Update: 9th October 2015 (2)

Oct. 9th, 2015 10:49 am
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To make myself feel slightly less stressed about everything I'm offering to double the first month if anyone subscribes before the end of October.

If I get three subscribers, at any price, I'll post 1000 words of continuation for three stories currently posted at the website. If I get six I'll double the number of stories, and it will go up in three until I reach 30 subscribers.

If I'm earning £30 a month from the subscribers I'll post 3000 words for one of my newer worlds, and for every £30 I'm earning after that I'll post another 3000 words, either for that story or for another.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Please signal boost. Every little really does help.

Daily Happiness

Oct. 8th, 2015 11:30 pm
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1. It was hot today (is still hot at nearly midnight) and is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow and Saturday, but it's supposed to cool off again after that, back down to 70s by end of next week. I'm so tired of the heat. It's fucking October. :-| But at least it will only be 90 for two days.

2. I got my bike back! Super happy about that. My old bike has virtually no brakes (front brake line is snapped and the back brake is suuuuuuper squeaky but even when you bite the bullet and squeeze as hard as you can it really only slows you down a bit and doesn't actually come to a complete stop, which isn't really safe!) and the frame is also a lot heavier than my new bike, which is not something I noticed when this was the only bike I had, but it's definitely been noticeable these past couple weeks! The only nice thing about it is the kickstand, which I will miss but have mostly gotten used to living without.

3. I did preeetty much nothing today? I slept in and faffed about on the internet and watched several episodes of this House Hunters Renovation show with Carla, but it was a nice relaxing day.

4. I finally put Carla's new desk chair together! It's a very basic chair, so a simple job, but it was sitting there in the living room in the sealed box for like a week because I've just been lazy about it. But now it's done and she has a nice new chair.

The Daily Grind

Oct. 8th, 2015 10:48 pm
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~ I love the markdown produce shelves at the Superstore. There wasn't much there today that wasn't too ripe for me to eat quickly enough, but I did manage to find 1.5 lb of guavas for $0.49, and I suspect at least half of them are still good. So long as I eat them quickly, I can have a tasty snack! I love guavas!

Jane's chicken products were also on for $3.99 a box, so I grabbed a box of burgers and their new chicken fries, for nights when I want to eat something tastier than a sandwich but don't actually feel like doing much cooking. I haven't had their chicken fries before, but Jane's stuff is always good, so I bet I'll like them.

More berries on sale, too, so I can make a jar of raspberry syrup to complete my little berry syrup collection in the fridge. And the leftover stewed berries are always good to eat over toast, or mix into a smoothie, so nothing goes to waste.

The only thing I couldn't pick up today was ponzu. I was surprised that the international foods aisle didn't have any. They had a dozen different varieties and brands of soy sauce, fish sauce, all kinds of stuff, but no ponzu. Very disappointing, because now I have none in.

~ I didn't like the nightmare that woke up up earlier today. I mean, really, who does like nightmares. But this one wasn't my usual nightmare-fuel topic, it had more to do with being haunted, and it creeped me out. Let's just say I'm going to be a little more averse to using phones than I normally am for a little while.

~ Again, and despite that nightmare, I slept way too much. I really need to stop doing that...

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Oct. 8th, 2015 09:51 pm
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Fuck your fucken flower, Fox.
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It's clearly not a conscious one. Maybe the same part that managed my auditory hallucinations, when I was having those? If so, I've clearly mellowed out a little since high school, given that I rarely recite incoherent sentence fragments about dismemberment apocalypse bloodses at him.
The point is that I just realized that today, when he walks up to me, I've been reflexively saying, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. WE HAVE A HATER."

He scratched my hand pretty bad last night, is probably what it is. (He didn't like the noise I was making on the keyboard while engaging with Mettaton, and he attempted to put a stop to it.)

Weekly Reading

Oct. 8th, 2015 02:33 pm
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What are you currently reading?
Still reading the first Artemis Fowl. Kinda slow going because I'm still not very into it, plus I've been reading manga more at bedtime and haven't really been reading at all on my lunch break. I would like to finish it and read at least another book or two before the end of the year, though, so I'm going to try and devote more time to it. It's a fast read if I actually open it up and read it.

Manga-wise, I'm nearly done with volume 10 of Kinou Nani Tabeta? I think it works better in smaller doses, though, as I have started skimming the cooking parts after reading three volumes in a row.

What did you recently finish reading?
Volumes 8 and 9 of Kinou Nani Tabeta?, and before that volumes 8 and 9 of Ore Monogatari!!, which I continue to love. Volume 10 is out this month (as well as vol. 30 of 7 Seeds), so I'm going to be on the lookout for that.

What do you think you'll read next?
Not sure at all. Obviously on the book front I'm a ways away from starting anything new, and manga-wise there's just so much to choose from I have no idea.


Oct. 8th, 2015 01:56 pm
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When we came to cast the film it was very difficult because we kept getting calls from agents saying the parts weren’t big enough for the men.
-- Suffragette screenwriter Abi Morgan
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Oh my god someone on ffa just mentioned the future possibility of Hamilton productions WITH ALL FEMALE CASTS. Oh my god. Hamilton and Burr as dueling antagonistic lesbians. Hamilton and Washington as a female mentor/female mentee pair. "My dearest ... Angelica"!
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Last night, when I got home, my internet was once again super spotty - it told me I was connected but it couldn't actually load any websites, so I called TWC and the stupid recording was like, "We will reauthorize your modem! You must unplug your router and then plug it in again after 15 seconds!" So I did that and...my router never came back on. Also, my modem never rebooted (but I had already done that! Numerous times! For once, it is not the modem!). Luckily, I was still mostly dressed, so I pulled my shoes back on and went to Best Buy at 7:30 last night to buy a new router. The last time I had to buy a new router was September 2013, so 2 years ago. I guess that's their lifespan? Or maybe it's me. Technology hates me.

I set it up and it seems to be working, though for a while it was still so goddamn slow. And NBC Sports was pixelating, and so was DisneyHD and ugh, SO ANNOYING. So I was getting irritated as I checked on all the connections and I maybe yanked on the cable a little hard, and all of a sudden things started working properly again. I don't even know. *hands* So I got to watch the last period of the Rangers game without technical aggravation, and they won! I was especially glad they won last night, though their (lack of) defense was giving me agita.

Instead of hockey, I watched the season premiere of Arrow, which was titled "Green Arrow." FUCKING FINALLY.
spoilers )

This was a good start after the somewhat messy season 3, and I am hopeful they'll be able to pull it off. Also, there was a Supergirl commercial during the episode, which ...airs on a different network. I know they're in the same universe, and CBS is a partner in the CW, but that doesn't usually happen. I hope Supergirl is great and I hope there's a crossover at some point! (though the fact that Clark exists and Bruce doesn't still rankles. IJS.)

Also also, HOW CUTE ARE DAVID RAMSEY AND CANDICE PATTON? OH MY GOSH, THAT GUITAR HERO COMMERCIAL. I'll say this for Berlanti et al. - they sure know how to leverage their very pretty assets.


New Fall Shows

Oct. 8th, 2015 12:36 pm
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So what is everyone watching?

I tried and stalled with Fear the Walking Dead, but talk about the latest episodes make me want to pick it back up just to see the end. It is only six episodes.

Out of the new Fall shows I've tried Minority Report (it was ok but nothing made me want to return and the low ratings pretty much mean it isn't long for this tv world), Scream Queens (I keep on forgetting when this is on and hulu is not quick to post episodes; I was not that enthused with the first two episodes--Lea Michele was a highlight and the narcissistic boyfriend was good as well-- something about the humor felt like a tired attempt of sharp edginess that feels just a bit dated). Caught half of The Flash and liked it enough though I still haven't seen the last episodes of last season. Sleepy Hollow was good in a way that was tempting, but it's very hard to completely trust it not to go off the rails; I'm just going to enjoy the good moments while they last.

American Horror Story came on last night. IDK. Visually, it is rather arresting and there were moments but I don't know if I'm sticking around for any more. Some links on AHS latest: a review I mostly agree with and a plea for Ryan Murphy to stop which makes me flash back to Glee fandom and laugh.

Still waiting on Supergirl and Fargo.
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Well, maybe not. But maybe, as well.

Yeah, today was... well, I can't say it was worse than yesterday, because it wasn't, but it sure as fuck wasn't good. :(

KA is continuing to be an A++ coworker, though. <3 His main concern at all times is are you okay, which is so great. I'm getting less work done than I could, but I think we're still more or less on top of things, so that's good. :3 I still don't want to go to work tomorrow, but I probably will, because hey, it's not like I'm feeling any better at home, either. =/ Which sucks, but yeah. Might as well get paid if I'm gonna be feeling like screaming either way, right?
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If you have no intention of reading this entry, I'd like to still bring your attention that it took approximately 5 seconds from the moment I typed the words "I will never watch this show" to the moment I started watching the show. Yes, I skimmed large parts of it, but. This is not a coincidence - it is precisely the level on which my brain is viciously contrary, and why I am usually so careful to put in disclaimers and not make absolute statements about myself. CURSE YOU, BRAIN!

Anyway, I've been sick and braindead and miserable (and at WORK, fml) and so I've skimmed all 3 seasons of Hannibal. Brief notes under the cut.

spoilers )
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I mentioned in the Kavalier & Clay post that I have a mental list of things most writers get wrong about artists. I decided to go ahead and elaborate on that. The #1 thing on my pet-peeve list is: ARTISTS USE REFERENCE MATERIALS.

Yes, even good artists! Even professional artists!

I have absolutely lost track of the number of times I've run across scenes, on visual media like TV/movies especially, but also in books, of an artist drawing a spot-on, detail-perfect representation of something (portraits of people are a particularly common thing, but also an object, a scene drawn from memory, and so forth) straight out of their head.

This is not impossible. Some artists (though not a lot) are especially talented at drawing out of their heads and can actually come pretty close to what you see on TV. But it is a particular talent! And it's kind of a rare one!

Possibly the reason why non-artists think that all artist can do this is because most artists have a limited repertoire of objects and sometimes people which they've drawn a lot and can therefore draw reliably from memory. This is usually not real-life people -- like, most artists probably COULD NOT draw a photo-perfect sketch of their spouse from memory, unless their spouse is also their main model and they have drawn them frequently in the studio, and/or they are a particularly talented caricaturist. The kind of things artists might more commonly be able to draw accurately and quickly include things like characters (for comics artists), particular kinds of cars and planes for people who like drawing vehicles and have drawn them a lot, ditto for guns, etc. I can draw pretty good spruce trees, certain objects (especially ones my characters carry around on them, such as Fleetwood's bomber jacket), and most of my own characters without needing a reference. I have also drawn the human figure enough that I can draw a number of poses without needing visual reference (but I have to resort to it if I get into complicated foreshortening and so forth, and I think my figures almost invariably look more natural and 3D when I use a reference). Some people are really good at buildings, scenery, and perspective.

What you see on TV, though, is more like people drawing photo-realistic representations of their first boyfriend, street they grew upon, particular model of car they only saw once, etc. Like I said, that IS a thing some artists can do, but most can't.

Instead, most artists are going to have photos taped around their drawing surface of whatever they're working on (or, in a modern context, on their phone/computer). That is how the process WORKS. The particular scene that made me think about this in the book was one bit where Kavalier (the more talented artist of the two main characters) starts to draw a particular kind of war plane on his drawing board, sans reference. Okay, I can handwave it as: he's drawn it a lot, so he doesn't need to open a book and look up details. And Kavalier actually is the kind of person who would spend a ton of extra time drawing a particular thing over and over in order to get good at it (which is just about the only way you can end up being able to do this, unless you have a rare talent for visual eidetic memory, which some artists actually do). But in general, what you'd see in real life is Kavalier, or his RL comic-artist equivalent, drawing the plane from a photo taped to his drawing board.

Similarly, there's a bit in the book that mentions Sam Clay, the other character, is a lousy artist when he can't refer to his swipe file (collection of cut-out pictures he uses for reference material; the book doesn't call it that, but that's what it was called by the comics-industry people I knew). This is accurate up to a point -- some people are very heavily reliant on visual references and can't easily do the little alterations to make the drawing their own. However, what the book leaves out is that MOST people use a swipe file. The book gives the impression that Sam's portfolio of clippings is a crutch, rather than a tool that almost everybody, in the pre-computer era of the book, would have kept on hand.

(This should not be taken as a condemnation of the book, because I think it's something that's so common in pop culture it's one of those things people literally don't think about unless they actually ARE professional artists. If all you ever see on TV is people drawing things out of their heads, then of course you would think that's how artists do things! And it's exacerbated by the fact that SOME artists can draw MOST things out of their heads, and MOST artists can draw SOME things. But in general, artists use reference.)

Books currently being read

Oct. 7th, 2015 09:50 pm
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I'm finally getting around to reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. The reason why it's taken so long for me to read this book is because, when it won the Pulitzer Prize and got famous about 15 years ago, this immediately compelled everybody in my extended family who vaguely knew I was into comics to go "This book has comics in it! [personal profile] sholio likes comics! [personal profile] sholio should read this!" Which of course made me obstinately not want to read it, combined with a suspicion that it was going to ping my wrong-dar in all kinds of ways. A few years ago my mother-in-law gave me a copy, and I finally decided I needed to either read the damn thing or get rid of it, so I'm now reading it ...

.... and it's borderline un-putdownable, damn it. XD Considering this is a topic I know quite a lot about (the comics business), it really does seem to be hitting most of the right notes, allowing for a bit of Chabon's over-the-topness. There have been a few little things that have made me twitch (I need to make a post about the Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Artists one of these days) but in general I'm really enjoying it.

Actually, it's interesting reading the book now instead of 15 years ago, because I'd gone into it with the idea that it was a fictionalized version of Seigel & Shuster creating Superman (I think that was the general impression that reviews of the book left me with, probably because Superman is the superhero the public is most familiar with, or was back in the early 2000s before the Marvel Universe got so popular in films) but no, it is FAR MORE NERDY than that: it's a fictionalized version of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon creating Captain America.

In fact, the main characters themselves are a fascinating mash-up of actual Kirby/Simon (working-class Jewish cartoonist) and fictional Steve Rogers (Brooklyn-based disabled son of a single mom who works as a nurse). After reading a ton of MCU fanfic in which 1930s Brooklyn is basically a post-apocalyptic dystopia, it is definitely a change of pace to switch over to a historical novel which has literally the exact same setup as most 1930s-era CA fanfic -- poor Brooklyn artist and son of single mom tries to get by -- in which Brooklyn is a place where people actually have rather happy and fulfilling lives rather than a wasteland of rat-infested tenements, and being working-class immigrant poor equates to not always paying the rent on time and having to be careful not to use up all of one's drawing paper before the next paycheck, as opposed to eating out of garbage cans and blowing sailors on the docks for rent money.

In the part of the book I'm reading right now, relatively minor spoiler continuing the Captain America theme )

I think it threw me a little because I was not expecting the book to be this ... nerdy? Or quite this affectionately, blatantly pulpy? Or something. However, I think I can honestly say that the book approaches comics and 1930s pulp fiction in almost exactly the same way that The Yiddish Policeman's Union approached noir mystery: it actually is the thing it's commenting on (more or less), but it's also a meta-commentary on the genre itself. It's also very funny, in an often bleak kind of way.

(I am still quite a ways from the ending, so PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL ME, thanks!)

Wednesday reading

Oct. 7th, 2015 09:13 pm
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Just finished: erm. I can't remem--oh, wait. The last thing I actually finished was Fran Wilde's Updraft. Unfortunately, it was in the midst of the epic walking tour of northern England (about which more anon), and I read it in bits and pieces before falling asleep far too early, and as a result I didn't get to appreciate it fully. That said, it had interesting characters and some truly brilliant worldbuilding: I really really want to know what the hell that's all about. Cities built into living bone towers ever-climbing into the sky above the clouds, and everyone gets around on hang-gliders made of spider-silk and sinew. I do recommend it if you want a coming-of-age novel with a fierce and pragmatic heroine in a weirdly intriguing fantasy setting.

Currently reading: Well, I'm reading Alternity, this ridiculously epic Harry Potter AU/RPG, which hits my sweet spot in several ways. Outsider POV! Dark!AU! Epistolary narrative! On the down side, it's ENORMOUS and is taking forever to read. It's kept me up past my bedtime multiple nights in the last week. It's also formatted as dozens of separate huge PDF files, so the only way I can read it is on my laptop, and that's annoying. Still, it's fascinating, even if I do skim past most of the stuff involving Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. (But who knew you could make me care about Pansy Parkinson so much?)

Up next: Evelina by Fanny Burney, on [personal profile] heresluck's recommendation. For book club.


The new (old) job continues apace. My Nemesis managed to throw her boss under the bus this morning; I rather hope that will come back to bite her, but given how long she's managed to avoid accountability for her myriad crimes, I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, I'm being moved twice in the next four months, to make room for some contract staff. The end result, however, will be that I get my old cubicle back, with the floor-to-ceiling windows looking west over the bay. (YAY.)

I get to travel to rainier climes next week! [personal profile] sara, I may let you know how my schedule looks as things firm up, in case I'm in your neck of the woods. I may need to talk anyway, given one of the issues to be discussed with the people I am going to meet...

Daily Happiness

Oct. 7th, 2015 09:16 pm
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1. Chloe woke me up half an hour before my alarm this morning with her tickly whiskers, which ended up giving me time to eat breakfast and make a sandwich for lunch. (My alarm is usually set for 30 minutes before I need to be at work, which gives me only time enough to get dressed, brush teeth, etc., and feed the cats before leaving.)

2. I was super busy at work today, as we finally got our Halloween stuff in and even though I'm not the snack section buyer anymore, he is taking tomorrow and Friday off and so was super busy trying to get last minute stuff done before he left, so I got stuck making the display (on top of all the other stuff I had to do today). So I ended up working until five to finish it (after having gone in at six thirty this morning), but that means I got two hours of overtime, so I'm happy about that (and also happy about getting the display done).

3. Because I stayed late I didn't end up going to pick up my bike today, but Carla called and it is ready, so since I have tomorrow off, we're going to walk up and get it tomorrow.

4. I have tomorrow off!

5. I'm super tired, so even though it's only nine thirty, I think I'm going to go to bed. Maybe this will help get me back on an earlier schedule?


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