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The last three questions! I don't know why this took so long.

29. Where have you travelled?
Not really a whole lot of places? Up until I was about twenty, the only place I ever went that was outside of Southern California was Virginia, where my best friend had moved when I was ten. Then I got married, and my in-laws were in Indiana, so I went back there several times (and also Chicago and Wisconsin and that general area). Twice we drove back there, so I have driven through many states in between here and the midwest, but wouldn't really say I'd "been" there. Oh, and I have been up to the San Francisco Bay Area several times.

The only place I've been outside of the US is Japan, for ten days when I was in college. I stayed in Kouriyama (the one in Fukuoka), Sendai, and Tokyo.

30. What's in your makeup bag?
I don't have one. Even when I occasionally wore makeup, I didn't have one, because I didn't own that much makeup or carry it around with me.

31. Why do you blog?
I started off blogging just to talk about stuff. For the longest time I didn't friend anyone (I didn't understand the point of it; I didn't realise that by friending someone it made you able to read all your friends' posts in one place; I thought it was just a gesture and thus it seemed pointless to me) and due to harrassment (this was back in my Digimon days and there were always trolls who didn't like me) I turned off comments for a long time, too. So it wasn't for the interaction at first, but once I did start getting into the whole friending thing, I found I really liked it, and now blogging is my favorite way to keep in touch with my friends and to make new friends.
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Woohoo, getting so close to the end of this! Didn't I start it in August???

26. An old photo of you

photo! )

My mom, me, my cousin, and my aunt at Disneyland in '85. I loved that Donald Duck hat so much, but it got stolen not long after I got it. ;_;

27. Post your favorite recipe
Ooh, tough one! I already linked a couple favorite recipes in the last round with the favorite foods question.

Chicken enchiladas )

I don't make this recipe very often, because between the chicken and all the cheese it can get kind of pricey, but it's really, really good. I also eventually modified it to be a sort of casserole, which makes it less of a pain to make. Instead of making individual enchiladas, just alternate layers of filling with layers of torn up tortillas, sort of in lasagna style, and then put the cheese on top.

28. What are you looking forward to?
Um...not sure! In the immediate future, I guess Pokemon X&Y next week is pretty exciting!
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21. Your 10 favorite foods
Wow, that's a tough one! I love so many foods! So this isn't necessarily my top ten, but rather ten foods I love that happened to come to mind.

wow, that got long )

22. The best thing to happen this year
Hrm, tough question. This year hasn't been particularly horrible, but there's also nothing really stand-out wonderful, I don't think? It was nice to get another raise early this year, since I wasn't expecting one after having just got one last fall. I'm also pretty excited that Irene got a job today!

23. Your dream job
I don't have one! I've never been really into the idea of a career, or had dreams of what I wanted to do when I grow up. Working is something I do to make enough money to live on and I don't really expect much from it. I liked translating a lot, but I don't like freelancing (I like the freedom of it, but not always trying to find work and all the crap that goes along with being self-employed in the US). I think translating works better as a hobby for me. But I actually really like working in a grocery store and would be happy to continue to work in that sort of environment the rest of my life, so I guess if anything counts as a "dream job", that would be it.

24. Your favorite childhood book
I don't think I had any one book that I loved above all others, but I did have one series that I loved more than anything, and that was the Three Investigators. I started reading them in first grade and eagerly bought each new book in the series until it stopped being released when I was in junior high.

The first one I read was Mystery of the Green Ghost. I remember being afraid to show my mom because of the title, since she was very religious and I thought she might tell me I couldn't read a book about ghosts (though it turned out not to be a real ghost anyway).

25. Your 5 favorite blogs
Most of the blogs I read are personal blogs here on DW/LJ and Tumblr.
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Oh hey, I was doing this meme! When I first started it, I was reminded to keep posting by seeing other people on my flist post theirs, but they have either abandoned or finished it, so I mostly keep forgetting.

And now here's a bunch of questions all together because we hit a row of "I don't really have an answer for this" type of ones. ^_^;;

16. What's at the top of your bucket list?
I don't have one? I mean, if it's big stuff like "I'd like to travel here or there", then there's not really that much likelihood of it happening and there's no use dwelling on it, and if it's little stuff like "I'd like to read this book or translate that manga", then there's not much point in making a list of it. If I died tomorrow, my thoughts would be more like "oh shit, I don't want to die" than "I wish I'd done this or that".

17. What is your most proud moment?
Also don't really have one, or at least nothing stands out.

18. The meaning behind your blog name
My DW name, [personal profile] torachan, is just my nickname. Travis is difficult to pronounce in Japanese, so a lot of people at work have taken to calling me Tora or Tora-chan. I have wanted to move to a more real-name type username for a while, but unfortunately someone has been namesquatting [personal profile] travis since DW's inception! >:(

As for my LJ username, [ profile] kyuuketsukirui, it means the vampire Louis in Japanese and was never meant to be a personal account! Back when I first started writing fic and it was all Vampire Chronicles, I had a fic website and wanted a URL (it was on Geocities!) that had something to do with VC. I'm terribly unimaginative, so all the combinations of Louis and Lestat and stuff like that that I tried in English were all taken, so I decided to make it in Japanese. Then I made my LJ as an update blog for my fic and art, totally not intending to use it for journalling purposes (I already had [ profile] megchan for that). But then some friends of mine started a VC comm on LJ and I wanted to join, and ended up doing so with my VC journal instead of my personal journal, and then I started using that for general fannish interaction with those people, which became fannish interaction with other non-VC people, and the whole time I felt like ugh, I hate this name and it's hard for people to pronounce and spell, but it was what people knew me by, so I couldn't change it.

19. What do you collect?
Not a whole lot these days! I used to collect all manner of things. When I was little I collected plastic Disney figures (back in the days before there was any such thing as a Disney store and hardly any Disney merch in general shops, so mostly they were bought from Disneyland or a few from like Hallmark stores). In college I had an unfortunate Beanie Baby phase, and around the same time also obsessively collected Digimon cards. Irene and I also collected video game systems for a while, and we had enough systems and games for a small shop. Oh, and there was Pokemon. Back when Pokemon was first getting popular in the US, I bought every Pokemon toy I could find. And of course Japanese stuff as well. Oh, and legos. I never had a lot of legos as a kid because they were expensive, so I bought a lot as an adult. And manga! At one point I owned over a thousand volumes of manga because I saved everything I read.

So much money spent on trinkety stuff that just sits there and collects dust! I don't mind the sitting there part so much, if only there was a way to have them not get dusty (that didn't involve putting everything in glass cases).

I still sometimes feel the urge to buy stuff like that, but mostly I don't. I just decided at some point that I didn't want the clutter and didn't want to have to be dusting all the time. So now I mostly don't buy anything, or I buy stuff digitally so that I don't have anything sitting around.

I guess the most tempting still is video games, because it's something I could theoretically use. But I don't have all the time I would need to play all the games I want to buy, so I try to limit myself. (Whereas before I would just buy anything that looked cool, and that's one reason why I was in a lot of debt for a while!)

20. A difficult time in your life
My life has really not been that difficult compared to a lot of people. Probably the most difficult thing has been my mom kicking Irene out.
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15. Timeline of your day
Well, that really depends on the day. The timeline for my work days is quite different from my days off. But maybe they mean this day that I'm posting on, in which case it was my day off and here's how it went. All times super approximate.

10.30am: Wake up and stumble out of bed. Don't eat anything because I'm going out with my mom for lunch around noon.

10.30am - 11.40am: Internet.

11.40am: Oops, mom's coming over soon, better get dressed. Of course she drives up right while I'm getting dressed, but I already opened the door so don't have to worry about running to get it.

11.45am - 1.30pm: Lunch at La Cabaña. I hadn't been there in years and neither had my mom. I was expecting it might be crowded for lunch, but I think we got there before any real lunch rush, so there was hardly anyone else there.

1.45pm - 2.15pm: Facetime with Irene. We didn't talk too long, maybe half an hour, as she had to have a tooth pulled this morning and was not feeling great.

2.15pm - 6pm: Internet. Watched last week's episode of Silver Spoon. More internet.

6pm - 7.30pm: Took a walk up to the store. Listened to several episodes of Night Vale on my walk (The Sandstorm Part B, Poetry Week, and A Memory of Europe).

7.30pm - now: Internet. Oh, and I ate dinner when I got home, too.

Now - bedtime: More internet. Hopefully get some manga translating done and maybe some lyrics.

Anywhere between midnight and 2am I will go to bed and proceed to play games on my phone, read, and/or listen to more Night Vale until I actually go to sleep.
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12. What's inside your fridge?
Uh...a lot. A full list would be both boring and more work than I'm willing to do for this question, so off the top of my head: one and a half pizzas that I ordered from Dominos last night, a large pot half full of rice, a two liter of green tea, several packages of noodles (hiyashi chuka and soba), a quarter of a watermelon (and the end bit of the last quarter I bought), cheese (shredded Mexican mix and a partial block of extra sharp cheddar), a dozen eggs, two gallons of tap water (I usually try to keep three filled so that I always have cold water to drink, but one needs a refill), a bottle each of Teas'Tea matcha latte and black tea latte (500 ml), four single-serving Yoplait yogurts in flavors I can't remember, a large tub of honey lemon Greek Gods yogurt, a tupperware full of kinpira gobo, a ziploc baggie of chopped green onion, a partial bag of sliced carrots, a half pound of roast beef, a package of alfalfa sprouts, and way too many condiments and sauces to mention.

13. What is your earliest memory?
I used to say it was the Christmas I was two-and-a-half. I have three distinct memories of the same day, all of which were at my great-aunt's house: playing in the hallway with my aunt and cousin (both teenagers), playing alone in my great-uncle's study with the Colorforms I got for Christmas that day, and then playing on the brick steps outside of his study and losing a Colorform piece down the cracks of the steps (so upsetting to wee!me!).

However, I think another memory is actually earlier than those. I remember standing on the side of the driveway at my grandparents' house and watching my uncle get out of my grandparents' van in his wheelchair. My uncle died right around when I turned two, so this must have been before the Christmas memories. (It's not nearly as long or involved as the Christmas ones, though.)

I also have quite a few other memories when I was two-ish (and many, many more when I was 3+), and I'm not sure when in the year exactly they happened, so they could be before the Christmas ones, too. It's just that Christmas (obviously) is easy to place.

14. If you won the lottery...
I don't like these sort of questions since it's not something that's ever going to happen anyway.
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11. List 15 of your favorite things
Totally random things, as they occur to me, in no particular order.

1. Coldish weather. Weather that is not too hot or even warm, but is not so cold that I am feeling uncomfortable even bundled up. I would say 55-60 degrees is ideal for me.

2. The internet. What would life be like without it? Well, going by past experience I would probably spend a lot more time reading and playing video games, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I would miss all you guys.

3. Pictures and videos of cute animals. I am not opposed to real live cute animals, either, but they do require money and attention, so I am not willing to invest in one at the present moment. But I sure do love looking at cute animals online. Especially GOATS. Hoppity boppity goats.

4. Translating. Even though I don't do it for a living anymore, I'm really glad I can still do it as a hobby, as it's something I really enjoy.

5. Toaster Strudels. This one's on the list because I just had some right now. Strawberry. Yum.

6. T-shirts. Long-sleeved or short-sleeved, they are my preferred clothing choice. I think the last time I wore something that wasn't a t-shirt was when I interviewed for my current job, which was two and a half years ago. It was a polo shirt, which is a close relative of the t-shirt, but really nowhere near as good.

7. SNES RPGs. Why don't they make games like this anymore? Game developers really should cater to my personal tastes more often.

8. Being awake late at night. It's so quiet and peaceful. These days I can't stay up too late since I have to work during the day, though.

9. Cheese. Especially melted cheese, but also on crackers. So many good cheeses!

10. Gravity Falls. It's such an awesome show! And the art is super cute, especially when it features Waddles, the cutest animated pig EVER.

11. Karaoke. I just really love singing. If I weren't so unmotivated about doing activities on my own, I'd totally be one of those people who goes all the time by themselves.

12. Los Angeles. There are appealing things about other places, but I really do love it here.

13. Dozing. I love that feeling when you're all warm and snuggled up in bed and just sort of drifting off.

14. Words With Friends. I never get tired of playing fake Scrabble with people. (If you play it, hit me up. I'm kyuuketsukirui.)

15. Biking. I don't actually love my bike itself, as it wasn't any great shakes when I bought it and it's in pretty terrible shape now, but I love riding it. (Though on the plus side, I don't have to worry about it being stolen the way I would with a shiny new bike.)
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9. What are your worst habits?
I have tons, but for sure the worst is procrastination. I try to do things to manage it, like using a to-do list and breaking things up into small chunks, but a lot of the time I still end up frittering away my time instead of actually doing the things I want to get done. At least I don't do that at work, mainly because I can't. If I had the freedom to be on the net at work, I would probably end up procrastinating there, too. :p

10. What's your best physical feature?
Um, I don't know. I actually like my face pretty well.
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Whoops, kind of forgot about this for a while, so here have, a bunch of shorter questions.

6. Your 5 senses right now
Taste: I just ate a Graze snack (repeat, so I didn't have to do a new write-up, though I am also behind on those yet again). It was herby bread basket, so my mouth is still kind of herby.

Smell: Nothing in particular. I don't burn candles or anything like that, and I don't have anything cooking, so it's just the generic smell of my house, which is pretty much unnoticeable to me.

Hearing: It was actually nothing, but I just turned on iTunes to have a more interesting answer than that and it's now playing Wasurerarenai by Arashi, which is a pretty catchy song!

Sight: My monitor! Open to the Dreamwidth create entries page, what a surprise.

Touch: Um, my keyboard under my fingers? XD The feel of my desk chair under my butt? Really not a lot else going on here.

7. Your pet hates
Ah, of course I have a ton of pet peeves (which is what I assume they mean, rather than pets I hate or things my (non-existent) pets hate), but I can never remember off the top of my head when I get a question like this!

Haha, okay, this is work-related, but it's something I've been complaining about a lot to my favorite coworker lately. One of the cashiers is really active about selling memberships at our store, not in a pushy way, but just she'll often upsell the benefits of becoming a member where I would just give the person a one-day membership so I don't have to do the work of doing a yearly one (one-day membership is just a one-time charge at the register, not requiring you to sign up for anything). On the one hand, I like the extra money the store gets by people buying the yearly membership, but this cashier always has the worst timing and is constantly selling people memberships when it's really busy and so every time I hear her explaining member benefits I'm just like ugh, [Cashier], stop, I don't have time for this!

Is that a pet peeve? idek.

8. What's in your handbag?
I don't carry a purse or a backpack or even a wallet, so there's not a lot I can do with this question. :p In my pocket I have $16.56 in cash, my debit card, my paypal card, my driver's license, my employee store membership card, a bus pass with eight rides left, four employee 10%-off coupons for July, and my keychain. Keychain has six keys on it: house key, bike key, key for the registers at work, key for the locker with the office supplies at work, house key for the people I used to house sit for, and one small key that I'm not sure about (looks like maybe a suitcase key). It also has rewards cards for CVS, Rite Aid, Albertsons, and Ralps, a GLAY keychain that I got in Japan 16 years ago, and a little metal crab keychain that used to have a birthstone in it but long since lost that.
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5. 10 songs you love right now

Well, the thing about this question is the most recent songs I've really gotten into is those AKB48 songs I uploaded a few weeks ago (and then proceeded to listen to on repeat approximately five million times).

So instead I just set my five-star playlist on random and listened until I had ten songs I really really loved.

1. Mika - Dr. John
I have loved Mika ever since I first heard Grace Kelly, but he just keeps getting better and better. This is a song from his second album and while it's hard to say what my absolute favorite song of his is, this is definitely in the top five.

2. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts
Christina Perry is one of those artists I discovered from listening to Pandora for eight hours a day at work. XD This song played over and over and while I liked it from fairly early on, it took me a while to get around to noticing who it was and downloading it. It's just really pretty.

3. Gollbetty - Ding Dong Ding
Gollbetty are a Japanese girl punk band. I was introduced to them when someone requested a bunch of their lyrics to be translated and I'm really glad because I don't think I would have ever heard of them otherwise. This is one of my favorite songs by them. Very bouncy and catchy.

4. Malice Mizer - Au Revoir
I've never been a huge Malice Mizer fan, but I really love their Merveilles album, which this song is on. I'm not very good at recognising instruments, but I think it's violin that's incorporated in this. Whatever it is, it's really pretty, and I love the combination of that sound with the strong drumbeat.

5. Himuro Kyousuke - Kiss Me
Himuro Kyousuke's song Stay is one of the first songs I heard when I got into Japanese music (and is still one of my all-time favorite songs). Although Kiss Me was released several years before Stay, it has a very similar sound and even though I didn't discover it until years later, it never fails to make me nostalgic for that time.

6. Spitz - Boku wa Jet
Spitz is one of my all-time favorite bands. Boku wa Jet is actually a really, really early song of theirs from a tape they put out in their indies days, but was later rereleased on their Iroiro Goromo album. It's very bouncy!

7. Romania Montevideo - 6 am
Rumania Montevideo were a very short-lived band (really a one-hit wonder) in the late '90s. A five-member band, three of whom were female, including the vocalist (who also played drums), they had a solid rock sound that I liked a lot, but just didn't seem to catch on.

8. B'z - Koigokoro
Wow, I just realised this year is B'z 25th anniversary! Koigokoro is one of their earlier songs and was not actually a single, but is thankfully very popular nonetheless (which means it's often played in concert). Such a fun song. I should sing it more at karaoke.

9. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down
Another Pandora find, which I actually just discovered recently (I think in the last month), but is apparently from 2006! It's very catchy and caught my attention immediately.

10. 19 - Subete e
The late '90s was a good time to be a folk rock duo in Japan. Although 19 didn't have the staying power of Yuzu, they had some really good songs.

Well, that ended up being really heavy on the Japanese artists, which was not my intent. Such are the whims of iTunes!
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Shorter questions this time, so I'm doing a few at once.

3. Your favorite quote
When I first read this question, I was like ugh, I never have answers for that sort of thing! Because the thing is, I always read "favorite quote" as meaning something serious or meaningful to you, and I just don't think of quotes that way. But then I realised I do have a lot of favorite quotes if you count lines I say all the time from The Simpsons and other such shows! Though of course I can't seem to remember any off hand. XD

So here are two random things I could actually remember and find videos for. :)

"You slip me the cash and I'll slip you the wiener."

"But I don't have the cash!"

"Then I don't have a wiener!"

-Adventures in Babysitting

"No one's gay for Moleman."

-The Simpsons

4. What are you afraid of?
I was going to say dying, but it's really more than that. The biggest fear I have is that my mom and all those extremist Christians are right about all the horrible things they say about God and the afterlife, etc. I want death to just be nothingness, but I'm afraid it will actually be eternal torment. And basically just, if God is really like how these people describe, he's a horrible being and it's just depressing to think about. :-/
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Hmm, well, I did mean for this to be an every day thing, but I guess it's not. ^_^;; I was having a hard time coming up with facts. :p

2. 20 facts about you

loooooong )
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Sometimes I see these sort of things go around and while there are some questions I'm interested in answering, the majority are ones I have no answer to, so I end up not doing them. But while this one has a few of those, the majority are ones I can answer and actually have something to say about, plus the first question is an introduction, which is something I've been meaning to do since I did that friending meme last year and then gave up on because it was too stressful to think of something to say, so.

This would have been better if I'd found it at the beginning of the month, but I didn't, and if I wait until the beginning of next month, I probably won't do it, so whatever. I might double (or triple) up on some days if the answers are really short.

1. Introduction and recent photo
Wow this is long )

Full list of questions )


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