Mar. 3rd, 2017

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1. I went out to brunch with my mom this morning and took her all the shirts and sweaters I'd cleared out of my closet. She and her husband organise a monthly homeless outreach on Venice Beach where they give out food, toiletries, and clothes, and it's always the first Saturday of the month, which is the day after tomorrow, so she was very happy to get the clothes.

2. Then this afternoon I went karaoke with Carla and Alexander. They've revamped their system since the last time I went, and they're using healsonic now, which has an app so you can enter the songs on your phone, rather than everyone having to share a book and remote. Also now the Japanese and English systems are fully integrated!

Before, they had one Japanese system that was updated and had a lot of songs, but you couldn't use it at the same time as the English system. So either you use the English system, which has a large selection of English songs, and is compatible with the old Japanese system, which has a lot of Japanese songs, but hasn't been updated in years and its selection even of older songs is still limited compared to the newer Japanese system. Or you use the new Japanese system and people who want to sing in English are limited to the smaller selection of English songs in the Japanese system.

But now everyone can use the app to do it on their phones and there's access to both the good Japanese system and good English system (and it seems like some other languages as well), and it's great! (There is also an ipad you can use to enter songs, but all three of us just ended up downloading the app.) The only thing is, I do miss flipping through a book because if it's all just searching, I end up not being able to think of any songs or artists I like, lol.

3. Even though I was busy going out and doing stuff, I also vacuumed, did some translation, and read for a bit, so overall I feel pretty good about today! :D

4. The Switch is out tomorrow! Though I'm not sure when we'll receive ours. When Carla pre-ordered it, she wasn't able to get one on Amazon and pre-ordered from Target instead, but it doesn't seem like Target is guaranteeing release day delivery, which is a bummer. If we'd realized that, we could have set it for in-store pick-up, but we didn't, so now we just have to wait for it to arrive. At least Zelda, which we did pre-order from Amazon, will be here tomorrow, so we'll have that ready and waiting when the system comes.

5. The cats were super cute today, and Molly was no exception!

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