Apr. 21st, 2017

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What are you currently reading?
The other day my mom gave me a bag of books to put in the little library down the street, but before we took them over, we decided to look through them and see if there was anything we wanted to read ourselves and I found there were three All-of-a-Kind Family books! I loved these books as a kid and decided I'd read them again before giving them away. I cracked open the first one tonight and read about half of it in one go. It's just as charming as I remember.

I also started reading (but have really not read anything yet) The Invisible Library, which I believe I saw recced by someone on my flist and it sounded interesting, but I've already forgotten what it's supposed to be about, so that will be a nice surprise. XD

Still no progress on Mayor of Castro Street. ;_;

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished Modern Romance. Overall it was a pretty fun book. I read it entirely for Aziz Ansari rather than the content, but the content was actually pretty interesting. Basically, he talks about how technology has changed the way people look for relationships these days, using a lot of research, interviews, and personal anecdotes. Really it just made me want to read more books by him, and also made me look forward to season two of Master of None, which is out next month.

What do you think you'll read next?
Stuff, probably.
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1. Welp, I somehow managed to do zero translating today despite being home, but I did vacuum and do laundry, so at least there's that.

2. I made fried rice for dinner tonight and it was so good, and there's a bunch leftover, too.

3. I finished another book! That puts me at eighteen for the year, which is three books over halfway for my goal, and the year's not even a third of the way done.

4. Today I didn't actually play Zelda that much and mostly what I did was play Eventide Island. This island is a shrine trial where you have to play with no food, no weapons, and no armor, except what you can scavenge on the island yourself. You do have your runes, but that's it. It's pretty daunting at first, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

5. Look at this sweet Molly wanting some pets!


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