torachan: maru the cat sitting in a bucket (maru)
Travis ([personal profile] torachan) wrote2017-03-07 01:30 am

Daily Happiness

1. The Switch arrived this morning and before setting it up, we decided to pull out the TV cabinet and get things tidied up (and also vacuum behind it, because it never gets vacuumed back there), and now not only do we have a snazzy new gaming system, but things are also nice and tidy and looking much better over there.

2. Zelda is a lot of fun so far. I still prefer the old-school style of Zeldas to this "realistic" type, so I really hope they make another one for the 3DS, but this is still fun. I did the first two shrines and got to the ice one, but by then it was getting late so I just saved my game at the door to the shrine. I've seen other people talk about some warmer clothing, but I missed that opportunity and instead just cooked up a bunch of peppers and ate those to keep me warm through the snowy area.

3. Look at this cutie Jasper face!