torachan: devil boy from sinfest with his arms thrust up victoriously (yatta)
Travis ([personal profile] torachan) wrote2017-06-01 01:49 am
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Daily Happiness

1. Considering how groggy I've felt the past couple days when I woke up, I'm really glad to have a day off tomorrow and sleep in a bit. I've been trying to get to sleep earlier, and actually managed it a couple nights, but now I just looked at the clock and it's almost two, so bleh. But at least I can sleep in if I need to!

2. We got pizza for dinner tonight. Last year sometime Dominos reintroduced their pizza points system (which they had randomly discontinued for several years) and tonight's order means we have enough points for a free pizza next time. :D

3. I really like this pic of Jasper and Molly. He looks so tiny next to her! (I think some of that is the angle maybe, because I don't think he really is that much tinier than her anymore!)

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