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Two thoughts on Mockingjay Part I:

1.) Why the hell you'd engineer your fire sprinklers to go off that casually and copiously in an evacuation stairwell, I have no idea. Also, the emergency lighting on those stairs was a travesty, far, far worse than no lighting at all. Someone in that organization should be deeply, deeply ashamed of themselves.

2.) Turning the oxygen down to fourteen percent is the kind of excellent decision that you can expect of people who... are operating in a fourteen percent atmosphere. That is, if that's the kind of decision that they make in a 21% atmosphere, I shudder to think what their judgement looks like at fourteen.


Dec. 20th, 2014 08:35 pm
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Toby, while playing Assassin's Creed: Black Flag just now: "I'm a white dude. Cultural appropriation's a kind of hobby."

(I'd just accused him of looting cultural property when, as a sidequest, his character discovered and dug up something identified as a Mayan Stone.)

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Title: Fairytale of New York
Fandom: White Collar
Word Count: 3700
Pairings: canon ones
Summary: Three views of Christmas, on the first Christmas after the series finale. For my h/c bingo "begging" square. Huge finale spoilers.

Fairytale of New York )

Winter vacation

Dec. 21st, 2014 09:44 am
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It is finally here! Finished up my last day at work yesterday, and now I am free! Our flight leaves tonight, so I've got the morning and most of the afternoon to do the rest of my prep. Right now I am loading up my 5 year old iPod Nano (I remembered I still had the thing last week, so I decided to bring it back to life!), and after this I think I'm going to go buy some last-minute food treats to bring as souvenirs. Then I will start packing!

I will be in the States for about three weeks, and for those of you who have been with me for a few years, you know the drill. I rarely get the chance to access dreamwidth when I'm away, so this may be my last entry for a while. My computer never comes with me and I don't like borrowing my parents' too often. Plus, I'd rather be with people and cats and stuff, and being able to break habits and get away from your normal routines is one of the best parts of vacation anyway, right?

So anyway, in case I don't get another chance to say it: Happy Holidays to you all! Whatever you celebrate, I hope it is awesome and filled with joy and food and people that you love.

Take care, and I'll talk to you when I talk to you!

Fanfiction: DVD Commentary

Dec. 20th, 2014 05:20 pm
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I've been cleaning up some of my tags and such over on AO3 today, which ended up with me re-reading several of my fics. And reading one of them reminded me of something that I totally never mentioned back when I first posted the fic.

In Long-Distance Phone Calls, the sequel to the Crossover O' Doom? I, uh, possibly had aliens burn down a restaurant in the Maryland suburbs of DC. And it was totally supposed to be the Restaurant of FAIL. Because I'm petty like that, seriously hated working there, and would love to have those two years of my life back.

... in other news, I totally need to go back and write more fic/finish my WIPs in this universe. Because it's fucking fun.

So-called 'continuity'

Dec. 20th, 2014 03:02 pm
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1. Greetings on this shortest, darkest, most miserable day of the year (by which I mean yuletide due date, of course.)

I unexpectedly got mine in shape to post yesterday, so I'm way less panicked than I was planning to be this morning, and thus feel like I'm flapping around at loose ends (I know, cry moar). Now I just have to decide if I want to do more Yuletide or if I want to just lay back and read comics until after Christmas.

..and if I want to hang with family on Christmas Eve after all or if I want to spend the day in my pajamas watching the rest of AtLA.

2. WXPN, my current favorite radio station, did its morning show as a non-Christmasy winter music set to celebrate the solstice. I approve (and will probably be looking up a bunch of them when I get home.)

3. [personal profile] chordatesrock asked about how the MCU compares to comic universe. There are many way to compare them! The super-basic answer is the comic universe is so vast and complicated and ever-changing that it's frankly impossible to compare it to anything other than itself. And the MCU isn't (yet.)

But I'm going to pull out one small part of it, and talk about serial storytelling as it pertains to Marvel. )

Does that, uh. Does that answer your question?

*rips open even more wrapping paper*

Dec. 20th, 2014 01:05 pm
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Hey look look look, I got a second gift for Kinky Kristmas! :D

Sin and Salt (NC-17, Aurora Sinistra/Pansy Parkinson) by Mystery Author
Pansy Parkinson’s seventh year is full of secrets.

I'd prompted a scenario where there's a slow build to a forbidden relationship between a teacher and a student, but I didn't specify characters, because I wanted to be surprised. And I was, in such a wonderful way! Aurora is caught between her convictions and her fears, not a villain but definitely no hero. Pansy is brighter than most people realize, but morally adrift and not quite mature enough to understand the consequences of the power she seeks. Good stuff.

And now to finish my [ profile] severus_fest fic. /o\


Dec. 20th, 2014 12:19 pm
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OMG KORRA COME TALK TO ME FLIST! (Spoilers beneath the cut) )

In other news, there's still grading to be done, but I took the night off last night and slept in this morning, and I'm finally feeling a bit more like myself again. I can't work the way I used to--I'm quicker to get tired, less productive, irritable and cranky all the time. I'm just now getting some gifts for family and friends and starting to make our new year's card and catching up with [ profile] rs_small_gifts and some of the entries at Snupin Santa and [ profile] holmestice. Thank goodness [ profile] hoggywartyxmas runs a little later in the month, when life isn't quite so hectic.

Hope you're all doing well as 2014 draws to a close!


Dec. 21st, 2014 01:14 am
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[personal profile] torachan rec'd this game called Oceanhorn, which looks SUPER SHINY so I bought it and played some tonight and now I feel sick. :x STUPID CAMERAS this suuuuuucks. Not'motion-sickness, why are you even a thing? :|

Other than that, pretty good day. Got almost nothing done, but I'm so okay with that, you have no idea. Slept 'till 9, which, okay, not late but so much later than work days, and lazed around in bed on the tablet until 11:30. Did a little art in the afternoon, though not a huge amount, didn't really have steady hands for linestuff, or brain for colours, but that's okay. Read some fic, too. Did have to go to the shops for brainpills, but otherwise mostly a quiet and relaxing day. :3

Tomorrow, want to try and finish up presents and stuff for clickypets people. This... may or may not happen. Probably not. But it's nice to try!
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Ugh, I woke up at 4:45 with some verbiage to add to my yuletide, and I have been up ever since. I'm waiting for CVS and the laundry place to open so I can go run my errands before everyone else is awake, and then I can continue revising, and also do the betas that are waiting for me.

L. and I had a really nice dinner last night, with much less wine than usual, so I probably could have written when I got home? But instead, I chose to do this:

December 20: [personal profile] ladyscribe said, tell me about Henrik Lundqvist, your goalie boyfriend.

Henrik Lundqvist... How do I begin to explain Henrik Lundqvist?
Henrik Lundqvist is flawless.
He has a Vezina trophy and a restaurant in Tribeca*.
I hear his glove hand is insured for $10,000**.
I hear he does underwear commercials in the US ... and shampoo Sweden.
He's the best-dressed hockey player in New York.
One time People Magazine voted him one of the sexiest men alive.
One time he played "Sweet Child o'Mine" on Jimmy Fallon***.
One time he sprayed Sidney Crosby in the face with his water bottle... It was awesome.

*(Sadly, he has yet to raise the Stanley Cup, but I hope he gets there someday soon. ♥LET'S GO RANGERS♥ NB: I don't know if he's still part-owner of Tiny's.)

**(This is completely made up. Well, the photo is real.)

***(He apparently does actually play the guitar. Man, how are you even real? HAIL TO THE KING, BABY.)

Seriously, though, he is an amazing goaltender, and he is on my team! And I hadn't had a goalie boyfriend since John Vanbiesbrouck, and the Rangers keep trading away my favorite position players, so why not ride the hot goalie? Ahem.



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