May. 11th, 2017

torachan: arale from dr slump dressed in a penguin suit and smiling (arale penguin)
1. Got a call back from the vet this morning and Jasper's stool sample came back negative for any parasites or other nasty stuff, so that's good. They gave us a course of medicine that can help bowel inflamation, so we'll see that through and see if it helps at all, and also try to limit the types of food and brands he's eating and see if there's anything he's particularly sensitive to. (I still can't believe he weighs almost ten pounds! I knew he was growing a lot, but damn!)

2. I have six days of sleeping in ahead of me! There's someone on vacation for a couple weeks, so I have to adjust my schedule slightly to cover for her here and there, which means I have to stay later, but also means I can go in later. I really want to get back on a sleep schedule of going to bed a little earlier and waking up earlier, but in the meantime, being able to sleep in is nice.

3. Look at this sweet Chloe face!

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