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1. We ran some errands this morning and I got some stuff done around the house and also finished translating two chapters of stuff, so I feel like I got a good amount of stuff done today.

2. Zelda-wise, I got the Woodland Tower and the Eldin Tower unlocked, finished a couple quests, got some more shrines, and now I have enough hearts to get the Master Sword, so I'm probably going to head for Hyrule Forest before I go visit the Gorons.

3. It's Spring Break for Santa Monica College, so the neighborhood is nice and quiet for a brief time.

4. We watch a lot of cooking and food-related youtube channels on the apple TV, and the other day we saw a Food Wishes one for Thai satay style tri-tip that sounded soooo good, so Carla made that today and it was indeed soooo good. *_* Definitely one to make again.

5. Look at this Chloe in the sun! She's been enjoying the back of my chair a lot lately.

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1. I posted manga! Somehow the month is already like a third of the way over, so I've got to hustle tomorrow and do some translating, but at least I managed to get one thing posted so far.

2. It's my day off tomorrow and I'm mostly just planning to rest. I've been really tired lately and we did a lot of stuff last week, plus being busy at work, so I'm hoping things will be a little less hectic this week. (Though I do have a concert on Wednesday and this coming weekend is our sixth anniversary event at work, so...)

3. Carla went to Target today and got me some more of the M&Ms peanut butter eggs. *_*

4. Our house is full of things we can't throw away because the cats love them. Case in point, this old desk chair, which now sits in a corner of the dining room. And it's got a comforter folded up on it that was originally just put there to wait for a turn in the washer so it could be put away for the summer. But all the cats love it so, we now just have a random old chair with a random old comforter as a permanent fixture in the dining room. Luckily we aren't using our dining room for anything other than a cat room anyway. :)

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Title: Himegoto
Original Title: ヒメゴト~十九歳の制服~ (Himegoto~Juukyuu Sai no Seifuku~)
Author: Minenami Ryou
Publisher: Big Comics
Genre: Seinen
Status in Japan: 8 volumes, complete
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Migeru
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: This is the story of three college freshmen with secrets: Yuki, aka Yoshiki, a boyish girl who gets off on wearing her old high school uniform skirt; Mikako, who acts innocent around her classmates, but at night pretends to be a 15-year-old and has sex for money; and finally there's Kaito, who's obsessed with Mikako to the point of dressing up like her.

Chapter Summary: Mikako's life is spinning out of control.

Chapter 97: Exposed
Chapter 98: The Depths
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1. The person who usually closes on weekends will finally be back after a month long vacation this week, so tomorrow is the last time I'll have to stay till closing (at least on a regular basis).

2. Look at this little Jasper guy! Such a sweetie!

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1. It was overcast today and then started raining tonight! I checked the weather and it looks like it's going to clear up again tomorrow, but I'm enjoying it for the moment.

2. I did some translation tonight and finished up another chapter of Himegoto (should have a release soon) and am inching closer to finishing up the chapter of Yasha I should have done last month.

3. The other day at Target I got some M&M peanut butter eggs and they're so good. *_* I love the regular peanut butter M&Ms, too, but these are a little larger and have more peanut butter cream inside. I wish I'd bought more, but it's probably a good thing I didn't, considering how fast these have disappeared already. :p

4. I just love it when kitties cover their face with their paws!

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1. My ticket for the New Pornographers show next week came with a free digital download of their new album, which just came out today. I just got the email less than an hour ago, so I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

2. I got quite a bit of translating done today, and ran some errands, and did some other stuff, and didn't just sit around playing Zelda.

3. I did play a lot of Zelda, though. XD Mostly just went around exploring stuff and doing some more shrines. I went and got that labyrinth shrine up above the Akkala ancient tech lab. Oh, and I also got another memory (the Spring of Power one).

4. Jasper and Chloe were cuddling sooooo cutely today!

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What are you currently reading?
Same two books as last week, Modern Romance and Mayor of Castro Street, though I did make progress on both! (Just...not much of it, lol.) I have been playing too much Zelda and not doing as much reading as I would like. But I'm about halfway through with Modern Romance, and over a third of the way done with Mayor of Castro Street.

What did you recently finish reading?
Nothing. ;_;

What do you think you'll read next?
These two still, I guess!
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We saw Puffy about fifteen years ago at the Roxy in Hollywood, and looking back at that review I see I started with a disclaimer that I wasn't a huge Puffy fan but went because I wanted to support Japanese artists touring in the US and honestly, I feel pretty much the same this time around, too.

I don't dislike them (I wouldn't go see an artist I dislike) but I only know a small fraction of their discography and a lot of the stuff I don't know that well is stuff I am really not fond of. But that said, I would definitely go see them a third time if they're in LA again, because I enjoyed the show a lot.

I'd never been to the Belasco before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, though it looked small from the floorplan on Ticketmaster. It's a beautiful old building, though pretty rundown. Standing room only, but there are benches that run along both walls on the side, so we snagged spot there so Carla could sit down. The place is so small that even sitting against the side wall, we had a great view of the stage and it was still really close.

There was no opening act, though it was ages before Puffy actually came out on stage (doors opened at seven and I think they finally came out around 8:30). When they first started playing, it was way, way, way too loud. I don't know if they hadn't properly tested things first or what, but it was set for a much larger venue, and was so loud that it was hard to make anything out and the whole room was just shaking from the bass. We almost thought we might need to leave, but we decided to tough it out and then someone must have noticed (or had complaints) because the sound was turned down to a still very loud but more normal volume after about three songs.

Unfortunately I did not try to take note of the song order because I figured I'd be able to find a setlist online, but I can't, so this list of songs is not in order and is probably missing one or two songs, but this is pretty much what they played:

Puffy People Yama
Love So Pure
Asia no Junshin
Ai no Shirushi
Umi e to
Teen Titans Theme
Hi Hi
Jet Keisatsu
Call Me What You Like
Your Love Is a Drug
Radio Tokyo
Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etcetera
Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi

The first three songs are definitely in order, and they closed with Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi as an encore (good choice, since it ends with "sayonara"), but the others are fuzzy.

I had been afraid they would play the English version of Asia no Junshin, but they did the original, and six other Japanese songs, and the English ones they did are ones I like (aside from the Teen Titans Theme and Hi Hi, which was the theme song for their Cartoon Network cartoon years ago, but since those are some of their most well-known songs in the US of course they were going to play them).

They did a lot of talking between songs, both in English and Japanese, which was fun. Apparently they had just played Anime Boston recently and have a couple more US tour dates coming up as well. I hope they come back to LA again soon.
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1. Today was Carla's birthday, so we went to Portillo's for lunch. I am not into the Italian beef thing (or French dip), because I don't like soggy bread, but they have really tasty hot dogs.

2. I have tomorrow off, too! I'm not used to having two days off in a row, so I kept thinking today was Thursday and I'd have to go to work tomorrow, but it wasn't and I won't! Also yesterday and today were really busy and I'm looking forward to having a day to just relax tomorrow.

3. I played a lot of Zelda again. I got to Akkala Tower, got a few shrines, explored a lot, and got the Akkala ancient tech lab working again. Oh, and I finally had a bunch of rupees, so I finished the Hylian Homeowner side quest.

4. Jasper cuddled with me for a while tonight! He is a hardcore cuddler (unlike Molly and Chloe) but he pretty much only wants to cuddle with Carla, so it was nice to have him cuddle with me for a bit.

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1. This morning was the yearly evaluation meeting where we have to give our pitch to the company president for the raises we want for our employees. For a couple people I wasn't able to give them as much of a raise as I'd put in, but I was able to get a raise for everyone who I felt deserved one, so I'm pretty happy about how that went.

2. Since this time we didn't have to stay at the meeting for every store's pitch, and mine was in the morning, I was able to go back to my store once I was done and do some stuff since I won't be in tomorrow. I got everything done that needed to get done, so I can take Thursday off as usual and don't have to worry about taking two days off in a row.

3. Tonight we saw Puffy (aka Puffy AmiYumi) in concert! It was a great show and I'm glad we were able to see them again. I'll have a more detailed post tomorrow.

4. I hadn't eaten at all today, so we stopped at Hodori on the way home for delicious Korean food. We got so much stuff, so now we have tons of tasty leftovers.

5. Pretty Chloe. :)

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1. Ever since we got the new vacuum, I've been vacuuming every week and I'm really happy about that. The new vacuum is easier to use, quieter, and just plain old works better, so it doesn't feel like such a huge chore. Of course the house is covered in cat hair again immediately after vacuuming, but at least by doing it once a week it does keep it from getting too bad.

2. I had hoped to get a lot of translating done today and I didn't, but I did get some done.

3. I played a bunch of Zelda today. I explored around the Faron Tower region and got some quests and shrines done, and I also flew out to that island shrine off Hateno beach and did my first Major Test of Strength, which also got me the last ancient core I needed to finally get my stasis upgraded! I think I'll probably head up to Akkala region next and check out the ancient tech lab there.

4. Look at this Jasper! Soon he'll be too big to fit in the windowsill.

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1. Day off tomorrow! I'm not going anywhere and I'm excited about that. :p

2. The last three days have been so busy at work because of the new people I've been training. One of them is really good and the other two got off to a more rocky start, but I think they'll work out as well. But I've just been doing so much talking and so much explaining how to do stuff and I'm so worn out from it.

3. We watched the new Rick and Morty and it was SO GREAT. The season two finale was just such a cliffhanger, I had no idea how they were going to resolve everything, and it's been such a long time that it's like, can it really match up to all our expectations? But it can and it did!


And now we have to wait till summer for more! D: But this does put me in the mood for another rewatch, so at least I can scratch the itch a bit with that.

4. There was a huge moth outside the window tonight and Molly was hunting!

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1. I'm super wiped out for some reason tonight, but I can sleep in again tomorrow.

2. We were both tired tonight so we ended up just getting pizza and it really hit the spot.

3. The first episode of Rick and Morty season three aired today! We didn't watch it yet, since we just found out about it a little bit ago, but I'm looking forward to watching it tomorrow. The rest of the season won't be out until summer, apparently, but I'm still excited to have a new episode, even if just one.

4. Look at these silly kiddos.

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1. Somehow I stayed up way later than I meant to, but I can sleep in tomorrow so that's okay.

2. There was a new episode of Powerless last night and it was so great. I just love this show so much.

3. I played more Zelda tonight (part of the reason for staying up late) and opened up Faron Tower, as well as finding another stable, the horse fairy, a couple more shrines, and a bunch of side quests and koroks. It was one of those things where I was like, okay I'm going to stop after this, but then each time there was something else just right there so I was like, well, after that I'll stop, and then next thing I know it's two am. XD

4. Jasper has taken to hiding under the flaps of boxes and it's super cute.

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1. I played so much Zelda today! I upgraded my armor some more, and did a couple side quests, and found a few more shrines, and then I defeated Waterblight Ganon and freed Mipha and Vah Ruto!

2. Carla went to Trader Joe's this afternoon and got some of their triple ginger cookies, which I'd forgotten how much I like. They are just so good. *_*

3. We went out to lunch with my mom today for Carla's birthday (which is not until next week, but this was the most convenient time for us to get together). We went to Truxton's, which I love but is a bit out of our price range for a non-special occassion, so we haven't been since last year when we went for someone's birthday. I got the grilled cheese with onion jam and it was super delicious.

4. Jasper and Chloe were being cutie cuddlers today.

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What are you currently reading?
Currently reading Modern Romance and Mayor of Castro Street, but there's been very little progress on the first and none on the second. I just haven't been reading much this week. :-/

What did you recently finish reading?
That said, I did still manage to finish a book! I finished Return from Witch Mountain the other day and after a rocky start, I did end up enjoying it.

The first chapter was a real disappointment, as just right off the bat it had a totally different feeling than the first book. Not only were many key points different (which to Key's credit, he did do his best to try and explain away, such as "oh, we'd thought Uncle Bene was dead but he survived" and "while we were gone Tia learned to speak vocally", but there was also a weird overuse of scientific terms for their powers that just felt out of place.

But as I continued reading, I got sucked into the story and the annoyances faded away and I did end up enjoying it. Though the addition of a psychic goat who helped save the day definitely made me feel like yeah, this is an old Disney movie all right.

What do you think you'll read next?
Hopefully just make some progress on the books I've got open!
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This was such an awesome show! I saw them ten years ago when they were touring for their first album and really enjoyed the show, but this was so much better.

I was coming from work and didn't end up getting off as early as I'd hoped I would, but I knew there were two opening acts, so I wasn't worried about being late. I ended up missing the first opening act, Saint Motel, completely, and the second act, MisterWives, started up about five to ten minutes after I got seated. I'd never heard them (or heard of them) before, but they were pretty good.

Panic came out right at nine and played for about an hour and a half, straight through with no encores.

I wasn't sure if they would do any of their really early stuff or not, but they did a medley of songs from the first album, as well as I Write Sins Not Tragedies towards the end. The only song they did from their second album was Nine in the Afternoon, which is the only one I know (and I like it) so that was fine! I was a bit bummed they didn't do Memories from Vices and Virtues, as that's one of my all-time favorite Panic songs, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with the selection.

1. Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time
2. LA Devotee
3. Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)
4. Golden Days
5. Vegas Lights
6. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Medley
7. Hallelujah
8. Nine in the Afternoon
9. Miss Jackson
10. This Is Gospel
11. Death of a Bachelor
12. The Ballad of Mona Lisa
13. Movin' Out (Billy Joel cover)
14. Emperor's New Clothes
15. Nicotine
16. Crazy=Genius
17. Let's Kill Tonight
19. Girls/Girls/Boys
20. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover)
21. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
22. Victorious

After Miss Jackson, Brendon went backstage and then appeared at the other end of the arena, rising up from the floor with a piano. He performed This Is Gospel there and then did Death of a Bachelor while walking through the crowd back to the stage, which was pretty awesome. I was up fairly high, so nowhere near him, but it was still cool to see him weaving through the crowd.

The other big event was that people had been given multi-colored paper hearts at the gate and were told to put them against their phone's flashlight at a certain time, and then when everyone did that at once, the audience formed a rainbow of lights like the pride flag. Then Brendon shouted out "Donald Trump can suck my dick" before launching into Girls/Girls/Boys, with the faces of various famous queer people up on the screens behind him, and then he did Bohemian Rhapsody as a tribute to Freddie Mercury.

He also did a drum solo around then that the internet tells me was a mashup of Bruno Mars's 24K Magic and Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money, neither of which are songs I know, but it was fun to watch.

He talked several times about having just recovered from laryngitis, which you'd never know from the way he sang. He did so many vocal flourishes and random high notes.

I know a lot of people were super bummed when the original members split up, but I think it was for the best. I really love the direction Panic has gone in since then and I'm so glad I decided to go to this show.
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1. Busy day, but I got everything done that urgently needed to be done, so tomorrow I can just enjoy my day off!

2. Next Tuesday I have another concert to go to but also the big giant yearly evaluation meeting where all the store managers have to give their pitches to the president for people's raises was moved to that day, so I was worried I might not get out in time, but today there was an email that made it sound like we could go home after our store was done, so I double checked and they confirmed it, and my store is one of the first ones in the morning, so not only will I have plenty of time for the concert, but I can do the ordering and stuff I usually do Wednesday, and then not have to go in on Thursday (which I thought I might have to do because I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday in Irvine and it's also Carla's birthday so I was planning on taking the day off so we could go to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants that's down by the doctor's office). So I'm pretty happy about all that. (And just in general happy about not having to sit through a day-long meeting.)

3. I played some more Zelda tonight. I keep meaning to play at least a little every day, but somehow there never seems to be time. I need to work on just playing a little bit at a time, but I always feel like if I'm going to play, I want to play a lot, and then end up not doing it at all. But tonight I went up the cliffs outside of Zora's domain to get the shock arrows and a photo of the Lynel (and maybe try and fight him, but he blasted me while I was taking a photo so I just ran, lol). And then I ended up going to a nearby shrine instead and then from there to a great fairy fountain, so I got my clothes upgraded a bit (though I'm missing some ingredients). Then I went down south and opened up the Lake Tower (I plan on catching some fish in Hyrule Lake while I'm there, since that's what I need to upgrade my Zora gear). Tomorrow I probably will attempt the first divine beast, though.

4. Today is Chloe and Molly's birthday and they're a big grown up two years old! (And Jasper is five months! When did these kitties get so big!?)

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1. All the people who were out sick last week seem to be back in shape now, and no one called out today.

2. The Panic concert was so good! I had a blast and will write it up in more detail tomorrow.

3. I love the look on Jasper's face here!

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1. Our microwave has been doing a slow fade for...over a year, I think, and finally just dropped dead today. I'm wishing we'd replaced it before it totally died, because then we wouldn't be stuck without one in the meantime, but that's not what we did so we are. We went to a few stores today but the only one that had much of a selection was Best Buy and they were all pricier than I wanted to pay, so I ended up getting one off Amazon, which won't arrive until Thursday. Thankfully we're not really heavy microwave users, so it won't be too much of a hardship to go without one for a couple days.

2. I'm going to see Panic at the Disco tomorrow!

3. I finished reading another book, which makes 17 so far. That's more than I managed to read all last year, so I'm pretty happy about that.

4. I got so many cute kitty pics today! That'll keep me going for days.


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