Mar. 4th, 2017

torachan: a cartoon owl with the text "everyone is fond of owls" (everyone is fond of owls)
1. Today was really exhausting, so I'm even more glad than usual that tomorrow and Sunday are late days so I can sleep in.

2. Apparently it got quite warm today, but I was at work all day in the air conditioning and by the time I got home, it was cool again. :D

3. Although we still haven't received the Switch yet, we did get Zelda today...only to find Carla had accidentally ordered the Wii U version and not the Switch version. But Amazon still had plenty of copies, so she was able to order the correct one, which will be here Sunday (probably still before we get the actual Switch), and we can return the wrong one.

4. The kitties all like having the windows open.

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