Apr. 4th, 2017

torachan: scott pilgrim pouting (scott pilgrim - pout)
1. Ever since we got the new vacuum, I've been vacuuming every week and I'm really happy about that. The new vacuum is easier to use, quieter, and just plain old works better, so it doesn't feel like such a huge chore. Of course the house is covered in cat hair again immediately after vacuuming, but at least by doing it once a week it does keep it from getting too bad.

2. I had hoped to get a lot of translating done today and I didn't, but I did get some done.

3. I played a bunch of Zelda today. I explored around the Faron Tower region and got some quests and shrines done, and I also flew out to that island shrine off Hateno beach and did my first Major Test of Strength, which also got me the last ancient core I needed to finally get my stasis upgraded! I think I'll probably head up to Akkala region next and check out the ancient tech lab there.

4. Look at this Jasper! Soon he'll be too big to fit in the windowsill.

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