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Sep. 20th, 2014 11:10 pm
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1. I forgot to order something yesterday so had to go in this morning even though I wasn't scheduled to work until the afternoon, because the order had to be in early. So that was kind of a pain, but I'm glad I remembered in time, plus this way I got extra exercise riding back and forth twice. :p (Also I'm really glad I live close enough that this sort of thing is possible!)

2. A former coworker stopped by tonight and we got to chat. It was good to see him!

3. Pizza for dinner. :)

4. Kitten has been such a sweet snugglebunny lately! I can't believe we've had her for a month! (She's so much bigger now, too.)

5. We got our employee gift certificates yesterday. They hadn't issued one in a while, so mine was $45! (We get 10% back on all purchases at the store, but rather than just do the easy thing and give us 10% off at the register, they add up our purchases and then give us gift certificates to use at the store.) The only thing is because they still haven't gotten the gift cards up and running, with the paper gift certificates we have to use the full amount at once, so I'm making a list of stuff to get. I don't usually buy $45 worth at one time.

6. Day off tomorrow! I might go in for a bit because I'm still so behind, but I don't have to, and I can sleep in. :D

Happenings of the day

Sep. 21st, 2014 12:15 am
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Six things that happened today (and one that didn't):

I finished proofreading a novel for Sparkler Monthly and got that turned in--a day later than I'd hoped, but two days ahead of deadline, so we'll call that a win. ^_^ Tomorrow I can get back to rewriting My Love Story!!

I ate most of a pint of raspberries! ("Most of" meaning I shared with [personal profile] scruloose, but he's very kind about letting me hog raspberries shamelessly, because I love them SO MUCH.) I always forget about fall raspberries, but this morning I was briefly talking with Kas, who'd already made his morning market run with [personal profile] wildpear, and he told me there were raspberries and that they were awesome and to tell [personal profile] scruloose to pick some up. *^^*

[personal profile] scruloose and I had a bit of takeout dim sum for lunch when he got back, because it turns out (!!!) we have a Cantonese bakery downtown. With some dim sum options. I don't know why I didn't know this until late last night, and I don't know how long it's been open, but this is AMAZING. (And Google Maps claims it's a seven-minute walk from Casual Job. Dangerous knowledge, perhaps.)

Happy came over to hang out for a few hours! We didn't know she was going to be in town, and I hadn't seen her since...May? Maybe June? She's been hitchhiking and visiting all across the country for the entire summer (including going to the Eclipse festival outside Montreal with [personal profile] scruloose in July), and it sounds like now she'll be back in New Brunswick for at least a little while once she heads back tomorrow, but she detoured here for the weekend. ^_^

[personal profile] wildpear sent me a quick email about something she's writing that I'm excited to see, and also mentioned that she's done a first read-through on some smut I sent her for beta (not the hopefully-funny piece) and that it's looking good. That's a relief. Usually I feel fine about my "quilting" writing process, but I'd revised and tweaked and shuffled and restitched so many things in this fic that I couldn't see anything but the seams anymore.

(We're both trying to get through some things before Unmade arrives--it shipped already!--because it's probably going to swallow her whole for a while, and while it probably won't take over my brain the way it will hers, it'll certainly occupy my head effectively for a bit...and then I'll be back to work.)

And tonight I curled up on the couch with Jinksy at my feet and reread Unspoken in one gulp. Tomorrow, in between doing some rewriting and having Kas and [personal profile] seolh over to watch the Into the Woods Broadway DVD, I'll hopefully manage to at least get started on my Untold reread.

As for the thing that didn't happen...I didn't manage to watch this week's Haven, despite good intentions. And given everything I just wrote about tomorrow (and given that [personal profile] wildpear is coming over Monday evening, and Unmade is coming, and I need to prep for work), I now don't know when I will. Oops? And The Good Wife is coming back tomorrow, I think...and much as I enjoy Haven, The Good Wife gets watching precedence, no question.


Sep. 20th, 2014 10:26 pm
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So what's up? I'm scanning up a bunch of stuff tonight (most notably, my remix for [tumblr.com profile] fanartremixexchange) and listening to lots of No Such Thing as a Fish podcasts (weird trivia by the QI elves - I'm on the Factball ones, currently) and drinking Blueberry Vodka (inspired by Garth Fitzgerald IV) in Pepsi, which is pretty damn good... and Kelly has now wandered off to bed and left the LRR Let's NOPE stream playing on the tv on some kinda jump horror game.. >:( Alex Steacy has a brilliant yelp-scream though, and he needs to voice a Futurama character. In, yk, the next season of Futurama that only exists in my brain.

And now it's time to Photoshop. Without a tablet. What is this, the dark ages? e_e

PS: creepy horror kitten --

Stargate SG-1: Fiction: New Ground

NSFW Sep. 20th, 2014 09:07 pm
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Virtual Garage Sale: Repost/Update

Sep. 20th, 2014 03:02 pm
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If you bought anything from my previous post, it's now been shipped. (A few of them went out fairly early in the week, but some didn't go out until today. Sorry! The post office is only open 9-5 on weekday, so my only option Mon-Fri is during my lunch break, which was a bit of an issue this week because of lunch meetings at work and doctor appointments.)

I thought that I'd post the list of items one more time, minus the ones that have already sold (or that someone has asked for and is going to be paying for in the future). If you're interested in anything, please let me know.

ETA: Oh! I almost forgot! I also added a couple of board games to the list, because I realized that I own multiple copies of them (which is just silly).

Movies on DVD. )

Comics. )

Manga )

Doctor Who/Torchwood action figures. )

Board Games )

Shipping costs will depend on exactly what you want. Please feel free to point people this way if you think they might be interested in anything listed here. I'd really like to clear out at least some of these things.

Once again, I'm willing to haggle.

Busy day.

Sep. 21st, 2014 03:10 am
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Went Out with Mama this morning - first to a wool/embroidery shop, which wasn't as good as we'd hoped, and then to a jewellery sale. I got SO MUCH STUFF omg - most of it's for A, for bday and Christmas, and also I got the things Mama wanted, 'cause it's her bday next week. But I also got a couple of things for myself, which was nice. :3 They mostly had wooden jewellery, which is kinda cool, though I suspect is why there were very few earrings, and no earcuffs at all. Which is annoying, because I really WANT another earcuff; it's been months since I lost that one at E's, and I STILL have periods of omg omg WHY'S MY EAR BARE!?!. So yeah.

Anyway, that pretty much sucked up all my MP, haha. But I did do some gardening and stuff this evening, even though one of my legs was doing the twitchy thing straight away. Didn't do a huge amount, but I picked all the newgrown ivy leaves off and pulled out a few things, so. Is good. Maintenance gardening is important, yes? Yes.

Honestly, is probably why I've been kinda twitchy/easily overwhelmed/frazzled this evening, but I did some spreadsheet maintenance even when I Could Not Deal with most things, so. Yeah. Pretty pleased with myself. :D
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via [personal profile] yhlee, I read this article:
For my birthday a few months ago, my buddy Matt gave me Justice League: Axis of Villains, a superhero board game by DC Comics and game maker Wonder Forge. “It say ages 8 and up,” he tells me, “but I read the rules. Cassie’s smart. She can handle it if you play together.”

We’re old, so we don’t really get gifts for each other anymore, but we do buy stuff for the kids. A really thoughtful gift, it was a way to connect with my kid via something we both love, and simultaneously teach her gaming, math, and strategy. Hours of quality time with my kid. Geek dads FTW.

But then I looked at the box. There were plenty of DC heroes and villains depicted, but they were all male.

A decade ago, I might not have noticed. Or noticed, thought it was lame, shrugged, and moved on. But I look for these things now, because I have a little girl and I want her to feel included.

“Are there any girl characters?” I asked.

Matt had a flash of concern cross his face. He has two daughters himself, and understood immediately. He tilted his head to take a closer look at the box.

“They must,” he said at last. “It’s the friggin’ Justice League. They’ve got to have Wonder Woman, at least.”
As it turns out, no, they didn't have girl characters. And the daughter was excited about the game and heartbroken when she saw there weren't any girls, and didn't want to play anymore.

This particular story ends happily, sort of - the dad goes online and finds that some other person was annoyed by the game and created a really beautiful set of alternative female characters, so he downloads those and the daughter is happy and they have fun playing.

But leaving aside everything else, what really angers me is thinking about the boys. Because I will bet you ten thousand million dollars that no parent of a boy goes out of their way to download girl characters for their son to play, or even see - so maybe girls, via their parents' extra efforts, learn that they can be superheroes too. But boys? Boys keep learning that heroism is just for boys.

i came to get hurt

Sep. 20th, 2014 01:32 am
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i have had a bottle of sauv blanc and a couple of glasses of processco prosecco (for toasts) at L's birthday party and I am at that liminal stage where I feel no pain but can't yet go to sleep. party was fun. new people were interesting and seemed to like me (I don't believe people like me, but L says they do and empirical evidence shows they don't mind hanging out with me again so I don't know. Maybe?) and they liked the mini cheesecakes and the anecdotes about my grandfather's homemade wine.

Speaking of, while I was at KH's for the party, dad and Dom callled - Aunt Joan died today. My dad's oldest(? I think? Maybe Aunt Betty was oldest? But i think Aunt Joan) sister. She was 97? 98? Something like that. Oldest of grandpa's first wife's kids. only daddy and aunt lucia left - grandma's kids (my actual grandma = third wife, though hopefully he divorced the second wife from Philly. Big family scandal long after the fact.) Long full life. Always looked fantastic, one of my favorite people, wonderful lady, always had time for us and always helped my dad out with grandma and aunt jean in those final, terrible years. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years, though, since she was very fragile post-95.

poor L. Her birthday now just makes me think of people dying. ugh. wine helps though. definitely recommend wine, even if i am a philistine who won't drink red (unless doctored to become sangria or mulled wine) because it smells/tastes like musty basement. i also don't like chardonnay, so not all white wines are pleasing to me. but sauv blanc = two thumbs way up. mmmm....good...

i don't even know. i should probably go to bed.


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A Certain Magical Index is a multimedia franchise based on the lightnovels by Kazuma Kamachi. Between the original series, the sequel series, and "side story" collections, there are I think 35 volumes of the light novel series. There's also a manga adaptation, and two spinoff manga series about supporting characters. The first 13 volumes of the light novels and the first volume of side stories are adapted into the two seasons of the A Certain Magical Index anime, and there are also two seasons of A Certain Scientific Railgun, one of the spinoff manga series. I haven't read any of the various manga series, though A Certain Scientific Railgun has been licensed in the US, but I've watched all four 24-episodes seasons of anime and the first 13 novels, and was halfway through the first collection of sidestories when baka-tsuki took the first 20 volumes down due to Yen Press licensing the series. The anime was pretty faithful up to that point, though, so I'm not overly worried about it.

I lead off with the sheer amount of media in this franchise to give you a general idea of how many hours of my life this series has consumed.

The series is set in Academy City, a city of around 10 million people, the majority of whom are students. The students of academy city are all teenagers (and younger) who are turned into espers through scientific experiments. Most students appear to be there by choice, but some are abandoned, and it's implied that some who showed potential were just taken. Students who never develop an ability are "level 0" with powers ranked up to "level 5." There are only a few level 5s (only 2 of whom have appeared so far in my readings/viewings) and both can easily destroy city blocks if they want to. One of the level 5s has been a living experiment since childhood with various organizations using him to try to create a level 6 esper (the equivalent of being a walking cache of nuclear bombs, pretty much) and the other allowed her DNA sequence to used by scientists who told her they would use it to cure an illness, but whom instead used it to create thousands of clones to be used in experiments, and maybe to help take over the world. This is about ruling class's idea of informed consent in Academy City, even if most in it don't realize that.

The main character of Index is Ikuta Touma, a level 0 who is cursed with bad luck, and whose right hand, called "Imagine Breaker," can cancel out other espers' powers. This isn't considered an esper ability, as he was born with it, and because it's completely passive in and of itself. The plot kicks off when Touma finds a girl dressed like a nun passed out on his balcony. Index claims to have a photographic memory, and to have memorized 103,000 magic grimoires. Because of this, she claims, people are hunting her, Touma doesn't believe this (or in magic) until Index is attacked, around which time Touma also learns that Imagine Breaker also nullifies magic. Index is being hunted because she has a spell cast on her every year to erase everything from her memory except for the grimoires, and one of the questions is if that's to keep her mind from breaking down, or to control her.

That's the first arc. Subsequent arcs involve Touma and a variety of characters (mostly Index, a magician from Index's past named Stiyl, a friend of Touma's who appears to be spying for both the magic and science "sides," and Misaka Mikoto, one of the level 5 espers) getting involved in various plots involving magic and/or science. "Science versus magic" is an obvious major theme, but also "science and magic." As the series progresses, it steadily moves from isolated incidents to the incidents being part of larger plots to head to war, with both sides trying to control if and hoow that will happen. I've seen some people express concern about whether or not the series is saying Christianity is evil, as many of the antagonists are Catholic or from the Church of England, but I don't get that feeling from it. Various protagonists, both major and minor, are Christian. What's portrayed as corrupt is people with authority but little or no conscious, and zealots who don't don't care who the hut while accomplishing their goals. This applies to both sides of the science and magic divide.

The series is...very much a series for teenaged boys, though the anime dilutes quite a bit of the male-gaze aspect. The books spend a lot of time of girls blushing and being cute, and objectifying Index for her whiteness. By which is mean, her PURE whiteness. Her CUTE innocence. Her REMARKABLE silver hair. Did I mention her PURITY is tied to her whiteness? Repeatedly. There's also the spell that's cast on Index that causes her to lose her memories. This also means that, despite surviving alone and on the run for almost a year when she first shows up, she somehow knows absolutely nothing about, and is afraid of, most technology. Meanwhile, at one point, another character has the same spell cast on them, and only loses memories related to personal experience, not anything related to technology, social skills, etc. While it could be argued that the difference is in part because Index has had the spell cast on her repeatedly, I'm pretty sure it's mostly for the CUTE helplessness. On the flipside, every once in a while, Kamachi goes "You know what? A person who can't use magic herself buts knows every magic spell ever could still seriously mess magic users up in a fight if she wanted to" and runs with that. Not often enough, but sometimes.

So, pretty much, it's a series that has a number of things that annoy me, but also a lot of characters I like, and it does things that I find interesting.

A Certain Scientific Railgun is a spinoff series about Misaka Mikoto and her friends. It...is very much a series for men about girls (girls sexually harassing other girls is "'cute" occurs...a lot) but it's also a series in which girls with a lot of power are competent and allowed to be proud of their powers (and don't have to be brought down because of their arrogance), and in which girls who lack powers, or whose powers are way less impressive than their friends' powers, are also competent and have plenty to contribute. The closest thing it has to a major male character is Touma, who mostly shows up to help establish where we are in the Index timeline. Railgun's first season starts about a month before Index begins, and the second season ends about 3/4 through the first season of Index. Railgun doesn't focus on the magic aspect at all, instead having Mikoto and her friends discover various plots within Academy City in which individuals or organizations are abusing their power/students in the name of Science.

As a warning, both series have times when they can be violent. Sometimes it's just your normal shounen punching/energy bursts while making shounen speeches about the importance of a person/their feelings/whatnot. Sometimes a person's arm is being ripped off by magic or a brainwashed mass murdering sociopath. (I have yet to properly deal with the fact that I mostly both like and sympathize with said sociopath (well, after his introductory arc, at least), since I'm normally the one whose eyes are permanently rolled into the back of her head when fandom is going on about them.)

I've also read the first two volumes of The Zakishi Warashi of Intellectual Village, another "science and magic" series by Kamachi. In this one, mythological creatures exist and are a normal part of society, though they mostly avoid large cities. The main Character, Shinobu, lives in an "Intellectual Village," a modern, technologically advance town modeled after "traditional" Japanese villages. Anyone who lives in an Intellectual Village is technically rich, even if they live a lifestyle that implies otherwise. Because mythological creatures are integrated into society, various people attempts to use modern means to form contracts with them based on folklore. Both volumes alternate between three protagonists. Shinobu, his uncle Uchimaku, a police officer, and Mai, a mercenary considered to be a "monster woman" due to her extreme (and often violent) competence at her job, which mostly involves getting rid of various magic users. Mai's younger sister, Enbi, is obsessed with murder mysteries and has a crush on Uchimaku, and features heavily in his sections. (I can't tell if Uchimaku realizes that she's serious when she comes onto him and pretends he doesn't because she's a teenager, or if he thinks she's just trolling him. Either way, I could do without the crush angle.) Both volumes have the three protagonists having an adventure that appears to be independent of the other characters' adventures, and then ties them together at the end. The titular character is the zashiki warashi of Shinobu's house, who isn't actually featured much. It's even more male gazey than Index, with "cute" traded for "boobies" (and the illustrations are mostly the female characters in revealing clothing and provocative clothes) and so more irritating in that aspect, but interesting enough that I'll keep reading as more volumes are released.
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...so I may as well attempt to keep it going (although all bets are off once Casual Job resumes). This is essentially a follow-up to my last daily-life post.

--The window in my office has not, in fact, been replaced. Someone came by to do that on Thursday, as planned, but the window he brought was the wrong size. *sighs* So I got up early, wrangled the cats, and moved my desk around (with his help) for nothing. Alas, he didn't realize the problem until the cracked window was out, and then he had to put it back in, and the crack is now worse. ^^; And it'll likely be a few weeks before he/the company can get back to put a correctly-sized new window in, and of course then my schedule will be all over the place...

But all that said, it did at least give me an excuse to clean behind my desk, which sorely needed it. And as a result, three of the kittens' missing small crinklepuff toys (their favorites! Which go missing at tremendous speeds, along with all the other small toys) turned up. There are still probably twenty or so toys of that size unaccounted for, and the number of places that stash can be is dwindling. If they're not all behind the living room bookcases (difficult to move, and impossible to see under), then I have no idea where they're winding up. Possibly in a pocket dimension.

--The kittens have clean bills of health and have had their booster shots. We're still debating whether to get them additional vaccines (rabies and feline leukemia; note that the rabies vaccine is NOT mandatory in Nova Scotia, apparently due to our strain of rabies being centered in bats...?). The kittens are strictly indoor cats, so technically they should be safe on those fronts. But I lost my first family cat to feline leukemia, so I'm not entirely rational about that. :/

(Also, since I usually note their weights here--albeit usually in pounds, which is not what the vet's scale used--Jinksy is currently 4.9 kilos and Claudia is currently 4.7 kilos, IIRC. That's likely more accurate than our usual method of weighing them here, which involves a bag and a luggage scale. But the kittens enjoy having it done, and at least it gives us some idea of their growth/fluctuations.)

--The new Chinese restaurant I'd heard about doesn't appear to exist. O_O But it may soon? Somewhere else? I don't even know. (I'd go into detail, but it's not terribly interesting. Just confusing.) So [personal profile] scruloose and Kas and I went to another Chinese restaurant we know and like instead, so it worked out. But the menu for the place that may or may not exist haunts me.

--Tonight we have a frost warning, and [personal profile] scruloose broke out the duvet for our bed (I think in the name of keeping the window open a bit longer *g*).


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