Mar. 16th, 2017

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1. Hired two new people today (one cashier and one stocker) who both seemed like they will be pretty good, so hopefully that works out.

2. Day off tomorrow! Since it's almost three now, I'm looking forward to sleeping in, lol.

3. I surprised myself by getting a whole chapter of manga translated tonight even though I spent most of the evening after getting home from work dicking around on the internet.

4. This sweetie little guy!

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What are you currently reading?
Mayor of Castro Street is still in progress and I'm not sure I actually picked it up at all this week.

However, I did start two new books! I received the sequel to Escape from Witch Mountain in the mail the other day, Return from Witch Mountain, and read the first chapter. Honestly, it's a bit of a disappointment. I didn't realise this when I mooched the book, but apparently it is just a novelisation of the film, and thus follows the story of the first movie, rather than the book. I had assumed that Key wrote two books and both were adapted, but that's not the case. It's only like 150 pages, so I'll read the whole thing, but even just from the first chapter it has a totally different feel. (I am not sure I ever watched the sequel growing up, as it wasn't on heavy rotation on TV the way the original was, so the story itself doesn't hold the same nostalgia.)

The other book is Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, which I checked out because someone (can't remember who) on my flist recced it. I loved Aziz Ansari on Parks and Rec and loved his show Master of None, and while I haven't watched a lot of his stand-up because I don't really watch stand-up, I've liked what I've seen. So I was expecting to like this, and while I've only read the intro so far, I think I will.

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished Mistletoe and Murder last night (stayed up until 4:30am this morning reading it, to be precise).

I am loving these books so much! The killers are never obvious but always make sense (I usually manage to guess before the girls do, but not way early in the book). I was not thrilled with the setting at first, what with them not being able to move freely about the college, and was worried they would have to rely on help from George and Alexander more than they did, but I should have known that Daisy and Hazel would find ways to keep getting back there. And I do like them working with the boys, though I hope it won't be something that appears in every book now. I'm ready for more of just Daisy and Hazel.

I really liked the addition of more characters of color, and I really like George as a character as well (more so than Alexander, though I like him, too). Also more queer characters! Though while I appreciate queer people showing up even as minor characters, I had really hoped when I picked up the series that Daisy and Hazel would eventually become a couple and that seems less and less likely as the series goes on. Slight spoilers not relating to the mystery )

What do you think you'll read next?
I read no manga this week, which I would like to change!


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