Girl meets nature...

Jul. 24th, 2014 01:30 pm
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I'm in vacation this week in a place where I've already seen a deer, a black bear and bear cub, and a twenty-minute hail storm. The better half (who, it turns out, is significantly more in shape than I am) keeps promoting this think called "hiking." And there's very little internet.

Surprisingly, it's been fun, but it feels like an alternate universe.

Hope you're all well!

Roof right over our heads

Jul. 24th, 2014 11:09 am
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Josh and I are kinda sorta thinking about buying a house. Our original house-hunting schedule was to wait another two years to start looking; Josh's tenure decision will be made in spring 2016, and we initially thought we should wait to buy a house until we knew how both our tenure decisions would play out. It has been a little disconcerting watching almost all our friends become homeowners (some of them many years ago!) while we're still renting, but we just couldn't justify buying a house when we first moved here without knowing if at least one of us would get tenure.

Except that the longer we live in this tiny little house with no room for guests and nowhere for me to escape if Josh snores LOL, the more uncomfortable we are. It's especially important to me to have room for our families and friends to visit. For example, before Feefers, our best friends in Atlanta came to visit us often and we visited them often as well; but now we have Fiona, and they have a new baby in addition to their set of four year old twins, and there's just not enough room in our house to sleep four adults and five children.

Also, several really sweet houses have just popped up on the market, and we're considering throwing our hats in the ring for one.

This is a huge decision, and I am, frankly, more than a little frightened by it. Part of me has always felt badly about renting for so long; in the culture in which I was raised, renting is seen as akin to throwing money into a hole in the ground and setting it on fire. I don't subscribe to that belief; there are many good and practical reasons to rent rather than buy, but it's hard to shake the effect of hearing comments like that all my life. But the other part of me feels that renting is easy and simple and has a lot of safety built into the process; if stuff breaks, my landlord (who is awesome) is responsible for fixing it, and he's responsible for the maintenance of the home. I'm really scared to lose that safety net.

But knowledge is power! So, I'm asking you, All Wise Fannish Hive Mind, to tell me about buying houses. Tell me everything you think I need to know about the process/experience. Share your house hunting stories of joy or woe. Give me advice, tips, warnings. Lay it all on me.


Jul. 25th, 2014 02:08 am
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They are a pain in the ass, basically.

Brainpoker session was good, as these things go! Draining, too, as is usual, but good. Kinda ate my day, as is its wont, but I also played some stupid games and also worked on the spreadsheet a bit. GETTING THERE. Hopefully tomorrow, but maybe not until sometime on the weekend. But I'mma try for tomorrow.

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Jul. 24th, 2014 08:28 am
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Car crisis averted. Car died because it ran out of gas; it ran out of gas because it was siphoned.


Our fuel gauge doesn't work. At all. The cost of fixing the fuel gauge is ridiculous - we were quoted roughly $800 because of the extent of the work that would need to be done.

Therefore we track our fuel usage through the trip meter - resetting the trip meter every time we fill the gas tank and knowing that the tank is empty when we hit 450 miles on the meter. We refill the gas tank when we hit 425 miles.

The trip meter was at 380 miles give or take so we shouldn't have been out of gas but when CZ checked the gas tank it was bone dry. There's no leak in the tank so our only explanation was that someone had siphoned the gas out of the tank - which is totally possible because we don't have a locking gas cap or anything at the moment.

Point is that the car still runs just fine and I now know that there are some people in my life that I can't count on in ways that I thought that I could. I'll be reassessing those relationships.

How did it come to this?

Jul. 24th, 2014 01:32 am
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1. Camp NaNo is going well. I've been doing ~2400 words for the last few days (four sprints of 600 words) in an attempt to catch up with the days I missed, and it's working so far. Only problem is I've been having a hard time fitting in my BBB words with the rest, and there's a couple other non-writing things I've been meaning to do that also haven't quite fit. I'll figure it out - I only need 2k more minimum on my BBB, and I know exactly how the rest of the story goes - but it's frustrating. It feels like my day's a bunch of puzzle pieces, and I haven't found the right connectors yet.

2. It occurred to me I made a couple mixes for a couple of my old SPN stories that I could put on my 8tracks, but I'm not entirely sure how the mix-making side of the site works. Do most people find already uploaded tracks on the site or through Soundcloud? Or do they upload their own files? Will the answer make the side of me that's a stickler for my style of metadata cringe?

(Also, I think it would be fun to sign up for BBB Wave 3 mixing if I figure this out. And maybe art? I have to see how August plays out.)

3. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of One Direction's formation. I had a lot of feelings about it. 2010 was a big year for me for a lot of reasons, and I didn't even know this was one of them until 2012-2013. Heh.


Jul. 24th, 2014 03:07 am
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I have contacted folks about joining concomm. have not gotten an official volunteer position, and am therefore not on the list yet, but I am looking forward to getting on the list, finding out what is going on, and doing whatever is needed to save wiscon.
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Books Read
Catherynne Valente, Six-Gun Snow White (2013) - I really like Valente's work, and I liked this a lot; it's a feminist retelling of Snow White with a half-Crow protagonist, rather like Maleficent in that the central relationship is between the protagonist and her evil stepmother. It was too thin at some points, but quite a good read.

CLAMP, Drug & Drop vol 2 - I'm liking this restart of Legal Drug much more than that of xxxHoLiC so far, although it turns out it's a massive crossover with an older CLAMP series, leading to the immortal question, "If angels don't have gender, is this series still BL?" It totally is BL; I am very much down for Kazahaya and Rikuou clutching each other while in the grip of strong emotions. Yes, please, I'd like some more.

Kumota Haruko, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu vol. 1 (2011) - The author is an up and coming BL writer, though I've just started this manga about an ex-con who wants to do Rakugo and I'm not sure whether it's BL yet. If not, there's always doujinshi.

Sofia Samatar, A Stranger in Olondria (2012) - Yes, still, I'm busy and exhausted, as good as it is. I was saying to [personal profile] jhameia it reminds me of The Secret Service, which I need to think more about why.

Book-Shaped Space for Acquisitions
Arakawa Hiromu, Silver Spoon vols. 4 & 5 (I got the special edition of 4 with the spoons!)
Suetsugu Yuki, Chihayafuru vol. 1
Vonda McIntyre, The Moon and the Sun

Daily Happiness

Jul. 23rd, 2014 10:07 pm
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1. Irene's interview went well, so hopefully that will work out.

2. Gyoza and edamame for dinner. So delicious!

3. I went out to lunch with my mom today and we got KFC, also delicious.

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Jul. 23rd, 2014 08:40 pm
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It's so coooooold. You know what the high is supposed to be tomorrow? 52. DEGREES. (That's Fahrenheit, obviously. It sounds even worse in C.)

I might have to break down and make a fire.


Awesome things!

Jul. 23rd, 2014 10:59 pm
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Which I am now consuming from bed.

+++ This awesome vid by (of course) lim: Marvel|MCU. Embedded for those who wish, but please, please comment at the youtube link if you're feeling commenty. )

+++ Odd One Out, Leverage OT3 by [personal profile] thingswithwings (or, [ profile] thingswithwings, actually). Yes, I am reccing this based on the summary. It's Leverage OT3 and it's T'wings and I have no doubt it is amazing and will usher me into sweet, sweet dreams as I read it in bed.

Summary: "We should talk about Eliot," Alec says, at the same time Parker says, "We should have sex in a hammock."

+++ Perfectly appropriate icon courtesy of [personal profile] clavally. It makes me grin like this: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

+++ And finally, probably of interest to me and exactly two people on my flist (maybe only one): The top 10 hottest gifs of Jared Padalecki, which is just staying open in a tab for a little while so I can stare at it.

wednesday reading

Jul. 23rd, 2014 08:43 pm
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Currently reading: The library got Elizabeth Bear's Shattered Pillars in, so I'm reading that. (Annoyingly, it's only available as one of those Adobe DRM-protected ebooks I can't manage to read on my computer, so I'm reading it on the library website, which is not optimal.) It's okay so far but I wish the narrative would stay with one character longer: the scenes are too short.

Just finished: The Left Hand of Darkness, for book club. It had been a while since I'd read it, so it was a nice refresher. Still an excellent read, especially the epic trek across the ice. I now need to go find that great Yuletide story about the next planet Genly Ai goes to...

I also just finished Lia Silver's Prisoner, which I enjoyed more than Laura's Wolf. I like a slow build better than instant attraction, and I am intrigued by the overarching plot of how they're going to take down the institute.

Up next: Not sure, but soon I'll have to read Atonement by Ian MacEwen, for next month's book club. And I need to go back and finish The Long Ships, which I left hanging about 3/4 of the way through.

"Life's a risk"

Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:49 pm
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After reading [personal profile] thingswithwings' latest fic, Odd One Out, and relating a lot to Eliot in that story, I am idly wondering if I am perhaps aromantic.

It seems like a simple relationship style that would work for me.

There is a lot of upheaval going on in the world and in my community right now. Things are rapidly coming into hard focus. Sustained anger seems to be really working for me right now actually. *Imagines Eliot growling*


Jul. 23rd, 2014 08:57 pm
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Holy cow!!!

FINALLY, some choreography that doesn't suck!

Emilio, jesus, where the hell did that come from? Tanisha, holy crap, so hot! Serge! Carly! Carly seriously is one of my faves, now. Zack, you're a tapper? WHAT?

Travis Wall, I freaking love you, dude. Your contemporary routine was astounding, and then you do that group routine, OMG. LOVE. Sonya's group routine, also amazing!

This post thanks to the fact that I got all my "extracurricular" work projects done so now I can just concentrate on the "normal" work. WHEW.

Reading Wednesday

Jul. 23rd, 2014 08:29 pm
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A Young Radical's Guide to Love by [ profile] blamebrampton - "Memories of the war are still fresh, which is all the excuse Decent People need to do appalling things. In this quietly waged conflict, Draco Malfoy is happy to be on the right side of things for once, and even happier to find he’s not alone."

After the books, the Wizarding World tries to go back to normal as best it can. Trying to make up for his past deeds, Percy Weasley uses his position at the Ministry of Magic to issue arrest warrants for friends/family of former Death Eaters - whether they're actually guilty of any crimes or not. A sort-of-coping Draco Malfoy eventually meets up with Auror Potter, & things go on from there.



It was amazing. My ranting doesn't do it justice.

Reading, rereading, and rewrites

Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:43 pm
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I'm not properly doing a reading meme tonight, but I've been getting more books read this month than I have in ages, which is awesome. (I've just started my eighth or ninth novel of the month, depending on whether one factors in the new Newsflesh novella.)

Really, I probably shouldn't have started the new book until I read the next chunk of Feed so I can comment on it tomorrow at [community profile] aftertheendtimes, but we're coming up to one of the parts of the series that upsets me most*, so I think maybe I subconsciously put it off. >.> So I'll have to read and write about it tomorrow. Because it's so much better that way.

*I have a list. Some days I think it's a little weird that my favorite series shatters my heart in so many places/ways. Other days I feel like it's more that that's a key element.

Anyway, in a freak development, the current book (The Girl With All the Gifts) is a book I own, rather than a library book. I got to actually go stand in front of the physical to-read bookcase in the living room and choose something!

In highly relevant news, I've crossed the 300-book mark on my list of library holds. O_O (305, to be precise, not counting the three that are waiting to be picked up tomorrow--although all three of those are graphic novels.)

And speaking of counting things...I've now been hanging out at over 300 open tabs for long enough that it apparently feels normal (although I don't like it). I've been putting a fair bit of time into whittling away at them in the last few days, alongside my work, and have gotten down open tabs. *facepalm* Although I've also managed to do a fair bit of sorting, so my main group is down to only about two and a half rows of tabs (last week it was usually more like eight or nine rows).

On the work front, I think I have five rewrites due by September 1. And three lettered volumes to proofread within the next week. O_o (Some deadline adjustment may happen there. That'd be nice.) Combine that with the fact that I'll be in Ontario for two and a half weeks next month, and things start to feel a little tight. But I'm still hoping to get at least somewhat ahead before I fly out. That's just over a week away, and things will be fairly quiet on the home front between now and then. We'll see.

They do exist

Jul. 23rd, 2014 04:42 pm
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I was super excited when I got home today, because my big order from Geek Chic Cosmetics arrived. I flung myself out of my car when I saw the box on the back steps and literally ran to grab it. Super bonus: there was an envelope on top of the box because my beautiful original sketch of Arrowette from Young Justice arrived. (You can see her in this tumblr post on the bottom right.) I made a donation to a particular cause that Dean, who is one of my favorite fanartists, is supporting, and in return I got a sketch and I now own it in hardcopy and I cannot stop staring because she is perfect. Like, I want to frame this fucker.

But, eyeshadows! I have a lot. Like, a lot. Except when I was sorting them to make sure everything arrived, I dropped one. It is called "Will There Really Be...Cake?", from the Portal-inspired collection. I never heard it hit the ground or anything. I have crawled around on the floor looking for it. I have even emptied out my knitting bag that was nearby in case it had fallen in there. No. My cake is a lie. PORTALS ARE REAL.

ETA: Found it not 30 seconds after posting this. It was somehow in the sack full of packing peanuts that I had removed from the box. O.o

Oh yeah, nearly forgot about this.

Jul. 23rd, 2014 01:17 pm
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Wednesday reading! )

Now back to crying over all the 1D tweets from today.

On Wiscon

Jul. 23rd, 2014 03:09 pm
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[personal profile] coffeeandink has some background links along with the text of her letter to the ConCom.

This link round-up appears to be the most comprehensive so far.

Personal thoughts )


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