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Travis ([personal profile] torachan) wrote2017-05-07 02:20 am
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Daily Happiness

1. It's raining! It actually started sprinkling earlier when we were out taking an after dinner walk, but thankfully it was just a tiny bit then and we didn't really get wet. Carla had closed all the windows earlier because it was cold, but I opened the one by my desk a couple hours ago to air out the room after one of the cats pooped, so now I'm just sitting here enjoying the sound of the rain. :D

2. It's only one week into the month and I've already finished translating two chapters, both of which are from series I wasn't able to get a release done for last month, so I feel good about that.

3. So many people have been sick at work lately with some sort of terrible flu that has them out for days, but so far I have not felt sick at all. I did get a flu shot a few months ago, so I hope that will protect me! (That plus my general good luck of never getting the flu. I get colds, but not flu, and would like to keep it that way.)

4. Lately Jasper's favorite spot has been in the corner of the love seat. There's a permanent kitty nest made from a comfy blanket right next to him, but he seems to like the non-nesty part right now. XD

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[personal profile] bridgetmkennitt 2017-05-07 03:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Good luck on escaping being sick! I'm fighting as hard as I can, but I have a cold and it sucks. It could be worse, but I don't want it at all. D:
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[personal profile] hannelore 2017-05-07 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Knocking on wood that you stay flu-free!

Oh cats, sleeping everywhere except the places made for them to sleep. :P
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[personal profile] adafrog 2017-05-08 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
1. That sounds wonderful.