Daily Happiness

Feb. 21st, 2017 12:48 am
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1. Carla made chicken adobo for dinner tonight and it was so delicious.

2. We went to the store this afternoon and went over to See's Candy while we were there. I had a gift card left from Christmas but I had no idea how much money was left on it, so I just got what I wanted and it turned out to be almost exactly the right amount!

3. It was rainy today, but only sprinkling when we went out. It looks like we're supposed to have a few clear days before more rain this weekend, which is also nice (both the clear days and more rain).

4. Chloe and Jasper are just too cute when they sleep together. I really hope to eventually see him and Molly cuddled up like this, too.

Now to play video games.

Feb. 20th, 2017 11:38 pm
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1. Still recovering from being sick (and trying to bounce back from long-standing mental health stuff), so I'm not going to go into my full Pokemon Go thoughts right now, but briefly: it's so much fun to have so many new Pokemon to catch and walk again! And it's fun to see more people playing again. My Pokedex is filling up further, and I love it.

2. It is SO WET outside. This season has been rough in terms of water; my parents' basement flooded at one point, destroying various things (including some rugs my great-great grandmother made). It could be a lot worse, but oof. Nothing like being in a drought for years and getting all the water you missed all at once.

3. I saw Lego Batman earlier! I enjoyed it a lot. Couple notes. )

I'm going to try to use my Letterboxd more in the future. I like the site - I just always forget to use it. They have great pronoun choices in the settings. Always nice.

(I need to figure out what my four favorite movies are. I put Moonlight and Weekend in there as placeholders, but all the movies I can think of are only ones that came out in the last five years. I can do better than that.)

(Ooh, Singin' in the Rain is one! Good job, me.)

4. Five minutes left of Music Monday! It's kind of tough picking a song this week because I'm in a mixed upswing, and I was reading loud music is actually a bad idea for prolonging upswings? Which is tough for me because I love music a lot. Anyway.

A lot of you on my rlist already know this one. )

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Feb. 20th, 2017 09:51 pm
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Have not floated away in a flood. Yet. :)
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This...I mean...there are elements in it that could be good? And it looks like if they ditched the King Arthur aspect, this could be an entertaining if unoriginal (and way to dude-centric) fantasy movie. But this actual movie looks like a terrible mess. Also, needs more color. Of more than one variety.
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if you find yourself lost, dig
Star Wars; Rey, Leia; g; 3,225 words
Rey and Leia bond after an ambush leaves them stranded.

Title from "Elsewhere, Mon Amour" by Nick Flynn.

if you find yourself lost, dig )

Feedback is always welcome.

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Sometime over the weekend I caught myself thinking, Weird--[dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and I were making such quick progress on The Good Place, and now it's been a week or more since we watched any.

Funny how that happened when I was unexpectedly at Casual Job for a week and then we had a much-anticipated house guest for the entire long weekend, which meant almost non-stop socializing for the duration.

Now Much-Anticipated House Guest is back in Toronto, and Ginny and I are back to work tomorrow morning. Until Friday afternoon we'd thought we'd be back to work tonight at midnight, so the fact that we're actually starting at 9 AM instead is almost relaxing. The thing that's completely up in the air is if we'll basically be working standard workdays all week until we catch up on the "emergency" work (at which point I'll be done again until the actual spring session begins, whenever that is) or if we'll be working long hours for some or all of the days.

All of which is to say that I'm behind on absolutely everything else, other than keeping up with reading DW. And what with non-stop work flowing straight into non-stop socialization, I'm bone-tired now, no matter how good the former is for my wallet and the latter is for my heart.

(Thanks to the Humble Bundle included in the linkspam I just posted, I've had the new Mira Grant novella in my possession for a few days and haven't even started reading it yet. Really, that probably tells you all you need to know about busyness levels. [And that the novella isn't Newsflesh related, because that would've been read immediately...although I have no clue how.])

Linkspam: fannish/geeky/SFF, misc.

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:37 pm
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Fannish/Geeky Things

[dreamwidth.org profile] pbam (Porn Battle Amnesty)'s second Prompt Stack is open for prompts for a couple more days (until February 22, 23:00 GMT).

Humble Bundle currently has a Subterranean Press bundle that includes Mira Grant's new novella, Final Girls, which doesn't come out in hardcover until April.

"Kino's Journey Novels Get 1st Manga Adaptation Next Month". [ANN]

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] misbegotten, "Learn How To Make An Origami Princess Leia [Video]".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] spikedluv, "Hayley Atwell to Star in Howards End Adaptation for Starz, BBC".

"Star Trek: Shirts and Skins in TOS". "Two important questions that we are asked fairly frequently are:

Why does Kirk’s command tunic sometimes appear gold and other times greenish?

Why does Mr. Spock’s skin color seem to vary from chicken-soup yellow to crab pink?

They’re good questions, and ones that we ourselves asked when we were learning about TOS. And since they do get asked often, we thought we’d address them here, at StarTrek.com."


"40% of Wikipedia is under threat from deletionists". [Boing Boing]

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] dine, "Overflowing Bouquets Built From Hundreds of Spare Utensils".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] sovay, "Zealandia – pieces finally falling together for continent we didn't know we had".

"The Mermaid" at Scandinavian ballad blog Balladspot.

"Nokia’s beloved 3310 cell phone is being relaunched".

"Museums Share Their Creepiest Possessions In Twitter Challenge".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] alisanne, "Bead Dragon Brooches By This Russian Artist Will Make You Want To Tame One".

"Having Disabled Kids In Public School Classrooms Is Good For Everyone". [Sarah Kurchak at The Establishment]

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] jimhines, "Cherry Blossoms Have Just Bloomed In This Japanese Town, And The Photos Are Magical".

"The Improbable Life of the Inventor of the Modern Bra: She was also a pioneering publisher and, later, a princess". [Atlas Obscura]

"McDonald’s Engineers a New Type of Straw for Slurping Shamrock Shakes". [Mental Floss]

The Awakening

Feb. 20th, 2017 09:03 pm
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The AwakeningThe Awakening by Kate Chopin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'd only read this book once a very long time ago as an undergraduate, and my memories of it were hazy before this reread. I hadn't remembered how candidly it treats Edna's infidelity, and I thought it had been written much later than the turn of the century.

I also didn't know anything about Kate Chopin until this reread. Apparently, publishing The Awakening ruined her career; the book was roundly condemned, and she lost her reputation and many friends as a result. She only lived four years after it's publication, dying of a stroke or aneurysm. I think a lot about women writers who weren't appreciated in their time and what they would think of their place in the literary canon carved out by second wave feminists in the 60s and 70s. I hope Chopin would feel vindicated that classrooms of college students read her novel each semester and discuss Edna Pontellier's stifling marriage and the limited choices available to her.

I was especially struck on this read by her feelings for her children, how she loves them but doesn't want to be consumed by them, how she wants to follow her own desires but doesn't want her children to be hurt in the fall-out. I am so glad that I live in the 21st century in which I can find plenty of examples of women who have careers and families, who follow their own hearts and are good mothers, who pursue their ambitions and hold down the fort at home at the same time. I'm so glad we live in a time where people can be more open about how maddening motherhood is, how nobody enjoys parental sacrifices, and how being angry or depressed or frustrated is a natural part of being a parent. If I had to live surrounded by the "mother-women" Chopin describes, those women who are constantly sewing baby clothes and who cannot leave their husbands alone because the husbands need them, and who are defined solely by those relationships, I'd probably find myself in crisis, too.

This book is very sad but very beautifully written. Highly recommended.

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FMK#1: Arthuriana

Feb. 20th, 2017 09:33 am
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OK! I should have all the fiction sorted and reshelved by tonight, so WE'RE DOING THIS. If I manage to do this weekly we should be done in only a year!

Here's how it will go: I will post a list of 10-20 unread books that I own. Sometimes it will be themed, sometimes it will just be random. It will be a poll, and you folks will get to vote F, M, or K for each book.

F means "melannen should have a single night of ill-considered passion with it and then decide whether to turn that into a long-term thing or dump it with prejudice."
M means "melannen should commit long-term and continue to keep the book in her bedroom indefinitely."
K means "melannen should dispose of it posthaste."

This may remind people of a certain familiar game. Unfortunately I don't think DW polls have any way to force a three-way choice like in the game, so it's a free vote for each title. (Also I don't think I could agree to give up 1/3 of my books anyway.)

I will read the book with the most F votes, hopefully within the next week, and then post about it here.
I will dispose of the book with the most K votes, *if* there are enough total K votes on all titles to make a quorum (i.e., if only one person votes K in the whole poll, I don't consider myself bound to their vote.)
All other titles, I will think about very hard and take your votes into consideration!

Feel free to vote even if you only have a vague idea about the book or author. Or even if you've never heard of it but think the title is cool. That's why I bought most of these, after all.
Feel free to vote F on terrible books just because you want to make me read them.
Please leave comments with more information on the book or justifying your votes if you do have things to say!

Anon/no account votes and comments are on. Some background on me and my library if you wander here from far away: I am an SF fan and aspiring SF writer (emphasis on "aspiring" rather than "writing" rn). I would like to keep books that are a) good and/or b) important or foundational texts in the genre and/or c) help balance the proportion of books not by/about white dudes in my library.

Got that? Time to vote! )
(Books on the topic I have read and am definitely keeping: the Mike Ashley anthologies, Parke Godwin's Firelord, a mysterly Goldsmith "King Arthur" that is hilariously bowdlerized, Sutcliff's Arthur books, Twain's Connecticut Yankee, White's the Once and Future King, lots of pre-1860 retellings and sources, lots of "nonfiction".)

Decision fatigue is too real.

Feb. 21st, 2017 01:24 am
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Getting there with the moving of stuff! Slow, but what can you do about that, I mean. :/ Pretty happy with the amount I got done today, though! Still have a fuckton of decisions I have to make about where things should go, though, and uuuuuugh. /o\ It's going to take a while.

Also, poked the uni website this evening, and a couple of my subjects have things up now, yay! Classes start next week, so yeaaaaah. One of them has a textbook, too, bluhhhh, even the ebook is like $90. I honestly object to paying that much for a textbook on moral grounds, so I'll probably borrow it from the library (they have ebook versions you can borrow via internets, even! THE MODERN WORLD IS AWESOME!), if I can't find a cheaper copy.

But I'm also cacking myself laughing over this line, verbatim, in one of the unit guides: "For assignments, feedback results will be provided via ESP."

I know what they mean, ESP is electronic submissions portal or something, but ahahahahahahaha psychic feedback, best best best. |D

Daily Happiness

Feb. 20th, 2017 01:06 am
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1. We went to Target today to get various stuff and while we were there, I remembered to look at the shoe section to see if there were any good house slippers and there were! I have some flip-flops for wearing outside, but for indoors I like the sort that doesn't go between your toes so I can wear socks in cold weather. The pair I've been wearing are actually nearly twenty years old and have served me well, but they are really falling apart. These new ones are very comfy, so I'm pretty happy about that.

2. I finished another book! At this rate I think I might have to re-revise my goal from thirty books to maybe forty. I know the rest of the year I won't be reading as much as these two weeks of vacation, but I'm hoping that I'll at least continue to read a couple books a month.

3. I spotted my favorite cranberry orange cookies on the clearance rack at the grocery store. They're those thick cakey ones that are almost like a muffin top. So good. *_*

4. I had a Marie Calendar's chicken pot pie for dinner. Those things are so ridiculously delicious. We went to the store yesterday, too, and I suddenly got a craving for one as we were walking down the freezer aisle...and they didn't have any! They had every flavor except the original, which was of course the only one I wanted. I mean, the others are probably good, but when I get a craving for a chicken pot pie I just want the original! But today we went to a different store and they had them, so I bought a couple. :)

5. Jasper just tried to shut down my computer, but thankfully there were unresponsive programs, so it popped up the "do you want to force quit these or cancel?" box and I was able to stop it from shutting down. (Also, amazingly, even though it did shut down Firefox, this entry didn't disappear when I relaunched it. Woohoo!)

6. The innocent face of a dastardly computer turner-offer!

(no subject)

Feb. 19th, 2017 10:23 pm
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Oh! An historic flood, with the risk that it may destroy levees that keep our water supply potable. Great.

Not the most productive, but...

Feb. 19th, 2017 10:03 pm
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I successfully assembled a few kitchen organizer shelves and two bar stool chairs, and now we have better organized kitchen cabinets and a breakfast bar. Hooray!

I still haven't done barely any grading. Boo.

I played a bit of Sunless Sea and it was... mostly engrossing? But my first zee-captain died (as advertised) and she was the one with the intriguing box from my Fallen London character! That's annoying. I wanted to find out what was in that thing.

Writing remains difficult, sigh. Reality remains terrifying.

But I have enough lunchmeat and cheese to make sandwiches for the next week, and that'll see me through. I hope.
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oops it has been a little while! i've been occupied with other things but trying my hardest to not ttly fall off studying too! i feel like esp starting with this chapter i have less solid of a grasp on the material from when i read it in the past so maybe i need to spend ore time reviewing and actually redoing the exercises as well...

ch7 )
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Planning post on Dreamwidth | Planning post on LJ | Tumblr post

Basically these are just asking for input on this year's schedule (tagset nominations in early March, signups in late March, fics due in early June - similar to last year) and a couple of potential rule changes.

On a completely other topic, I was in the school supplies aisle last night looking for a 2-pocket folder (this kind of thing) to replace the falling-apart one I've been using since middle school and don't really like anyway. Don't they have pretty ones anymore?? Do you guys remember all the different fashion folders we used to be able to get, with unicorns or cats or butterflies or whatever? Are those not a thing anymore? It was all solid-colored folders with a tiny handful of sports-themed ones. I wanted unicorns, dammit. :P They didn't even have very many colors. At least I was able to find a purple one.


Feb. 19th, 2017 02:07 pm
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☆ Semi-absence from everything will continue for the foreseeable future because of reasons (mainly it's just that I haven't been feeling well). Thank you for your patience. I might not reply to everything, but I do read everything you guys say/post. It's always nice to see you around.

☆ I've been playing Pokemon Sun in order to distract myself from everything. I now have a Decidueye. It's pretty badass. Huge adorble grassy ghost archer owl. <3 Love it. Unfortunately, I ruined my hands through excessive grinding. Again. And I STILL haven't found a female Salandit... I went back and looked for one for over an hour, and nada. Alas.

☆ Discovered two completed fic drafts in my physical wip folder. I'm confused as to why I never actually typed these up. Maybe I was going to add more, but then just... didn't? Who knows. One is a Fury Road rarepair thing, and the other is some SSSS CC/OC nonsense. Guess I'll just finish them and be done with it. I also unearthed a SSSS fic that I think was originally supposed to be Sigrun/Emil, but now I'm not sure, so it's going to be repurposed into a genfic. Debating whether or not to include some horror. It's one of those "trapped in a derelict building after a book-hunt goes wrong" plots.

☆ It snowed this morning. On the one hand: eugh. On the other hand: we need precipitation, and snow in particular. Okay, fine. I'll take it.


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