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Sep. 2nd, 2014 10:32 pm
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1. I saw something on tumblr that prompted me to want to download a manga and I was like bleh I don't know any good raw sites anymore, but I tried anyway. And sure enough, all the sites I had bookmarked did not have what I was looking for, because they are all kind of crap and don't have much selection. So finally I googled and amazingly I actually got helpful results! In fact, I found a site that I think is a new version of the site I had been using the most before it closed down earlier this year. :D (This is it, btw.)

Anyway, I downloaded the series I'd been looking for, plus a bunch of other stuff, so maybe now that it doesn't seem so impossible to find new raws I'll actually start reading manga again? (I mean, it's not like the lack of a good raw site meant I had no manga to read, since I have a bazillion volumes of various things already downloaded on my hard drive, but still.)

2. Day off tomorrow! And I actually did remember to do my ordering tonight so there should be no reason I need to go in tomorrow.

3. I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some new contacts soon (they probably will have to order them, but I hope it doesn't take long). I only have a few left and I don't want to have to go back to wearing my glasses all the time in this heat!

linkspam didn't read the manifesto

Sep. 2nd, 2014 09:54 pm
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This is adorable.

Some stuff I didn't know about DuckDuckGo.

The New Yorker profiles Anonymous.

How to spot an ATM skimmer.

Saved for later viewing: Mallory Ortberg reading male novelist jokes.

I feel conflicted about this article. Hmm. Too much about the heroic archaeologists, not enough about the tribe's concerns (or the difficulties of complying with a recently-passed statute with some gaping holes in coverage).

If I recall correctly, this is about the epic WWII sleight-of-hand prior to the Normandy invasion. "Look! Over there!"

I love procrastinating, but probably I shouldn't.

Interesting article showing the intersection of technology and food practices (and preferences!). Why Southern Cornbread Shouldn't Have Sugar.

I made roasted beet pesto last week, now I think I might have to try this roasted fennel pesto. Looks pretty yummy!

I also am intrigued by this series about bread-making. Why don't I have a couche?!!


There is too much shitty stuff going on in the world right now. So last night I watched the SG-1 episode "1969", and it made my world a little better, for a little while.
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The new October Daye book (The Winter Long, the eighth in the Toby series) came out today!

This post is not about that, although I did spend the evening devouring the book. Nor is it about how many things are coming out this month that I'm excited about. (Several!!!)

See, I learned quite a while ago now that if a book is sold ahead of its release date, that sale doesn't count towards its first-week sales numbers. Tonight I learned that while pre-orders do theoretically count, that theory breaks down if the pre-ordered book ships early.

As if it weren't ridiculous enough that early sales don't count? :/ Not that stores should be selling them early, but you'd think they could at least, you know, report those numbers to whoever/whatever tracks them. And so often the advice for supporting authors and other creators involves "Pre-order the book (etc.)! Show advance interest!!!" With, apparently, the caveat that your advance interest can act against the author's interests if Amazon or whoever ships the book early. ;_;

Amazon is my go-to example here, because it often does stock/ship books early; I used to cheerfully take advantage of that before realizing that it was a real problem. The Winter Long was showing as in stock on Amazon for days before today. Fortunately [personal profile] wildpear and I pre-ordered our copies through Chapters/Indigo, and the order shipped at a more appropriate time. (And has not yet arrived, so I read a digital copy tonight. I'm looking forward to the hard copy arriving and bringing my set up to date!)

It just seems like such a ludicrous system, especially since those initial(-but-not-early!) sales are so critical :/ I know it stresses [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire out badly (to the point that she makes a point of asking people to just please, please not tell her if they manage to buy a book early), and I can't imagine she's the only one. Is anyone actually benefiting from things being done this way?

another day, another ficlet :)

Sep. 2nd, 2014 08:48 pm
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Sam/Steve, who kisses whom first. Still a part of the domesticity meme, for which I'm still taking Sam/Steve and Charles/Erik prompts! (And the Charles/Erik prompts are a little bit outnumbered, so really, prompt away!)

At some point, it's going to be time to break the porn out again. Soon!


Sep. 2nd, 2014 10:19 pm
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Sep. 2nd, 2014 08:44 pm
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Hay guize, I spent all day (STILL ON MOTHERFUCKING DEADLINE) listening to my collection of female emcees so I can share music with you tomorrow. Forgive me?

Everything is waiting on this damn deadline. Starting running again now that my summer cold is mostly gone. Cleaning the house. A social life. Reading or listening to or watching anything new. But whatever I have by COB Thursday is whatever I'm gonna have, so the good news is that the end is in sight.

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Sep. 2nd, 2014 05:16 pm
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Here's an esoteric historical question for you: what did WWII-era soldiers in the field do with the packaging from c-rations and other trash of that nature? My intuitive feeling is that they'd just drop it wherever they happened to be, because a) carrying useless weight is highly impractical when you're tired and underfed and people are trying to kill you, and b) our modern-day cultural value regarding "littering is bad" had yet to take hold, and wasn't really something most people thought about, so just chucking a can into the bushes was a perfectly valid way of dealing with it, if you didn't have an immediate use for it.

(For that matter, my general experience has been that there's still sort of an urban/rural divide about it, with a lot of rural/semi-rural people not really thinking too much about dealing with trash in the old-fashioned "just drop it wherever" style. We're always having to clean up after hunters and picnickers in the gravel pit. Read a book not too long ago on Montana ranching that describes how one ranch where the writer worked as a ranch hand would just bulldoze the bodies of dead cows off a handy nearby cliff. Out of sight, out of mind!)

It's a strangely difficult detail to find via googling, though.
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Title: Cold Realizations
Author: Settiai
Rated: R
Word Count: ~750 words
Characters: Female Shepard [Cora]
Notes: Also posted on the AO3.
Summary: Shepard couldn't sleep the night that they got back from Noveria.

Fic )

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Sep. 2nd, 2014 04:21 pm
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Hello! Would you like to see some pictures of my cat Sophie?

Who wouldn't? (don't tell me) )

Press B to blow

Sep. 2nd, 2014 02:44 pm
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Well, for gods only know what reason, my journal layout suddenly changed itself sometime between 11:30 this morning and 2-ish this afternoon. I reset to the style I was using, but I didn't feel like dicking around to get back to the custom color scheme I had. So now I'm going to have to get used to new colors. Fun.

In other news, I had a great day Saturday with the bffs. [personal profile] the_gentlemans_revolt, [personal profile] lunesque, and I drove down to see [personal profile] lady_krysis, and we ate a lot of delicious things and played games and generally enjoyed each other's company. We had Zaza for lunch (the salads! the pizzas!) with gourmet popsicles at Le Pops for dessert (soooo yum), and Big Orange for dinner.

We also made a stop by Ulta because I mentioned I wanted to go by there soon to get some of the new NYX lip colors, and everyone was like, "Yeah, okay, let's go now!" So we played with makeup and bought shiny pretties, and I can have the dark purple lips I have been dreaming of with all this 90s stuff coming back into fashion and awakening my dormant gothness.

Work is going okay, but the next couple of days are probably going to be pretty rough. Biiig workloads predicted, so we're going in at 4 to get as much done as possible before the store opens. I am motivating myself through frequent reminders that my bellydance class starts next week.

Now I'm going to go read some fic and watch some YouTube and try to work on my last fic for the Kuroshitsuji Fanworks Circus because it's due Friday, eep!

88% ash 12% carrots

Sep. 2nd, 2014 10:43 am
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a black bombay cat standing on a bed and looking up

What better way to try and journal more frequently on DW than to post a picture of our new cat?

She's not NEW new, [personal profile] glockgal and I got her at the beginning of July, but sometimes we still look over at her and are like what have we done omg why is this living creature in our house. Her name is Meera (we wanted to match her cousin-dog upstairs, who is a black Portugese water hound named Mishka) and she is so so sweet, tiny and fast and shiny and she talks SO much. She does that thing where she runs between our bedrooms at four in the morning trying to wake us up, but we've started a method where if she's standing on our pillows meowing, we grab her and hug her. Then she objects and goes away to entertain herself pretty quickly, heh.

We did end up going with VOKRA rather than the BC SPCA, and we haven't regretted it, so thank you to the folks who recommended them! She came to us on a diet of Wellness grain-free that we mix with raw food, and she uses these super cheap pine stove pellets as litter -- we get a huge 40lb bag of it for about six dollars, and the sawdust that it breaks down into is compostable. Which is great since we have a big ol' compost bin in the backyard of our house. And speaking of the house that we're sharing with highschool pal Dasha and her fella, we renewed the lease for another year!!  Which is SUCH a relief, because we love it here and were dreading having to move so soon after moving in.

Also if anybody has advice for how to keep spiders out of the house, please share! We used to use chestnuts but I don't think they're being that effective and a spider the size of my goddamn palm scuttled across the living room floor the other night.


Sep. 3rd, 2014 03:09 am
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Today was kind of a mess. I mean it started off like this:

phone ringing!
> nrrr
phone ringing!
> wake up and answer it
it's A!
> talk to A
you talk to A! For an hour and a half!
> ...

And then I kind of. I dunno. Derped around, mostly. Did some gardening, which was good - green bin got picked up this morning, so I had heaps of space, even - but also my popped blister got reopened and filthy and gross, even though I wore a glove on it. =/ Think I'm gonna have to give the ivy a rest for a while, it's just too much of a PITA.

Tried to do some art, but it's kinda. Just. Wasn't working for me today. Which is super annoying! >:

Hopefully tomorrow will be better~~

the dice were loaded from the start

Sep. 2nd, 2014 09:58 am
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August 2014 writing roundup:

break loose of loss and longing (@ AO3)
Captain America; Steve/Bucky; pg; 3,510 words
"What do you think of the speculation that you and Steve Rogers were lovers?"

"What? Who thinks that? I don't think about that. Why would I think about that?"

Be my ticket back home (@ AO3)
Winter Soldier (Comics); Bucky/Natasha; AU; pg; 2,375 words
The one where Bucky makes better decisions in the wake of Natasha's memory loss.


Meme via [personal profile] sage: What are my recurring themes:

1. REUNIONATING/RECONCILIATION. I love first times, I do, but I also really really love first times that are actually second times, where the characters are older and warier and more broken but also able to take advantage of the unexpected/miraculous second chance.

So many of my favorite pairings have a lot of history together, and have undergone long - and occasionally acrimonious - separations often due to tragic circumstances - Remus/Sirius, Dick/Jason, Steve/Bucky, Bucky/Natasha, (Sam/Dean, even though I didn't really ship it the same way; even Danny/Rusty in a much less angsty way) - and there's often a period in which they have to forgive themselves (and each other) for what happened, AND ALSO, in the other sense of the word, they have to reconcile who they are NOW with who they were THEN and how their relationship has/hasn't changed (if there's anything there that can/should be salvaged/can they start over or even if they were never romantically involved before, could they be now? is this finally the right time/do they still feel the same? etc.), and if their memories have been messed with - Jason clawed his way out of his own grave and took a dip in a Lazarus pit, Sirius can barely remember happy things and he's not real functional after 12 years in Azkaban, and of course, there's Bucky and his decades of brainwashing and memory wiping and being treated like a thing - so how can they put themselves together and have a relationship (should they even try?). I feel like this is the basis for a good 80% of the fic I've written.

2. EQUALIZING POWER DIFFERENTIALS. This is one of my favorite tropes for het fic, especially when I'm writing about an older man/younger woman - Logan/Rogue, Mal/River, Nick/Cassie - these are very often about the young women finding their power and leveling the playing field with the men, who always think they are too old/broken/etc. and don't want to take advantage etc. (I think this is also why I really love pairings like Tony/Pepper and Josh/Donna and Donna/Harvey - because those are also about assistants becoming indispensable, and eventually - in fic if not on the show, in the case of Donna/Harvey - becoming an equal and no longer being a direct report/subordinate. Say what you want about the post-Sorkin era of WW, but Donna would never have gotten that wonderful arc where she moves out of her role as Josh's assistant and ends up the First Lady's Chief of Staff under Sorkin, and that's the only way she and Josh could be together.)

This isn't a theme per se, but I also like role reversals in the power differential - Remus was the poor werewolf and Sirius was the handsome and wealthy heir to the ancient and noble Black family and then 13 years later, Remus is a mostly respectable Hogwarts professor and Sirius is a wanted fugitive; Steve was skinny/sickly and Bucky was his protector, and then Steve is Captain America and Bucky is his sidekick/righthand man.

3. PLAYING THE HAND YOU'RE DEALT. I feel like this was theme of most of my Firefly fic - sure, life is kind of crappy, but it's still better than the alternative, right? And some of my Dark Angel fic is about this, too, I think (though I think Max and Alec both have to do a lot of reconciling the things they've done with who they want to be now), and a lot of the SPN fic I wrote was about Sam and Dean muddling through.


At least, I feel like these are the things I return to over and over. What do you think?


Daily Happiness

Sep. 1st, 2014 11:00 pm
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1. Did a couple things I've been meaning to do and keep forgetting/putting off: order new jeans and set up and eye doctor appointment.

2. I'm still feeling completely overwhelmed at work with all the crap that needs to be done since the remodelling, but the storage area is definitely getting cleaned out little by little. And the big deliveries that usually come tomorrow won't come until Wednesday because of today being a holiday, so maybe I can catch up a little more tomorrow.

3. Speaking of today being a holiday, I did work today, so that means at some point I can take a day off in exchange for pay. Just have to find a time when I'm not super busy... (Ha!)

Good things

Sep. 2nd, 2014 01:59 am
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Several people are embarking on a "post every day for thirty days!" challenge. I'm not going to officially declare that I'm doing that, between my follow-through record and the fact that Casual Job starts back up before the month is over. But for the record, since I haven't slept yet, I'm counting this as a September 1 post despite the time stamp.

Here, some random good things!

--I just finished a draft of a Newsflesh fic that I choose to blame [personal profile] jinian for (^_-), and got it sent off to [personal profile] wildpear for a beta pass. It's smut, and it amuses me tremendously, so I hope it'll amuse other people too. (The working "title" is "in which Shaun gets himself kicked out of bed". *g*)

--Between now and Casual Job resuming, on top of my usual freelance work (presumably--I don't currently have a work schedule from one of my manga editors), I'm going to be proofreading a short novel for Sparkler Monthly. Prose proofreading! I'm looking forward to it. ^_^

--[personal profile] scruloose and I had a short but fun visit with [personal profile] seangaffney, who'd never been to Nova Scotia before. During his few days here we fed him garlic fingers and took him to have SUPER TASTY FISH, and also introduced him to [personal profile] wildpear & family, [personal profile] seolh, and a couple other local friends. ^_^ I wouldn't say he wound up seeing a ton of the city, but [personal profile] seolh and I took him on a wander around downtown (including a stop for cupcakes and a meander through the Public Gardens*) and [personal profile] scruloose took him to the Saturday morning market while I stayed home and did some work.

I also showed him a semi-random episode of Warehouse 13--semi-random because I showed him a couple of clips (including the very beginning of part 1 of the Monsters and Men webisodes series) to show how good W13 was at product placement, and then he promptly went online and spoiled himself thoroughly for the entire series (in case there was any doubt at all that we have very different approaches to consuming media). So I showed him 3x02 ("Trials") so he could see the kittens' namesakes in action together for the first time. Hail The Claudia Donovan & Steve Jinks Show!

Coincidentally, Toronto friends [twitter.com profile] jondoda and [twitter.com profile] notnish were in town over almost exactly the same dates, so they came over to meet the kittens. Between them and [personal profile] seangaffney, that afternoon was almost like a mini con. A mini con with kittens, a bit of catching up, and peach crisp. Yes.

*Look, here's a picture of him with a helpful sign at the Gardens! (The sign says "Donation Boxes Not in Service. Waiting for New Locks." ^^;)

...and I think there were a couple of other things I was going to list, but it's 2 AM, so keeling over in bed seems in order.
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Blathering about work. )

I am so nervous about my work that I was apparently whimpering and shaking in my sleep last night - my wife woke me up because she thought I was having a nightmare. I was dreaming about email. SIGH.

In other, also bittersweet news: [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa is having its last hurrah this year. I didn't participate last year, but I'm thinking I might like to try my hand one last time. I'd love to see it go out with a bang. Won't you join me?

still going strong!

Sep. 1st, 2014 08:42 pm
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Today's entry in the domesticity meme is Sam/Steve, who steals the covers. :D

Still taking prompts on the main post! I have a 5-day streak and I'm starting to feel a lot less rusty when it comes to writing. Also, I'm a big, big fan of shorter fic, and this is giving me an excuse to write it. :)

I still need to get my AO3 account updated with all these ficlets, but we'll save that for another time...

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Sep. 1st, 2014 10:31 pm
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My brother and i have finally come to an agreement about Batman and Superman, the text of which is: 1960s tv show Batman is the only Batman.


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