Aug. 9th, 2017

torachan: tavros from homestuck dressed as pupa pan (pupa pan)
1. It was really nice to have that extra day off today! (I'll be confused all day tomorrow about what day it is, though.)

2. I made spaghetti napolitan (a Japanese type of spaghetti made with ketchup instead of regular pasta sauce) tonight for dinner. First time I've ever made it at home, and it was so delicious I'm definitely going to do it again. (I've only really had it in spaghetti pan before.) It really is a little too muggy for cooking, but at least it made lots of leftovers.

3. I didn't do much translating today, but I did almost finish up a chapter of Gunjo (should be able to send that off to the typesetter tomorrow, so maybe hopefully have it to post sometime within the next week or so).

4. Jasper has just been so ridiculously cute today. This pic is from yesterday, I think, but today was more of the same, just sleeping all day on the shelf above my desk in various cute poses. XD

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