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1. Nobody called in sick today at work! (One person went home early but someone else was able to stay a little longer to help cover before the next cashier came, so it wasn't too bad.)

2. All of the fossils I dug up today in Animal Crossing were duplicates, so I was able to sell them rather than give them to the museum and so I finally had enough money to pass an ordinance. (I think it's pretty ridic that the mayor has to pay 20,000 bells out of pocket to pass an ordinance, but whatever.) My villagers kept bugging me about not having passed any. I should also donate some more money to the campsite I'm trying to fund. So far I've donated like 3000 bells and the villagers have added a couple hundred. Being a mayor is costly.

3. I get to sleep in tomorrow! (Which is good, because damn it, it's 2am again already!)

4. My new glasses shipped today!

5. And best of all...Irene got a job today! It's at a grocery store the next town over from her, so not quite as convenient as her last job, but it's not too far, and while it's only part-time, the starting pay is $9 and overall it sounds like a really good place to work.
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1. I'm still annoyed that the store did not have any pumpkin yesterday, but the pumpkin cupcakes I got instead are pretty tasty.

2. It was pretty busy today at work, but I did get caught up on almost all my invoices from last week.

3. One of my coworkers liked the music I brought in so much she asked if she could give me a USB drive and copy it for her. :D

4. I'm really enjoying Animal Crossing. Today I finally paid off my first loan so I could expand...which of course cost me another 98,000 bells. *cries* But at least now I'll have a house that can hold more than like two pieces of furniture.

5. It's been really nice weather lately. Looks like we made it through September without a really bad heat spell after all. (Hope that doesn't jinx things for the last week of the month... :p)
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1. Today was a Bug Off in Animal Crossing and I got first place! At first I just kept catching nothing but monarch butterflies and grasshoppers, neither of which are worth much, even when they're really good specimens, but then I caught a couple of birdwing butterflies, one of which ended up being worth 104 points.

2. Another busy day at work. One cashier was still out sick, so it was kind of hectic in the morning, but not too bad. Sales were really good today, though.

3. [personal profile] eruthros was talking about pumpkin bread, which made me really want some, so I asked my mom to email me her recipe and I'm going to make some tomorrow, assuming there is pumpkin at the store and it's not too expensive.

recipe under the cut! )

It's nothing fancy, but she's made it every year for Christmas my whole life, so when I want pumpkin bread, that's what I want. I usually like it plain with no raisins or nuts (though just raisins is okay; it's just the walnuts that are a total DNW), but I have a lot of chocolate chips right now, so I think I might add those this time.

4. This weekend Plants vs Zombies 2 is having some sort of thing where all the gates need fewer keys to open them, so if there are gates you haven't been able to open yet due to lack of keys, this weekend might be the time to try! (The announcement did get me back to playing a bit, even though there aren't currently any gates that I had reached but not opened.)

5. Day off again tomorrow. No plans except sleeping in and seeing if I can get my hands on some pumpkin.
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1. I'm on level 8 or so of Plants vs. Zombies 2 and really enjoying it. I was wary about the free-to-play aspect, but at least so far it doesn't seem like it's the sort of game that tries to force you to buy stuff, just has it as an option for those who want it (for example, you can use real money to do things like buy extra coins, buy keys to proceed through locked areas sooner than you would if you collected the keys, buy certain plants that aren't yet available to you, etc).

The theme is time travel and the first stages are in ancient Egypt, so it's all mummy-themed zombies. (I assume there will be other time periods later as well.) There's some new plants (I love the boomerang guy) and it seems like more puzzle-type levels than the first game, though it's been so long since I played that, I could be misremembering. Anyway, really fun so far!

2. And speaking of games, my 3DS arrived! At first when I got home I thought it hadn't come because I didn't see a package on the porch, but the box was small enough the mailman was able to put it between the screen door and the door (which I appreciate as it's less likely to get stolen!).

I've never actually seen a 3DS XL so I wasn't sure what to expect from the size. I had thought it might be a little larger, but it's actually quite small for being the XL version. The screen is nice and big, though not quite as big as the screen on the Wii U controller. It's going to take a while to get used to the 3D screen and having to hold it just right so it doesn't get all fuzzy.

Not only have I never played a 3D game before, I've yet to even see a 3D movie, so the whole phenomenon is new to me! Animal Crossing is not really a game that needs the 3D, so I'm curious to see if it makes jumps and stuff a lot easier to gauge in stuff like Mario and Zelda (both of which are games I plan to get in the near future, so).

Anyway, does anyone here play Animal Crossing New Leaf? I didn't really do much today, just got through the basics. I am Tora and my town is unimaginatively named Toratown.

3. A month or so ago we got in a new item at work, kimchi-flavored okazu nori. I have been vaguely interested, but just hadn't gotten around to trying it, but today Favorite Coworker bought some and gave me a piece and omg it's the best thing ever. *_* The kimchi flavor is strong and spicy, and the nori is really salty on top of that, so it's just this super delicious salty flavor. So I bought a couple packages myself and already ate one. ^_^;;


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