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Fic reviews: 2 HP + 1 Prince of Tennis

Pigfeathers by [ profile] alchemia and [ profile] bugland 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 18,300 words. Post-war, Harry goes to Snape and asks him to make a potion that will give Harry a female body.

I really liked this a lot. Not just for the subject matter, but for the writing style as well.

Post-war, Harry searches out Snape (who is in hiding) to have a potion brewed that will give her the female body she's always wanted. The reactions of Harry's friends (Ginny's anger, Hermione's "you're just gay, no, you're just a transvestite, no, you're just confused", Ron's "omg your dick fell off!!! can we have sex?") all felt very real. I liked that Harry did truly have feelings for Ginny and wanted things to work out. I loved that Snape and Harry's hatred of each other was still strong and did not dissolve right away (though at the beginning Snape occasionally came off more spoilt child than he does in canon (not that he is the most mature of people there, either)). The set up for Harry getting together(ish) is laid out well, with Snape being the only one who doesn't make a fuss over Harry and isn't weirded out by it. Oh, and I also liked Tonks's reaction and Remus's explanation of her "feeling threatened", like she was all "wait, I'm the one who can change my body, not you".

I do have one complaint, which is that while everything else feels like it fits well within canon, Harry doesn't. This is a fic about trans!Harry and you just have to accept that premise. With any other character in the series, that wouldn't have bothered me at all, because we're not privy to their thoughts. For all we know, Hermione may long to have a dick. There's nothing to say one way or the other. But we are privy to Harry's thoughts for six books and so just the "this is something I've always felt" thing doesn't work for me in that regard. Was it something Harry had repressed all those years? What made her accept it and decide to take this potion? Because it was Harry, I wanted a little more background before we got to the "I want to take this potion" part.

Still an excellent fic and one I'll be adding to my recs.

Blaise by [ profile] alchemia 5/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 3000 words. Blaise and Blaise communicate through the Mirror of Erised.

Um. Wow. I am completely floored by this one. Really, really liked it. Even more than Pigfeathers. Narrator!Blaise is a girl trapped in a boy's body. Mirror of Erised!Blaise is a boy trapped in a girl's body. I don't really have anything coherent to say about it. Just really powerful. Again, loved the writing style. Reccing also, most definitely.

Aozu & Kyappu to Bin by [ profile] cimorene111 2/5 Did not finish
Prince of Tennis. 16,800 words. One day, from breakfast till bedtime, in the life of two boybands.

I was intrigued despite the fact that I haven't read any of the canon yet. Boyband AU! Fun! But there's too many characters and I can't get a hold on it. I don't think I'll give it a go even once I've read the series, though, because I have a knee-jerk reaction against Japanese in English fics. Even though what I saw was used correctly and made sense (unlike 99% of anime fics), the use of foreign words always feels off to me. This is basically why I never read or write anime/manga fic. :p

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i'm sorry i triggered your fangirl japanese squick! i try to keep it to a minimum. but i meant to go back and tell you i didn't think you'd like it anyway, only then i got sidetracked last night. i'm sure it'd have been too saccharine for you in the end.