torachan: close-up of a sleepy kitten face (sleepy molly)
Travis ([personal profile] torachan) wrote2017-08-10 02:26 am
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Daily Happiness

1. My favorite LPer is a big Nintendo fan but has never really played Metroid...until now! And now he's decided to play ALL the Metroid games, which I am really enjoying watching.

2. Today was the grand opening of the new Whole Foods 365 down the street from us, so we walked over after I got home from work. It looks really nice and although it was crowded (grand opening, after all), it wasn't as busy as I worried it might be (probably since we were going at like 8pm rather than midday). We got some yummy treats and will definitely be going back again sometime when it's less busy.

3. We left this box on the floor the other day even though it's really too small for the kitties, just because we were too lazy to take it out to the recycling...but it appears it's not too small for Molly!

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