Apr. 13th, 2017

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1. The concert was great and I will have a proper review tomorrowish.

2. Day off tomorrow! Ugh, this week has been so exhausting and the weekend will be horrible with our anniversary sale events, but at least I can relax tomorrow. (And then next week I am doing nothing in my free time. Nothing!)

3. Jasper has a perfect question mark tail in this photo.

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What are you currently reading?
Haha, I really need to buckle down on the reading because I am tired of saying each week that I am still reading the same two books! XD But I am. :(

I actually did make quite a bit of progress on Modern Romance, mainly due to reading a good chunk last night while waiting for the concert to start and between the opening and main acts, so I'm now over two-thirds of the way done. I'm going to try really hard to finish this by next week!

No progress at all on Mayor of Castro Street.

I also started reading volume 11 of Saint Oniisan, because there was one night when my phone was almost out of battery so I left it charging at my desk rather than taking it to bed, and I read on my ipad instead, which has comics rather than books. But since then I haven't picked up my ipad at all... :-/

What did you recently finish reading?
Nnnnnothing. ;_;

What do you think you'll read next?
Man, I don't know. Maybe if I had something I really wanted to read next, it would give me a kick in the pants to finish something I'm currently reading.
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Of the three bands I saw in the last few weeks, this is the only one I'd never seen before, but I'm sooooooo glad I went and I would definitely see them live again if I had the chance.

The venue was another beautiful old building downtown, and I was in the lower balcony with a really good view. I kind of wish I'd waited a little longer to go, though, because doors opened at 7:30 but the opening act didn't get started until like 8:45, and they wouldn't let us take our seats until after eight for some reason.

The opening act was Waxahatchee, a female indie rock duo who were not unpleasant to listen to but super boring. It was only a guitar and a bass, so not a lot of instrumetal variety, all the songs sounded the same, and there was no variation within each song, either (choruses sounded just like the verses, that sort of thing). And they played for forty-five minutes or so, which seemed interminable.

The New Pornographers finally came on at almost ten o'clock, and played for about ninety minutes. The venue was really strict about cell phones (not just no photos or videos, but they asked for no phone usage during the show at all), so I wasn't able to make note of the songs, but thankfully someone did upload a setlist right away.

1. High Ticket Attractions
2. The Laws Have Changed
3. Use It
4. Moves
5. Colosseums
6. Dancehall Domine
7. Testament to Youth in Verse
8. Whiteout Conditions
9. Champions of Red Wine
10. Adventures in Solitude
11. All the Old Showstoppers
12. This is the World of the Theater
13. Sing Me Spanish Techno
14. Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
15. Play Money
16. Backstairs
17. Mass Romantic
18. Avalanche Alley

19. Brill Bruisers
20. The Bleeding Heart Show

This was a good mix of songs! They played a handful from the new album, all of which were ones I already had five-starred in itunes, and of their older stuff, there's a few I really wish they had played (Bones of an Idol, Letter from an Occupant, and Another Drug Deal of the Heart are probably my top picks that they didn't do), but they did a lot of my favorites and overall I was really happy with the selection.

There are some bands where I just have no idea what their popular songs are because I've only listened to them on my own hard drive, and these guys are definitely one of them. So I was crossing my fingers for my favorite song to be played, but I just had no idea how good of a chance there was, and as the show went on I was getting resigned to not hearing it, but then...the final encore! The ending song! Bleeding Heart Show! I felt so choked up to hear it live. Man, I just love that song so much and it was really great to end on, and made a very satisfying ending.


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