Apr. 3rd, 2017

torachan: onoda sakamichi from yowamushi pedal with a huge smile (onoda smile)
1. Day off tomorrow! I'm not going anywhere and I'm excited about that. :p

2. The last three days have been so busy at work because of the new people I've been training. One of them is really good and the other two got off to a more rocky start, but I think they'll work out as well. But I've just been doing so much talking and so much explaining how to do stuff and I'm so worn out from it.

3. We watched the new Rick and Morty and it was SO GREAT. The season two finale was just such a cliffhanger, I had no idea how they were going to resolve everything, and it's been such a long time that it's like, can it really match up to all our expectations? But it can and it did!


And now we have to wait till summer for more! D: But this does put me in the mood for another rewatch, so at least I can scratch the itch a bit with that.

4. There was a huge moth outside the window tonight and Molly was hunting!

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