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So...I pretty much haven't been reading fic at all, and thus have no new recs to share, and I doubt I will before the 14th. :-/ Instead, here are all the fics I've written with female POV characters, all of which I consider reccable quality.

The First Thing that Comes into Your Head
~200 words :: Ichigo/Rukia :: 5/26/07
One thing Rukia can never get used to is how much Ichigo studies. He really doesn't seem like the bookworm type, but even with taking over Rukia's Shinigami duties, he still manages to make time.

200 words :: Rukia :: 12/29/06
Rukia is home and things are back to normal(ish), but for some reason, it's not as great as she'd thought it would be.

Brokeback Mountain
Rude Awakening
~500 words :: Alma :: 1/11/06
Her voice didn't break and she didn't say don't you wait for your prince, 'cause he ain't comin', or other things a four-year-old wouldn't understand.

Harry Potter
The Weight Upon Your Kiss Ambiguous
~900 words :: adult :: Lily/James, James/Sirius :: 2/5/08
Pregnancy hasn't made her a delicate flower; she's never been a delicate flower. Why can't James see that?

Sleeping Underneath Your Skin
~1900 words :: Ginny/Harry :: 5/31/08
There are a lot of things Ginny tries not to think about. If she told someone that, they'd probably think she meant the war, maybe especially sixth year. Or Fred's death. Or the whole thing with Tom Riddle's diary. Well, there are things she doesn't like to think about with the diary, but it's not what people expect.

Mina de Malfois
Dream Diary
~300 words :: Mina/Arc :: 12/24/06
Mina is typically clueless, especially when it comes to analysing dreams.

Pipe Dreams
~500 words :: adult :: Nana/Ren, Nana/Hachi :: 1/1/08
It's not the first time she's dreamed about Hachi like that. It doesn't mean anything. It's just dreams. Your mind does weird stuff.

Another Drink
~1200 words :: George/Elaine :: 1/1/06
It's entirely possible this is the worst party Elaine has ever been to. Any party where the bulk of the evening is spent talking to George is by definition a bad party. You never know who you might pick up at a party, but it's hard to imagine anyone being worse than George.

Stargate: Atlantis
Different for Girls
~200 words :: Teyla :: 9/18/08
She remembers sitting high up on her father's shoulders, small hands fisted in a cloud of dark curls, her own hair braided so tightly it made her scalp ache.

Vampire Chronicles
~1000 words :: Claudia :: 3/20/02
If I can't be happy then neither should they.

Everything Falls Apart
~900 words :: Claudia :: 3/25/03
Claudia realizes she's never going to grow up.

Torako & Wrestling
~600 words :: Torako/Asagi :: 12/25/08
Asagi motions Yotsuba over and says in a stage whisper, "I hear Torako's weakness is tickles."

~1100 words :: adult :: Dom/Elijah/Hannah Wood :: 2/13/06
Dom is the guy Hannah meets at college. Not the only guy, of course, but the one girls dream about in high school. The guy who'll sweep them off their feet when they're on the other side of the country, away from home for the first time in their lives. The One, even. Hannah is prone to fits of romanticism.

Christmas Morning
~200 words :: Jason Isaacs/Liam Neeson/Carrie-Anne Moss :: 12/24/06
Will is a bit OCD about opening his presents. (Set in the Establishment RPG universe, based on the storyline created by [ profile] darkrosetiger and [ profile] telesilla.)

Sibling Rivalry
~300 words :: Jason Isaacs/Liam Neeson/Carrie-Anne Moss :: 9/1/07
Carrie-Anne's pretty sure this is her punishment for being smug about how well the kids got along when they were little. (Set in the Establishment RPG universe, based on the storyline created by [ profile] darkrosetiger and [ profile] telesilla.)
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Well, there's no way I'll have something every day for [ profile] halfamoon, the fest that celebrates female characters for the first fourteen days of February. But I will have a few offerings over the next couple weeks.

First off is a roundup of all the recs I've made for female-centric fics since this time last year. Because this is specifically celebrating female characters, I left off a few that were from the POV of original characters (and of course I'm not including any genderfuck or transfic unless the character is female in canon).

Sadly that means my list is really, really short. D: Much shorter than even the short list I'd imagined. I didn't read that much fic last year, and found even less reccable, so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised that there's not much here. Oh well.

Lady in the Looking Glass by [ profile] jackandahat 4/5 Recommended
Breakfast on Pluto. 1300 words. You have to start somewhere, and in front of the mirror's as good a place as any...
Loved this look at young Charlie and Patrick. )

Making Changes by [ profile] jackandahat 4/5 Recommended
Breakfast on Pluto. 500 words. But there's still hints, the line of her jaw and the length of her hands. Nothing that can be helped, nothing she can't live with, but this... she touches her hair again, curling a lock around her finger as she looks in the mirror... this she can change.
Excellent. )

Nova by [ profile] puella_nerdii 4/5 Recommended
Death Note. 2300 words. "This is different," Misa says. "People are watching us because they love us."
Exactly the sort of fucked-up dynamic I love about them in canon. )

Wind from the North-North-West by [ profile] tabaqui 5/5 Recommended
Supernatural. 300 words. Megan scrubbed the towel through her hair - looked at the girl in the mirror. New girl - pretty girl. Girl who was going places, doing things - not running away, just....
Oh, oh, oh, love. )

Foundations by [ profile] st_aurafina 5/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 3800 words. A thousand years or more ago, the first stones are being laid at Hogwarts and Rowena is determined that there will be no secrets between the four wizards.
Excellent. )

Those People: On the History of Wizarding Britain's Attitude Toward Sexuality by [ profile] obfuscate3 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 2800 words. The Wizarding World's LGBT history in a few thousand pointed words, patched together from actual history, canon history, and wholecloth lies. Covers Dumbledore, the Founders, the International Warlock Convention, Francis Bacon, Dilys Derwent, Daisy Hookum, Mumbilius Collins, Phineas Black, and others.
This could easily be done badly, but it wasn't. )

All female-centric recs I've made in years past can be found under last year's 14valentine's tag.

I will have some new recs at some point, though I have hardly read any fic this year at all, argh. D: Also, I need a new tag, since this isn't actually [ profile] 14valentines anymore.
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It's the last day for [ profile] 14valentines, and I must say, I'm glad it's over. I'm glad I did this, and it was fun, but next year I need to start months and months in advance, because reading this many fics in such a short time has totally turned me off fanfic for the moment. XD Now I just want a nice break to read some manga and books! (Don't worry, though, I have plenty of reviews (and even a few recs) to post while I'm taking my break.)

Today I have more Harry Potter recs, but I couldn't get seven. It pains me, because I'm anal and want the exact same number for each of these sets, but I've read everything short that I had bookmarked, and time's running out and I haven't time to read really long fics, so six it is.

Carry Me Home by [ profile] mirabellawotr 4/5 Recommended
1600 words. Petunia's mother used to say that old sins always come home to roost. And this is what Petunia learned years ago: that they don't even have to be your sins.
Awesome. )

The Lubberkin Dancing by [ profile] mirabellawotr 5/5 Recommended
2600 words. Ginny tells herself stories.
Dark and funny and meta. )

Persistence of Memory by [ profile] rose_whispers 5/5 Recommended
3500 words. In the life that should have been the perfect fulfillment of her dream to live in Australia, Monica Wilkins struggles to understand why she feels so empty. In the past, Susan Granger sees a whole new world just waiting for her daughter to claim.
Excellent. )

Home Is the Place Where by [ profile] kyrafic 4/5 Recommended
1200 words. Petunia and Harry at the end of the world.
Interesting. )

Routines by [ profile] inell 4/5 Recommended
1500 words. This has been Augusta's routine for so many years that it's now second nature.
I don't think I've ever read a fic about Neville's gran before! )

Experimental by [ profile] katemonkey 4/5 Recommended
2000 words. Ginny's fourteen. It's that sort of age.
Cute and (probably unintentionally) bittersweet. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is arts and athletics.

I lied. I said I was going to do SPN today, but though I tried, it was impossible. It's so hard to find fics about women in SPN, and even harder to find them with female POV characters, so I'd only managed to bookmark ten possibles. I read five and got a whopping one rec, and didn't have time to go searching for more, so I just decided to do another batch of SGA instead. SGA wasn't that easy, either. I did finally manage to find seven, but I wasn't able to find anything that really excited me, and I don't really know if that's due to the fics or just that I'm getting really tired of fanfic right now and will be glad when this is over. XD Either way, after tomorrow I'm going to take a break from fic and read some of this manga sitting around!

Whatever Can Go Wrong by [ profile] friendshipper 4/5 Recommended
3200 words. Elizabeth finds Rodney et al about to hook up an Ancient VR machine to an MMORPG server. Things do not go as planned.
Hilarious! )

In the City of the Blind by [ profile] shusu 4/5 Recommended
4400 words. Had things gone differently in Tabula Rasa, Teyla might have been queen.
Very interesting. )

Be My Homeward Dove by [ profile] harriet_spy 4/5 Recommended
4400 words. Elizabeth, John, and Rodney back on Earth after The Siege.
Felt like it could be part of the show. )

Start From Now by [ profile] bluflamingo 4/5 Recommended
2200 words. Jennifer nearly turned down the Atlantis expedition when she got offered it.
Nice backstory. )

Making a Choice by [ profile] pocky_slash 4/5 Recommended
1000 words. Jeannie McKay Miller has made many choices in her life, but they've all been her choice.
More good backstory! )

There Is No Fucking in Hades by [ profile] mirabile_dictu 4/5 Recommended
6000 words. Teyla gets captured, then escapes, and Elizabeth has to find her.
Very interesting. )

First Sight, Second Sight by [ profile] bluflamingo 4/5 Recommended
1700 words. Katie Brown. Just because something's over, doesn't mean it's finished.
Good follow-up to Quarantine. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is economics and work.

And my theme today is moar Yuletide! I was scrambling quite a bit here, as I read a ton that I didn't like well enough to rec, but finally I hit seven, huzzah (and luckily I had three already set aside from December/January). Tomorrow it's SPN, then back to HP again for the final day.

Fear the La Vega of Loathing by [ profile] dien 5/5 Recommended
Kingdom of Loathing. 3900 words. The tale of Bernice the Seal Clubber.

The Royal Tea-Party by [ profile] ladysisyphus 5/5 Recommended
Final Fantasy Tactics. 3500 words. Squire Agrias guards young Princess Ovelia for the first time.
Very well-written and poignant. )

Of Candlelit Rooms and Ambitions Too Great by [ profile] v_voltaire 4/5 Recommended
Final Fantasy Tactics. 4800 words. The rule of Queen Ovelia, from its greatest heights to its ending tragedy.
Interesting and well-written. )

I Know How You Feel, No Secrets to Reveal by [ profile] sundancekid 5/5 Recommended
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew. 1900 words. Six months after Double Crossing, Nancy runs into Frank at a ski lodge.
Really read like the books! )

Q&A by [ profile] medie 4/5 Recommended
Batman Begins. 3200 words. Vicki Vale investigates Bruce Wayne.
Felt like it could be canon. )

Home for the Holidays by [ profile] googlebrat 4/5 Recommended
Discworld. 1500 words. That one Christmas Susan did get to spend at Death's house as a child.
So perfect! )

The Birthday of Eternity by [ profile] panjianlien 5/5 Recommended
Discworld. 4200 words. In which Death has a Very Difficult Client and appeals to Nanny Ogg for assistance.
Awesome Nanny Ogg voice. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is voting.

Uh...I meant to have new recs today and save this last set of repeats for tomorrow or Wednesday, but I haven't got any yet and I haven't slept and so I probably won't get enough stuff read by the end of the day (well, I suppose I could stop everything and just read now, but work is higher priority). So it's repeats. Tomorrow will be new stuff, more from Yuletide, I think.

12 HP recs )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is the peace movement.

And my theme for today is RPF, and I will say right now, it is really hard to find RPF about women. Part of that, I'm sure, is due to search limitations. I didn't have any particular people or pairings in mind, and wanted a variety, but there's not one particular thing I can search for (I tried "rpf" on delicious and got mostly m/m slash (mostly Jared/Jensen, for some reason). I did try plugging in a few names and pairings and got stuff that way, but eh. Still, I managed to find enough for a set (and have several 3/5s I'll post at a later date). I probably could have done an entire set by [ profile] belladonnalin if the two fics I did read are representative of their work, but I really wanted a variety of authors, so I refrained. (I will definitely be reading more in the future, though.)

Anyway, on to the recs! I...would have liked less bandom? But bandom was the easiest to find stuff for, so... Also I think all of these can be read without canon knowledge. I barely know who many of these people are myself.

As Girls Go by [ profile] belladonnalin 5/5 Recommended
Hannah Wood. 4000 words. Hannah tries to find a place for herself.
Highly recced even if you don't know canon. )

Tsumi to Batsu by [ profile] sugarless_666 4/5 Recommended
Shiina Ringo/Kyo (Dir en Grey). 600 words. She thinks they make sense in a strange, wicked sort of way.
Hot and Cute. )

Bend Over Boyfriend by [ profile] sinsense 5/5 Recommended
My Chemical Romance. 3100 words. Jamia finds a video and decides to try it out on Frank.
How can something be this hot and this adorable at the same time? )

The Differences and the Space Between by [ profile] belladonnalin 5/5 Recommended
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance. 1200 words. The first time Alicia meets Pete Wentz, she is poised and careful, shaking hands professionally and trying to look older than she is.
Awesome! )

All the Pretty Girls Go by [ profile] pirateygoodness 4/5 Recommended
Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer. 2600 words. If all good ideas start with not sleeping with Tricia...
Very hot! )

A Better Fuck by [ profile] neverneverfic /5 Recommended
Panic! At the Disco. 600 words. Ryan/Keltie. Any boy who called himself "a hotter touch, a better fuck" in his teen years probably had some inaccurate notions of his own prowess.
Hilarious! )

Pretty Pink Ribbon by [ profile] 7iris 4/5 Recommended
My Chemical Romance/Mindless Self Indulgence. 1800 words. The thing is, she's been doing this, being Lyn-Z, for a long time now. She knows all about the scene's charming virgin/whore dichotomy, and how the people who say they'll let her are sometimes worse in the long run than the ones who say no upfront.
Hot and adorable. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is politics.

And once again I have repeat recs. These are all from Yuletide (I think all or mostly 2006). Tomorrow I'm reccing RPF (het, gen, or femslash). Finding fics is hard! So if you have any recs, lemme know.

7 Yuletide recs )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is domestic violence.

Well, I thought today I'd be scrambling to get recs again, but I loved everything I read, so it went quickly.

The Importance of Grooming by [ profile] prillalar 4/5 Recommended
1200 words. George helps Hermione wash her hair.
Feels dated, but cute. )

Unsticking the Shadow by [ profile] pogrebin 5/5 Recommended
3100 words. Hermione. Voldemort is just a face for the Wizarding World to stick on the front of "them".
Excellent and creepy and believable. )

The Two Broomsticks by [ profile] glossing 4/5 Recommended
6100 words. Rosmerta/Hooch. "Oi, Hooch! Rosie here wants to know what Sapphic is."
Great characters. )

I Have No Daughter by [ profile] a_t_rain 4/5 Recommended
2500 words. Hermione's mother is furious about the measures her daughter took to ensure her parents' safety during the war.
I could totally see this happening. )

Replacement by [ profile] katemonkey 4/5 Recommended
1000 words. Ginny does what has to be done. Even if it's replacing Ron.
Neat idea. )

Bone by [ profile] alchemia 5/5 Recommended
2800 words. Hermione is very curious about sex.

Lacking in Colour by [ profile] noticeably 4/5 Recommended
1400 words. The first time that Millicent tunes into Potterwatch, she swears that it's an accident.
Wish there'd been a scene like this in the book. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is sexual assault.

Eep! Sliding in under the wire with this one. I spent a couple hours this evening frantically reading fics to try and find the last few for this set (which is why the last ones are all really short - no time to go through longer fics!).

The Epistolary Romance of Drs. Katie P. Brown and M. Rodney McKay, with a Dinner Date by [ profile] linabean 5/5 Recommended
17,000 words. Rodney and Katie's first date and the emails that followed.
Excellent. )

Athosian For Beginners by [ profile] trinityofone 4/5 Recommended
11,000 words. When the Pegasus translation network goes down, Teyla and Ronon are left unable to communicate with the others.
Interesting idea, even if it doesn't quite work with canon. )

A Strong Tea by [ profile] shetiger 5/5 Recommended
900 words. Charin had made certain Teyla would always remember this recipe, even if it made the lines around her eyes draw into tight furrows of sorrow each time Teyla repeated the words.
Very well-done. )

Diving Through the Universe by [ profile] briar_pipe 4/5 Recommended
1600 words. Miko finds a device that sends her to a new universe each time she tilts it.
Great execution. )

Reassembling by [ profile] wojelah 4/5 Recommended
1100 words. Teyla has never flinched from life; she has never been given that option.
Fits perfectly with canon. )

Noble Form by [ profile] bluflamingo 4/5 Recommended
2500 words. Teyla/Sora. Teyla runs into a familiar face on an off-world trip.
There should be more of this pairing! )

In Technicolor by [ profile] raisintorte 4/5 Recommended
1000 words. Jennifer felt like Audrey Hepburn in a black and white movie.
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is motherhood.

Because I knew there was no way I could get new recs for the entire two weeks, I went through all the recs I've ever posted and gathered up all the female-centric ones and will be posting them in three batches. So these may be repeats to some of you, but if you're new to my journal or coming in from [ profile] 14valentines or [ profile] halfamoon, maybe they'll be new to you.

7 recs in Girls Next Door, Naruto, SGA, original fic )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is sexuality, and I'm taking a break from the recs to post fic! That actually fits the theme! Woohoo!

The Weight Upon Your Kiss Ambiguous
~900 words :: adult :: Hary Potter :: Lily/James, James/Sirius :: 2/5/08
Pregnancy hasn't made her a delicate flower; she's never been a delicate flower. Why can't James see that?

She thinks of the way James is with her, the way he's *always* been with her, so gentle she could scream. )

Notes: Thanks to [ profile] helens78 for the beta. Why I chose to write this for today's theme. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is reproductive rights and I'm back to recs again. In my mad scramble to find fandoms with female characters, I turned to Yuletide, especially since I already had several that I'd read and not yet posted reviews of! I'll have a couple more Yuletide sets over the next weeks as well, since it really is a great source of female-centric fics.

Perhaps thanks to the popularity of sites such as Claudia's Room, there was a huge surge in Babysitters' Club fics this year, most of which were totally awesome as you can see. (Maybe I should have saved these for tomorrow's theme of sexuality, since they're all totally queer, but I will have fic to post for that theme tomorrow!)

Look Up by [ profile] sprat 5/5 Recommended
Ma Vie en Rose. 2300 words. Ludo and Chris ten years later.
Awesome! )

Things Found by [ profile] llyfrgell 4/5 Recommended
Imagine Me & You. 1800 words. This is what happened next.
Very cute. )

Hydrangeas by [ profile] bluflamingo 5/5 Recommended
Imagine Me & You. 4100 words. Heck and Rachel and Luce and H after the film.
The perfect sequel. )

Claudia and Janine's Secret by greyathena 5/5 Recommended
Babysitters' Club. 1800 words. College-aged Claudia and Janine meet up for lunch.
Awesome sister story (that's totally not incest like the title makes it seem). )

Could Be Worse by [ profile] pocky_slash 4/5 Recommended
Babysitters' Club. 3000 words. Pamela Harding thinks that Barnard is the answer to all of her problems in Stoneybrook. Unfortunately, her biggest problem seems intent on following her.
Babysitter's Little Sister futurefic! Awesome! )

Abby's Hanukkah Tales! by [ profile] wisdomeagle 4/5 Recommended
Babysitters' Club. 3000 words. Isn't homoerotic bickering the true meaning of every holiday? Lesbian drama, terrible puns, and no one grows older but everyone's gay. In other words, just like canon.
Very, very funny. )

Kristy's Worst Fear by [ profile] tornyourdress 5/5 Recommended
Babysitters' Club. 1900 words. Kristy has something to tell Mary Anne.
This could actually be a BSC book. )
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As you have probably noticed, the list is no longer here. Instead, I have moved it to delicious, which makes it much, much easier for me to keep it updated.

It will also make it easier for you, if you have a delicious account yourself. You can add me to your network and thus be notified immediately when the list is updated! You can also use delicious to send me links that I don't yet have on the list by putting "for:transfic" when you save a link (of course you can also comment here same as always). Please do not hesitate to link your own fic.

What Qualifies for the List?

The list includes fics with both canonically and non-canonically trans characters. So far canonically trans characters are not as well-represented, so if you know of any fics that aren't on the list, please comment and let me know. The character must be either the main character or one of the main characters of the fic. Mentions or walk-ons don't count.

In terms of non-canonically trans characters, I am only taking fics that are explicitly about trans people. Traditional "genderswap" fics don't count, nor do "always a girl/boy" AUs.

Despite the name of the list, I also accept fics about characters who are (canonically or not) genderqueer or intersex. However, I will not accept "hermaphrodite" fics. I use that word because that genre has nothing to do with actual intersex people, but is rather based on a fantasy of what a "hermaphrodite" is like.


I hope the tagging system is fairly easy to follow. Tags for fandom and author should be self-explanatory. Following is a list of other tags I use, by bundle:

Type: Canon/noncanon refers to the status of the trans (or genderqueer or intersex) character. It does not imply anything about the fic itself (such as canon vs. AU), but simply is there to let people sort between stories about canonically trans characters and those who are written as trans in fic. I have divided the trans category into MtF (male to female) and FtM (female to male), again, so that people can sort for one or the other.

Length: The length divisions I use are short short (under 1000 words), short story (1000 to 7500 words), novelette (7500 to 20,000 words), novella (20,000 to 50,000 words), and novel (50,000 words or more). Series are tagged as such, rather than listing each fic in the series individually.

Warnings: These are not what fandom traditionally calls warnings, but rather are extra info people might want to know. So far the three tags are WiP for works-in-progress (usually abandoned series), broken link for stories that have been deleted or locked since I added them, and potentially offensive for stories that may be offensive. This can refer to the story itself or the headers and/or author commentary. However, I have not read every story on the list (and probably never will, since many are in fandoms I don't know). If you read a story and feel it is offensive, please comment and let me know and I will tag it as such.


I review everything I read, and I have read/plan to read a lot of the stories on the list. If I have published a review, I will link to it in the comment box.

Please feel free to comment with any further questions (or to link to stories not on the list).
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines post is about hunger and can be found here.

Remembered by [ profile] alyxbradford 4/5 Recommended
1200 words. Narcissa mourns her sister.
A wee bit purple, but good. )

Things You Shouldn’t Do at Christmas by [ profile] akissinacrisis 4/5 Recommended
10,600 words. Ginny reckons everyone sleeps with their ex once. Or twice. Don’t they?
Loved the ending. )

Shatter by [ profile] marginalia 5/5 Recommended
500 words. Ginny/Hermione. In the end it was a tiny thing that undid Ginny.
Wow. )

All She Knew by [ profile] marginalia 4/5 Recommended
1000 words. Helga Hufflepuff, Pomona Sprout, Hannah Abbott. Three stories about Hufflepuff.
A good look at a neglected house. )

Some Have Motherhood Thrust Upon Them by [ profile] marginalia 4/5 Recommended
200 words. "I don't want you here, you know," Petunia says, looking down at the child.
Oh, Petunia! )

Such a Beautiful Blank (But Smooth It) by [ profile] jenadamson 4/5 Recommended
12,600 words. Ginny picks a rose, and her world spins out of control.
Neat story. )

The Cauldron Cake by [ profile] snegurochka_lee 4/5 Recommended
1100 words. Lily & Marauders. The cauldron cake was a surprisingly difficult piece of baking. It was always the things that looked so simple that concealed the most secrets, wasn't it?
Great ending. )
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Last year was the first year I heard about [ profile] 14valentines, and while I think it's a great idea, I was really bothered that something that's supposed to be about women was almost entirely m/m slash. That just doesn't seem right to me, so this year I decided I'd do a recs set every day for female-centric fics. I'll be reccing various fandoms, though it will probably end up being mostly Harry Potter and Stargate: Atlantis, just because that's the easiest for me to find and I did not plan well for this (next year I'll try and start squirrelling away recs in October or November). The fics will be het, f/f slash, and gen, all with female or mostly female POVs. They will also have nothing to do with the daily themes of the comm, because I'd have had to have started reading years ago to get enough that fit.

Today's [ profile] 14valentines post can be found here and is on body image.

I also wanted to point out [ profile] halfamoon, which I just found out about today. It's "a fourteen day multifandom challenge celebrating female characters", so pretty much just what I was trying to do myself.

The Human Stain by [ profile] tevere 4/5 Recommended
9000 words. Michael is suffering for a crime he has no idea he has committed, for being something he has no idea he is -- and though she wishes she could, Teyla cannot feel pleasure in it.
Awesome! )

Songs of Athos by [ profile] friendshipper 5/5 Recommended
3000 words. Teyla discovers Earth music -- and rediscovers her own.
Very neat idea. )

Postcards to Jeannie by [ profile] friendshipper 4/5 Recommended
Novelette. Teyla starts sending postcards to Jeannie on Earth. Soon the whole gang gets into the act.
I really like her Teyla a lot. )

Pictures for Jeannie by [ profile] friendshipper 4/5 Recommended
Short story. Teyla wants to share her galaxy with Jeannie through photographs. The boys want to get hit with large sticks, apparently.
Also excellent! )

A Favorite Haiku by [ profile] kormantic 5/5 Recommended
900 words. Rodney and Teyla have sex.
Beautifully written. )

Contraflow by [ profile] lobelia321 4/5 Recommended
14,000 words. My name is Laura Cadman. I am a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, stationed at the intergalactic base of Atlantis and currently, I am trapped inside the body of Dr Rodney McKay.
Interesting and well-written. )

Lessons of Loss by [ profile] miriel 5/5 Recommended
800 words. For as long as she can remember, Teyla has known death.
Excellent. )


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