Harryplax Severus

Jan. 24th, 2017 06:28 am
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LOL, new crab is named Harryslashplex Severus.  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/01/170123125518.htm   The next one they find will be named ''Snarry Chan''.


Jan. 24th, 2017 01:38 am
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1. Reminder: I started [personal profile] 1day to talk political stuff. (More here.)

2. Being an adult is hard. I wish I didn't struggle with the minutiae of just...running errands, you know? It doesn't help that it's really hard for me to get the ball rolling on things. By the time I get started, I'm already behind, so to catch up, I have to do a bunch of errands at once, and I have to do extra steps in those errands because I've put them off so long. (SIGH.) But I'm working on it. That I'm doing some of this stuff at all is a step forward.

3. Between adulting and my attempts at political involvement, I've been a ball of stress lately. No surprise there. What I'm pleased about is that I'm recognizing that I'm overwhelmed and making it a point to destress every night with video games and TV. I need the flow state that simpler games can give me without the challenges of tougher games/items (I've had some wicked brain fog lately, so getting flow from other things is harder), and I need to kick back. I think it's working pretty well. At the very least, I get a couple hours every day where I can breathe a little easier.

(I'm pleased I'm taking this time because I can be so stubborn about powering through when I feel bad because there are things I want to do. Like writing. And I still want to do them, no question! But when I try to power through, I end up not doing it and feeling miserable because not only has my major task not happened, but I have no time to relax or ability to forgive myself.)

4. One of the things I am managing to do is reading. I'll talk more about that on Wednesday, but as far as my goals go, it's definitely easier to set a timer for thirty minutes and see what happens than do all the project planning I need to do for writing. (I know the setting the timer thing is exactly what I should be doing for writing, too. But oof. Psyching myself out.)

5. It's technically Tuesday, but I saw someone in network-type places* mention Music Monday as a possible thing, and I love the idea! I wouldn't say my musical tastes are super diverse, but it's fun to talk about music and what it means to me.

(*I don't have the paid account that would give me a formal network, but I peek at the reading lists of mutuals when I want more to read.)

Music Monday! )

Daily Happiness

Jan. 23rd, 2017 11:47 pm
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1. I spent a lot of today with a cuddly kitten sleeping on me. Because of this I got no scanlation stuff done at all, but it wasn't a bad trade-off.

2. Tonight Molly came up on my desk for pettings for the first time since we brought Jasper home. And she did it while I was sitting here holding Jasper! So I was holding him in one arm and petting her with the other and everybody was happy.

3. Molly was curled up so cutely on the sofa this evening.

Rec: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Jan. 23rd, 2017 11:07 pm
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Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2018, er, 2016) is on Hulu. It's a New Zealand film about a kid, Ricky, who is in the foster system and goes to live on a farm with an older couple, Bella and Hector. Bella is loving and exuberant; Hector (Sam Neill) is standoffish. Ricky is settling in and starting to be happy, when Bella suddenly dies. A letter comes saying Ricky will have to go back into foster care. He decides to run away into the Bush. Hector comes after him, but neither really want to go back to society, so with one thing and another, they spend five months in the bush, encountering wildlife and eccentric people. They evade the authorities and become minor celebrities.

This film is at turns hilarious and poignant, with real heart all the way through. Ricky shines as a fat, Maori kid who likes rap and haiku and reading-- a misfit looking for acceptance. Hector is also a misfit and their scenes together were wonderful. It's quirky and the landscapes are gorgeous.

I loved this film, laughed my butt off, and will watch again.

content notes )

This week.

Jan. 23rd, 2017 09:02 pm
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The action I'm going to take this week: calling my Senators about Cabinet appointments. (I will also call my rep about ACA if I can handle it, but I'm struggling pretty hard so far, so I don't know if this will happen.)

The two I'm calling about this week: Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State (who just cleared committee and is going for a full Senate vote) and Jeff Sessions for Attorney General (who hasn't cleared committee yet and might have a delay in voting, but still needs a push back). I'm telling my Senators to vote no.

Cabinet appointments and Affordable Care Act protection will likely be my focus in the near future, unless any major, damaging bills that have a chance of passing come up. I'm also going to try to start gathering information about my state's upcoming legislative session this week (my state only has a session once every two years).

What's everyone else focusing on?

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 10:19 pm
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I just read a thread that devolved into people arguing about whether they thought of Robert Downey Jr's dick when they wrote smut.

(Spoilers: Smut writers say no, not thinking about RDJ's dick specifically, just a general dick for smutty purposes. People do not believe this say it's a little like raping RDJ to write about his character having sex because OF COURSE you must think about his dick.)

There were no winners. Except me. Who laughed and laughed.

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 06:36 pm
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"You don't have to be the best, or even good. You just have to be there and doing it."

A mantra against impostor syndrome.

Moar Questions!

Jan. 23rd, 2017 07:44 pm
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1. I've been having some pretty intense IC flare ups over the last week and a half. I've gone back on the super strict elimination diet, taken some more things out of my diet that I hadn't realized were potentially triggering, and quit taking my vitamins.

I started taking vitamins every day when I got home from Christmas because I'm concerned about vitamin deficiencies on this diet. Now, this should be completely obvious, but a bunch of those vitamins (and not just the multi but also the fish oil and the calcium) have ascorbic acid in them. *headdesk* I've gradually been feeling worse and worse since we got home from Christmas, and now I am convinced it's because of those damn vitamins.

For after only three days without them and back on the elimination diet, I am feeling pretty good. I'm not hurting nearly as badly as I was. I'm not 100% but so much better. Whoooooo!

This just underscores how important it is for me to thoroughly scrutinize everything I put in my mouth and not just food but medicines too.

I've been doing some more IC research, and I think that in addition to sabotaging myself with vitamins and popcorn with ascorbic acid in them, I didn't stay on the elimination diet long enough for the damage to heal. What I'm reading now says 3-6 month minimum. I also read some things that suggest that if I eliminate a trigger food for long enough (a year or more), it may cease to be one. I also tried to introduce new foods too quickly. So, learning stuff here.

2. Thanks for you input on remembering to take my meds. I've put up notes under the TV (which we usually eat in front of) and on the cabinet. I've put the meds on the coffee table where I usually eat, and I've set the alarm for dinner time. *crosses fingers*

3. Thanks also for everyone's input on how to approach a Write Every Day Project. I'm going to set a goal of 200 words daily but might revise that upwards after I've done it for awhile and get a sense of my capabilities. I also might take [personal profile] sholio's advice and change it to a weekly rather than daily goal. I'm definitely going to keep track of it so that I can see progress over time (probably in one of my super cute notebooks with big milestones recorded on DW). [personal profile] executrix pointed me to Written Kitten which looks like an awesome motivator. So, I think I'm going to set a start date for tomorrow!

4. When I asked for advice about writing a book about my autoimmune disorder experiences, [personal profile] executrix suggested that one way to go about getting a publishing deal is to write a popular blog on the topic which agents and publishers can use to see that you have a built in audience. I know this is an avenue that works because I'm seeing people all the time in magazines and etc who started out with a blog about a topic and then turned that into a book or a product or a store or some other kind of business.

I've been doing a little bit of superficial research about blogging to be popular and gain followers, but I'd like to hear your perspective:

a. If you have a blog that you use to promote your writing or your business, how does that work for you?
b. What's the best blogging platform to accomplish this? I'm thinking Wordpress, but IDK.
c. Do I really have to get on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and etc?
d. How much work is this approach likely to be? The writing content part I don't think I will struggle with. I've looked at a few tutorials that talk about having a good profile page, having lots of banked content before you go live, how to title posts for better search engine results. But the getting readership part sounds super involved. Thoughts?

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 05:19 pm
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I posted about an annoying thing under f-lock, so to get myself feeling better, here's a couple of more positive things:

1) I went on a mad cleaning binge on December 31, and Jan 1 & 2 , and the house is still clean! It's helped that I scrounged and bought large baskets and other containers and put them into the rooms that collect clutter, and made them the Clutter Collection Bins: things that we'd normally just let sit around messing up the place, or things that need to stay out because one of us is returning to continue a project or whatnot go into the bins instead.

2) Toby continues to be hilarious at Fallout 4. Last night he took on dozens and dozens and DOZENS of synth troopers armed with only power armor and a knife. The PS4 almost died under the load of rendering all the bodies. I have a crappy phone video of two minutes of the fight, and we'll be pulling the 15 minutes that he managed to grab off the PS4 tonight and hopefully uploading it. How does this fight happen? Well, if you go into the Institute and lay waste to it, turns out the game really really doesn't want you to leave and so spawns wave after wave of synth troopers in an effort to try and stop you.
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A while back I reviewed a memoir by Lynne Cox, a record-setting endurance swimmer. The entry contains a fantastic set of comments recommending books and articles and media on the topic of mind-body experiences and pushing one's physical/mental limits.

One of the most interesting was on the Barkley Marathons, an extraordinarily challenging wilderness endurance run which is also extraordinarily weird. The entrance fee used to be a flannel shirt, but now it's a license plate from anyone's car but your own. This wonderful article is the best introduction to it.

It’s no easy feat to get here. There are no published entry requirements or procedures. It helps to know someone. Admissions are decided by Laz’s personal discretion, and his application isn’t exactly standard, with questions like “What is your favorite parasite?” and a required essay with the subject “Why I Should Be Allowed to Run In the Barkley.”

This LJ entry has a fascinating account of the Barkley by a guy who got so exhausted that he literally forgot where he was and what he was doing. Comments have some personal anecdotes of similar experiences, along with one of mine at the end.

This documentary is best watched after reading the article, as it minimizes explanation in favor of experience. It's quirky and rambling and fun, and has several satisfying narrative coups. One is when, about fifteen minutes in, it gets around to explaining some of the Barkley's more eccentric and difficult characteristics, in an understated manner with diagrams. They are so outrageous that I burst out laughing. Another is the origin of the name, which doesn't come up until near the end and neatly sums up the charmingly WTF nature of both the founder and the entire thing. The last is a question that kept not getting asked, and not getting asked, until I finally gave up on it. It's asked at the very end. The answer is perfect.

Right now, due to horrendous health problems, it's very questionable if I will ever again do anything more strenuous than walking a couple city blocks. So I'm glad I pushed my physical/mental limits while I could and wanted to and enjoyed it. Had I known what was coming, I might have done more. Probably not a lot more, because I was already doing everything I really wanted to do. But maybe a little more, just for the memories and to have no regrets rather than very few. But had I known what was coming, it would have depressed the hell out of me, so it wouldn't have been worth it. I'm glad I didn't know.

But even at my physical peak, I probably never could have done the Barkley. I don't think I ever had the level of athletic potential to be accepted - I was always more impressive in terms of spirit than in physicality. Technically speaking, I was not only not a world-class athlete, I wasn't even in the top five in my own dojo. Even if I'd somehow gotten into the Barkley on the basis of sheer mental fortitude, a lot of it involves finding your way around, and my sense of direction is wretched. Finally, I already had a sport. To train for something like the Barkley, I would have had to give up or cut way down on karate to devote myself to running, and I loved karate but I've only ever mildly liked running.

But if I could wave a magic wand and make all those obstacles disappear, I would love to try the Barkley.

It's one of the most hardcore tests I've ever heard of for some odd stuff that I am or was unusually good at. Obviously I don't have physical endurance in terms of stuff like training all day any more, but I used to have a fairly impressive amount for an amateur. It involves sleep deprivation, and I'm good at that. I've worked around the clock quite a lot in my life. I've gone entirely without sleep for at least 72 hours multiple times. My functioning degrades, but less than average based on what other people were doing under the same circumstances.

Most importantly, it's a test of persistence. That is something I still possess. I've met lots of people who are better than me at every other thing I'm good at. I have never met anyone who's better than me at not giving up. I am pretty sure I'm world-class at that one. If there's something I really, really want, and there's no reason to quit beyond that it's hard and giving up would provide quick gratification at the cost of the thing I really, really want, I have never quit.

The Barkley intrigues me for an odd motivation mentioned in the film: people run it because it's something they can fail at. It's a challenge for people who've never failed at certain things, and so don't know what their limits really are. The flip side is that maybe, if they can find a thing they could fail at, they'll be able to know for sure that they are limitless.

Is there anything that could make me think, "This is miserable, I know I'll get something I really, really want if I keep going, I'm physically capable of doing so and no harm will come to me if I do, but I'd rather give up and get some sleep?" And then actually make me give up, rather than have that thought and keep going?

I don't know, because nothing ever has. Not even this entire last year and a half, which as some of you know has been as tough as the Barkley but nowhere near as fun, and which often made me very seriously consider giving up. But I haven't.

So if I could, for all senses of could, I'd run the Barkley. I would probably spend the entire time limit wandering lost around the very first loop, like this guy:

Julian is a “virgin,” one of fifteen newbies who will do their damndest to finish a loop. He has managed to escape the designation of “sacrificial virgin,” officially applied to the virgin each year (usually the least experienced ultra-runner) whom Laz has deemed most likely to fail in a spectacular fashion—to get lost for so long, perhaps, that he manages to beat Dan Baglione’s course record for slowest pace. At the age of seventy-five, in 2006, Baglione managed two miles in thirty-two hours. Something to do with an unscrewed flashlight cap, an unexpected creek.

That is great. It's such a magnificent failure that it loops around into success. He may have only got two miles, but he kept at it for thirty-two hours. I respect the hell out of that.

I think I could match that level of sheer stubbornness.

If that's true, I'd like to know it. I'd like to find out if it is true. And I like to do difficult things because they're difficult as long as they're also in some weird sense fun, and unlike, say, climbing Mount Everest, the Barkley sounds both extraordinarily difficult and fun for certain weird values of fun that include most of it being painful and miserable. (I don't know if there are two groups of people, those who do difficult things because they're difficult and those who don't, but there are definitely two groups of people, those for whom the last clause of that sentence makes sense and those for whom it doesn't.)

So here is what I ask you: if you could (assume that for all senses of could, you at least could have gotten in and had some sort of shot) would you do the Barkley? Why or why not?

If you wouldn't have done that specifically, is there some specific difficult thing - climbing a mountain, doing boot camp, taking the bar exam - that you haven't done or couldn't do in real life, but have imagined doing? What is it? Would you do it if you could? Why?

I've been looking for the sunshine

Jan. 23rd, 2017 12:54 pm
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January talking meme, day 23: [livejournal.com profile] secretsolitaire asked: City you could visit over and over again?

it would be a copout to say New York, right, since I live here? Even though there is so much to do and see that I have not done and seen? But of cities I have been that I would like to go back to, San Francisco probably tops the list followed closely by New Orleans. I feel like they also have so much to do and see that I have neither done nor seen since I was only there for work and thus, despite the occasional outing, spent most of my time holed up in various hotel conference rooms for work.


So the title of Star Wars VIII was revealed today and I guess I'm still working through my thoughts on it.


WIP roundups are going on all over so here are mine:

if you find yourself lost, dig, the Rey & Leia bonding story I tried to finish for More Joy Day but since I was utterly lacking in joy, was not able to. I'm still hung up on the details which should be handwaved as "for reasons not explored at this juncture they are in this situation" except I keep trying to explore them and that has led to a lot of deleting and rewriting. Sigh.

Talking Points, Luke and Rey and trying not to make the same mistakes past generations did.

nobody move, nobody get hurt and the movement and the spin, generally known as Thing One and Thing Two in this space, but I've been amused at the titles for so long that I need to share them. Hopefully they'll both be finished at some point in the near future! Writing happens, but since they're tied together so closely, it's a question of which POV better serves which part of the story, while leaving them both things that could stand on their own if they had to, but also make sense if read together as intended. So there's some referencing back and forth that happens as well. They're also AU, so there's figuring out how the changes impact events down the line. Sigh.

leave all your love and your longing behind, the SW drabble sequence, which I keep opening and closing because drabbles are hard. Or, rather, choosing that one moment/decision/scene to encapsulate each character is hard enough; writing it satisfactorily within 100 words is even harder.

how strangely my life is curved, aka, Ahsoka unfrozen in the future and Steve Rogersing her way through the Resistance.

Night Five, Anakin/Ahsoka trope fic ("there's only one bed at the space hotel!") for [personal profile] silveronthetree.

Drive It Like You Stole It, the Han/Leia PWP that is basically nothing but a title and some notes. I have to figure out what the point is so I know whose POV to write from. *hands*

the untitled story where Force ghost!Obi-Wan haunts Darth Vader and Darth Vader is just like, "I already have an Obi-Wan in my head criticizing everything I do! What fresh hell is this?" also for [personal profile] silveronthetree.

writing is hard!


Erik, Six Years Old

Jan. 23rd, 2017 11:53 am
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I am SO far behind, but I wanted to make this post real quick. I promise I'll catch up with everyone soon.

Erik at One Month Old

Erik at Six Years Old

I blinked, and he grew up.

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 09:03 am
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I marched*!

I ended up catching a ride to DC with the friends coming from the Barony of Cynnabar. I'm glad I went. I'm also glad I didn't go by myself; it wasn't scary or anything but having other specific people to keep an eye on helped with scale.

(Also, wow is Michigan angry. Most people didn't bother IDing themselves by home state, but I think nearly every Michigander there had Michigan on their sign somewhere.)

Also, nobody told me I was supposed to make a pink hat, why did nobody tell me (the website specifically said there were no matching clothes or colors proposed!) I was really heartened by the number of My First Knitting Project hats people were wearing, though - someday I really do need to finally write that essay on knitting and social resistance.

My sister marched in Reykjavik; I haven't seen that one in any of the round-up photoposts so here's the best set of Reykjavik photos I've seen.

*You may have heard contradictory things about whether we ever actually marched in DC. )

So yeah, I'm glad I had that experience. I always feel like you should take part in political action like that not because you think you being there will achieve the goal, but just because you want to be there, and it was worth being there Saturday.

that said, goal-wise: )

4. Illegitimi non carborundum.

And if all else fails, outlive the bastards. And live well. They may run our country but they can't run our lives if we don't let them in.

On that note, this will probably go back to being a mostly non-specific-politics journal (until the next time I need to desperately beg for a ride, at least) because maintaining a free cultural space is also a very important means of resistance, especially over a long grind.


Jan. 24th, 2017 01:10 am
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Did some things! Less things than I originally wanted because a) Orcish Inn eats my brains even when I only mean to have a short break playing it, and b) it was both hot and rainy today, and uuuuuugh I hate humidity so much.

Still, started sorting through all my shit - put some things in actual forever home type places, rather than 'shit there's stuff everywhere JUST PUT IT SOMEWHERE' places, and also found three things to go into the donate pile. It's a slow process, but honestly if I manage to do it *right* I don't really give a fuck how long it takes, because I won't have to do it again for a long time. Of course, I'll probably run out of brain and won't be able to do it all right, but will do what I can while the brain lasts.

Tomorrow's going to be a pain, because of stupid bureaucratic shit meaning I'mma have to get up early and get on the phone - or, alternatively, get up slightly less early and go down the street and see if I'm supposed to be there or not. I may just do the latter, because I need to go down the street anyway, and it means less evil phone talking *hiss hiss hiss* To that end I planned in being asleep like an hour and a half ago, but, well. Time management skills continue to elude me.


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