Apr. 10th, 2017

torachan: john from garfield wearing a party hat and the text "this is boring with hats" (this is boring with hats)
1. I posted manga! Somehow the month is already like a third of the way over, so I've got to hustle tomorrow and do some translating, but at least I managed to get one thing posted so far.

2. It's my day off tomorrow and I'm mostly just planning to rest. I've been really tired lately and we did a lot of stuff last week, plus being busy at work, so I'm hoping things will be a little less hectic this week. (Though I do have a concert on Wednesday and this coming weekend is our sixth anniversary event at work, so...)

3. Carla went to Target today and got me some more of the M&Ms peanut butter eggs. *_*

4. Our house is full of things we can't throw away because the cats love them. Case in point, this old desk chair, which now sits in a corner of the dining room. And it's got a comforter folded up on it that was originally just put there to wait for a turn in the washer so it could be put away for the summer. But all the cats love it so, we now just have a random old chair with a random old comforter as a permanent fixture in the dining room. Luckily we aren't using our dining room for anything other than a cat room anyway. :)

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