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Weekly Reading

What are you currently reading?
Haha, I really need to buckle down on the reading because I am tired of saying each week that I am still reading the same two books! XD But I am. :(

I actually did make quite a bit of progress on Modern Romance, mainly due to reading a good chunk last night while waiting for the concert to start and between the opening and main acts, so I'm now over two-thirds of the way done. I'm going to try really hard to finish this by next week!

No progress at all on Mayor of Castro Street.

I also started reading volume 11 of Saint Oniisan, because there was one night when my phone was almost out of battery so I left it charging at my desk rather than taking it to bed, and I read on my ipad instead, which has comics rather than books. But since then I haven't picked up my ipad at all... :-/

What did you recently finish reading?
Nnnnnothing. ;_;

What do you think you'll read next?
Man, I don't know. Maybe if I had something I really wanted to read next, it would give me a kick in the pants to finish something I'm currently reading.
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[personal profile] chagrined 2017-04-15 01:15 am (UTC)(link)
I recommend Mob Psycho 100! XD XD XD
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[personal profile] chagrined 2017-04-15 03:10 am (UTC)(link)
haha, well, I CAN'T DENY BIAS XD XD but imo it's one of those things that's a lot better than a synopsis makes it sounds... like, there is all the psychic stuff, but the real meat of the story i'd say is in like, part a coming of age narrative, partly even larger than that it's about people in general and how they relate to each other and fit together within society. and it's got some really great character development! i think one is really good at developing interesting characters who play well off the main characters, where you've got like, each character mob meets making him reconsider his worldview from a slightly different angle, that kind of thing. and i know some people don't like one's art but i think he's got a really good sense of how to write comics, and it especially shows in his panel layouts and comic timing. (and tbh i like the art style too now haha.)

so yeah THERE'S MY COUNTER-PITCH lol. tbh when i first started watching the anime i wasn't interested in the plot and was at first just watching for the animation but thought about dropping it anyway, but then by eps 4/5 when mob meets this other psychic kid who's really full of himself, and then that kid attacks him, they explained a lot more about mob's character/motivations and what specific past events caused him to develop the complex he has about using his powers. it also really appealed to me b/c the relationship between the two brothers is full of all this delicious enmeshed stuff and the early plotlines focus a lot on that haha.


(also, i double-checked my manga volumes and apparently that part that sucked me in more to the characters was in volume 2... gosh darn it haha. i was hoping it was volume 1 so it'd be an easier sell to give it a try XD)

eta: also idr if u've read one punch man but if you have, these 2 stories are also very different. tho i haven't read the opm manga but from comparing the animes, even tho both have an overpowered MC with some issue about his powers and also a teacher/student relationship, that's like, all they have in common haha. i saw one person say that opm is more about character study while mp100 is more about character development and i think that's fairly legit, tho i also think mp100 has a better plot overall haha (well, at least compared to opm s1, since i haven't watched beyond that)
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