together. I should have done Ron as well. Anyway, I'm rather pleased with the pose in the Harry one.

Hermione )

Harry )

More art

Sep. 6th, 2005 04:04 am
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I sketched this out the other day, but it's taken me hours and hours to colour. HP again. This time I decided to draw Blaise for some reason. There's a lot of things I'm not happy with, but I'm more pleased than not, I think.

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