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We took Jasper to the vet tonight to get him checked out. He seems really healthy otherwise, but still has soft poops all the time. :( The doctor confirmed that he seems very healthy, which is good! She gave us another deworming pill, and some other medicine to try, and they're going to do a stool sample and see what they can see.

I wasn't sure how he would do with the pill (the other time we got him dewormed was a liquid) but they had pill pockets you could take home, so I grabbed a couple of those and he just gobbled it right up.

He is almost ten pounds, can you believe it? I think the girls were barely ten pounds when they were a year old, much less six months, so he is going to end up way bigger than them.

Here is my sweetie guy the other day in the laundry basket.

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1. Today was a pretty nice day off. I got some housework done in the morning, scanned a couple chapters of Gunjo, translated a chapter of You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead, and did a little bit of translation on some other stuff, read a few chapters in both the books I'm currently reading, and played Zelda for several hours.

2. Zeldaaaaaaaaa. Oh man, I had a great time with the game today. I just happened to be on the north side of Hyrule Castle and thought, let me just look around and see if there's an easy way in here, because I would like to explore the castle some. And there was an easy way in, and I explored the castle a TON. It is huuuuuuuge. I killed a bunch of guardians and got enough gears to finally buy the third piece of ancient armor (and almost enough to upgrade the hat or the pants another level - the shirt is already at max). I got a ton of royal guard weapons, which let me complete a quest I'd had forever. Also got the recipe quest completed. And picked up enough lizalfos tails to upgrade one more piece of Zora gear. Oh, and I fought a blue lynel in the castle, too. I kind of just stumbled on him, haha. I got the memory in Zelda's tower, too. I think I'll do other stuff now for a while, but I probably will go in and explore one more time before going in for reals to get Ganon. I really didn't expect the castle to be as large as it is, but like everything in the game, it is way bigger than previous installments of the series.

3. The cats really outdid themselves with cuteness today. Look at these sweetie cuddlers!

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1. Day off tomorrow!

2. It rained a bit more this afternoon, but it looks like the rain is over for a few days. However! It's supposed to rain a bit more later in the week, so I hope that happens. And even if it doesn't, I'm enjoying the return to chillier weather.

3. I played a bit of Zelda tonight after work. I've almost completed the Tarry Town quest. My town is looking so built up! Since the Gerudo area was the last place I went, once I sent the Gerudo lady to Tarry Town, I was able to get the other two really quickly since I'd already met them long ago and knew where they were.

4. Lately Molly has been preferring the higher shelf in the laundry area, and a couple days ago she knocked down a towel so that it was hanging down, and I hadn't bothered to fold it back up again. Then tonight she decided to perch on the lower shelf and now she has a nice curtain to give her a safe, hidden spot, so I'm glad I didn't move the towel!

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1. It's raining! It actually started sprinkling earlier when we were out taking an after dinner walk, but thankfully it was just a tiny bit then and we didn't really get wet. Carla had closed all the windows earlier because it was cold, but I opened the one by my desk a couple hours ago to air out the room after one of the cats pooped, so now I'm just sitting here enjoying the sound of the rain. :D

2. It's only one week into the month and I've already finished translating two chapters, both of which are from series I wasn't able to get a release done for last month, so I feel good about that.

3. So many people have been sick at work lately with some sort of terrible flu that has them out for days, but so far I have not felt sick at all. I did get a flu shot a few months ago, so I hope that will protect me! (That plus my general good luck of never getting the flu. I get colds, but not flu, and would like to keep it that way.)

4. Lately Jasper's favorite spot has been in the corner of the love seat. There's a permanent kitty nest made from a comfy blanket right next to him, but he seems to like the non-nesty part right now. XD

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1. We've had homemade tacos for dinner every night this week and I'm super okay with that.

2. I got my ticket this morning, so I will be seeing Fall Out Boy in November! :D

3. We recently started carrying Magnolia brand ice cream at work, which is a Filipino brand and has sooooo many delicious flavors. We just got it in Wednesday, but I already bought the Thai tea and buko pandan flavors. :)

4. I didn't play much Zelda today, but I did enter and explore Gerudo town, and then head out into the desert to explore. I fought two moldugas, which have to be the easiest of the boss-type monsters you encounter here and there, and I also found the fourth and final great fairy, and was able to upgrade a ton of my armor (though there's still a bunch more I couldn't upgrade, so I made a list of items I need for each, and how many of them, so I can go farming for stuff sometime soon).

5. Chloe face!

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1. I played some Zelda today. Got the Wasteland Tower and started to do stuff in the Gerudo area. I also played a bit of Carla's game today and played the Eventide Island shrine quest for her, which I was happy to do, since I love that bit.

2. Ticketmaster tells me there are Fall Out Boy tickets going on sale tomorrow morning, so I think I'm going to get a ticket. The show is in November, so I'll have plenty of time to recover from all my recent concert-going. XD

3. Fiiiinally finished translating a chapter I'd been dragging my feet on for ages. It feels good to get that done! I still don't know why I'd been so resistant to it.

4. Look at this cutie Jasper! Chloe was in the cubby hole next to the X-Box but Jasper drove her out and took the spot for himself. XD

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What are you currently reading?
I read a chapter or two more of The Mayor of Castro Street. Progress is progress!

I read a tiny bit more of The Invisible Library, but mostly didn't touch it.

What did you recently finish reading?
The reason I didn't touch those two much is that I did read two more All-of-a-Kind Family books, which I think brings me to the end of the ones I read as a kid. There is a fifth book, which seems to focus more on Ella on her own from the description (and title!) and I'd like to read that at some point, but I don't have a copy of it and am not sure I want to pay $6.99 for a Kindle version. Maybe I should try the library (though that seems like work :p).

What do you think you'll read next?
The in-progress ones, mostly, though I really do want to read some manga, too.
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1. I felt really tired all day today for some reason, so I'm really glad I have tomorrow off and no plans to go anywhere or do anything.

2. It looks like we might get some rain this weekend, which would be nice.

3. Molly has been really into my desk chair lately. I feel so bad about disturbing her so sometimes I just let her have it. XD

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1. For some reason one of the manga I'm working on had me really dragging my feet, and every time I decided I was going to work on it, I'd sit there looking at the file and then either procrastinate and do something else entirely, or switch to another series and work on that instead. But today I finally just sat down and started translating it, and once I was past that first page that I'd kept staring at, it went really quickly and while I didn't get all of it done (as I'd hoped) I did get half the chapter done tonight, so hopefully I can finish the rest tomorrow and send that off. I really don't know why I get stuck like that sometimes.

2. Carla made super delicious tacos for dinner tonight.

3. Look at this Chloe tongue!

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1. I haven't played Zelda for a couple days so it was good to get back to it. Even with all the exploring I've done, I had somehow managed to miss a stable and its associated shrine right on the border of Lanayru and Central Hyrule. I mostly did exploring today, and got a few quests completed.

2. Speaking of Zelda, the upcoming DLC is available for purchase now, so I bought it. The first one isn't available until August and the second until December, but I'm already looking forward to it.

3. Jasper was all stretched out on the bed today when he napped and he was just so cute!

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1. Last week I had work stuff on Monday and socialising on Thursday, so I didn't have a day off where I could just relax the whole day, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!

2. After a brief period of some stores around here carrying Mountain Dew Voltage, it's now difficult to find again, but Carla went to a Target a bit further away today and they still have it (and it was on sale). I really don't understand why it's so hard to find here, but at least there are some places we know we can get it.

3. I love this pic of Chloe so much. She looks so regal!

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1. I had to go to the Gardena store four times this week, which sucks, but I got reimbursed for my mileage each time, so now I have a bunch of cash, which is nice.

2. Since I have cash, we went to DK's Donuts tonight and got some after-dinner doughnuts and doughnuts to have for breakfast tomorrow.

3. It's been getting pretty warm during the day, but is still nice and chilly at night. Warm nights are the worst, so they can continue to stay away for a good long while!

4. Molly's such a pretty kitty!

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Title: Koi-iji: Love Glutton
Original Title: こいいじ (Koiiji)
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Kiss
Genre: Josei
Status in Japan: 5 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Migeru
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: 31-year-old Mame has been in love with her childhood friend Souta ever since she can remember. Despite multiple rejections, her love has stayed constant. It's become a habit more than anything, but is it one she'll ever be able to break and get on with her life?

Chapter Summary: Souta and Yume attend an old friend's wedding.

Chapter 16: An Education
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1. I get to sleep in three days in a row!

2. I had to fire someone today, which was unpleasant, and just generally made the day really emotionally draining, since it was on my mind all day leading up to it. But at least now it's over. And hopefully the store will be a more pleasant environment with them gone.

3. I finished up some more manga tonight, so it looks like I will manage to squeeze in one more chapter to post before the end of the month for sure. (And maybe another if the typesetter gets back to me.)

4. Look how big this Jasper is getting! He's six months old today.

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1. I posted manga! Might get another chapter or two posted before the end of the month, but if not I've at least gotten seven chapters posted this month, which is not bad for as distracted by Zelda as I've been. :p

2. Speaking of Zelda, I didn't play much today, but I did do a bit more exploring in the mountains around Hebra Tower and found two more shrines. I think I'm going to leave off any more exploring there until I get those snow boots, though. It's just such a pain to move so slowly in the snow...

And then I went to turn in some gourmet meat to that guy to finish up a quest and suddenly started to get a blood moon. As soon as I saw the signs, I immediately transported to the shrine at the top of Mount Satori or whatever its called and then flew down to Washu's Bluff and this time I made it in time and finished that shrine quest! (I tried it once before, but landed literally right as the blood moon phase passed and the platform light blinked out.)

I also had enough bits and bobs of Guardians to buy one piece of the ancient armor! I need to kill some more Guardians, though, because now I need a ton more parts. :(

3. Tomorrow is Alexander's birthday, so we went out for karaoke and dinner today. We went to Jollibee, which is a Filipino fast food chain. Everything was delicious, but the peach mango pies were especially good. And the halo-halo. It's a good thing it's not very close by, otherwise I'd be going there for dessert way too often. -_-

4. Carla got some cute pics of sleepy Chloe tonight.

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Title: Love Buzz
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Young King
Genre: Seinen
Status in Japan: 3 volumes, complete
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations + Heterophobia Fansubs
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Five years ago, pro wrestler Fuji Kaoru disappeared one day before a match. Now she shows up at her old gym out of the blue, with a five-year-old daughter in tow. But not everyone is willing to welcome her back with open arms.

Chapter Summary: Fuji finally gets her head back in the game, but makes the mistake of tagging out to Machiya at the last moment...

Chapter 11: Who's the Hero Here?
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What are you currently reading?
I actually made progress on The Mayor of Castro Street this week! I read two chapters, which brings me to almost halfway through.

I also read the first chapter of The Invisible Library and it's really good so far, but then I just haven't had a chance (or haven't made time) to read any more...

I have also technically started More All-of-a-Kind Family, but haven't actually read any of it yet.

What did you recently finish reading?
Well, I read the first two All-of-a-Kind Family books and they're so good! I'm so glad I happened across them and decided to give them a reread.

What do you think you'll read next?
Really just those books in progress!
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1. Day off tomorrow! We're doing stuff (probably) but not until the afternoon, so I can still sleep in and relax in the morning.

2. I played a little Zelda tonight and found three shrines, two stables, and Hebra tower. That leaves only the two Gerudo areas that I don't have the towers for yet. I'm actually kind of sad to have so much of the map filled in. I remember when I first got off the great plateau and realized how huge the world is, it was so exciting, and now it's like, aww, I only have a little bit left to explore. ;_;

3. Somehow I don't have any new pics of kitties, but luckily I have plenty of backstock to choose from. Here's an explorer Jasper from a week or so ago.

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1. Since my one meeting was yesterday instead of today, I didn't have to get going until a little after noon, and was able to sleep in and just relax this morning, which was nice.

2. Today's meeting was long and pretty boring but we all went to dinner afterwards (paid for by the company) at a fancy restaurant and the food was good and I had a good time. And we were finished around nine, which meant that there was no traffic coming home, whereas if I'd come back right after the meeting, it would have been right smack in the middle of rush hour.

3. Look at this cutie Molly cat!

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1. My meeting with the company president got changed to today instead of tomorrow, which sucks because it was my day off and I had to drive to Gardena and then the person who was scheduled before me ended up going way over, so I had to wait for an hour and a half! But my review went well, and I got my raise, and now it's done with. And at least that means tomorrow I can just go for the afternoon meeting and can have the whole morning off.

2. We went to McDonalds for lunch and they have a new burger. It looks like the sriracha one was discontinued and instead they have a sweet bbq bacon one. I got it with the crispy chicken instead of hamburger and it was soooo good. Honestly probably the best burger I've ever had at McDonalds. (Not a terribly high bar, but it really is good!)

3. I only played Zelda for a bit today, but I did do four more shrines.

4. I posted more manga!

5. I got some super cute pics of Chloe tonight. :)


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