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1. We were already short-handed today and then one cashier went home sick, so we were really, really shorthanded. It ended up being a kind of slow day, though, which sucks for sales, but meant I didn't have to be constantly out at the register, so I was glad for that. :-/

2. It turns out the "free" Ace Attorney for iphone is not entirely free (I always miss those plus signs next to the purchase button). Instead you can play the first two cases for free and then buy some or all of the rest. This actually worked out okay for me, though, because I have been vaguely interested in it, but have never played anything in that genre before so I was unsure whether I would really enjoy it or not. This way I was able to try it first and see, and I played the first case tonight and did end up liking it enough to buy the whole thing. It's only $16.99 for all three games together and I still have a bunch of credit left from that itunes gift card.

3. Old Navy was having an online sale 40% off on all men's clothing, so I got some shirts and also got another sweatshirt just like the one I bought in the store a few weeks ago. (I would have liked to get another color, but they only had the green one in small, so I just got the same blue one I already have.) The shirts are baseball-style t-shirts, meaning they have the coloring of baseball shirts, but not the three-quarter length sleeves. Which, honestly I would prefer to just have baseball shirts? I hate my arms, so the more of them covered, the better, but I don't want to wear full long sleeves in the summer (or rather, it's usually too hot to do so). And I love the style of baseball shirts. But they only had these t-shirt ones. At least the sleeves are not as short as some of these t-shirts are seem to be popular right now.

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