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Travis ([personal profile] torachan) wrote2017-03-11 12:58 am

Daily Happiness

1. I had some urgent stuff that needed to be done by today and I knew if I did it at work, I'd be constantly interrupted and it would take me all day to get done, so I just worked from home this morning and then went in in the afternoon.

2. Tonight after work there was a surprise going-away party for one of our long-time cashiers who's quitting, and I went for a while and hung out and it was fun. (Though between that and going out to both lunch and dinner on Wednesday, I feel like I have had my fill of socialisation for a long time.)

3. Between work and the get-together, I had a couple hours to relax and play Zelda! I got some stuff accomplished and then died a lot trying to do this sidequest of killing monsters on Hateno Beach. I need to rethink my strategy or leave it and come back later. I did finally figure out how to get rupees, though! All that junk I've been collecting along my way can be sold for money! Nice. So I bought some new clothes (I still had the shirt and trousers you get right after waking up) and refilled my arrow stash. I wish Hateno Village had a weapon shop, though, because I am out of decent weapons.

4. Cutie Chloe! Everyone loves the morning sun on this carpet.

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