Mar. 31st, 2017

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What are you currently reading?
Currently reading Modern Romance and Mayor of Castro Street, but there's been very little progress on the first and none on the second. I just haven't been reading much this week. :-/

What did you recently finish reading?
That said, I did still manage to finish a book! I finished Return from Witch Mountain the other day and after a rocky start, I did end up enjoying it.

The first chapter was a real disappointment, as just right off the bat it had a totally different feeling than the first book. Not only were many key points different (which to Key's credit, he did do his best to try and explain away, such as "oh, we'd thought Uncle Bene was dead but he survived" and "while we were gone Tia learned to speak vocally", but there was also a weird overuse of scientific terms for their powers that just felt out of place.

But as I continued reading, I got sucked into the story and the annoyances faded away and I did end up enjoying it. Though the addition of a psychic goat who helped save the day definitely made me feel like yeah, this is an old Disney movie all right.

What do you think you'll read next?
Hopefully just make some progress on the books I've got open!
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1. I played so much Zelda today! I upgraded my armor some more, and did a couple side quests, and found a few more shrines, and then I defeated Waterblight Ganon and freed Mipha and Vah Ruto!

2. Carla went to Trader Joe's this afternoon and got some of their triple ginger cookies, which I'd forgotten how much I like. They are just so good. *_*

3. We went out to lunch with my mom today for Carla's birthday (which is not until next week, but this was the most convenient time for us to get together). We went to Truxton's, which I love but is a bit out of our price range for a non-special occassion, so we haven't been since last year when we went for someone's birthday. I got the grilled cheese with onion jam and it was super delicious.

4. Jasper and Chloe were being cutie cuddlers today.


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