Mar. 2nd, 2017

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What are you currently reading?
I've currently got three books in progrees, The Mayor of Castro Street, which I've once again only read a couple chapters of, Mistletoe and Murder, which is about a third of the way done, and a new one, Escape to Witch Mountain.

As a kid, Escape to Witch Mountain was one of my favorite movies, but I never knew it was based on a book until I was an adult, and at some point I added it to my BookMooch wishlist back when I was active on the site, and no one had a copy so I just forgot about it. Recently I got back on there because my mom was looking for some books, and I decided to take a look at my old wishlist, which had like 500 books on it, a lot of which I was no longer interested in, or had already read. I went through and mooched a few books I was still interested in that had available copies, and then deleted the whole list. Anyway, this was one of the books! And as soon as it arrived the other day, I started reading it, even though I've already got two other books in progress. But it's a quick read and I'm already over halfway done with it.

Anyway, as many times as I saw the movie as a kid, it's probably been like thirty years, so I don't remember much except the basics. Some stuff in the book seems familiar and some stuff seems different, and there's some stuff that must have been original to the movie because the point where it would have happened is past and it didn't happen (I think in the movie they actually went to the house of the guy who's trying to kidnap them). Regardless, I'm enjoying it a lot so far.

What did you recently finish reading?
Only one thing, a single-volume manga by Kawahara Kazune and Yamakawa Aiji called Tomodachi no Hanashi. I wasn't that into it at first, which surprised me because I usually love everything by Kawahara Kazune, but I ended up liking it as it went on. Though I really wished it had ended up with the two girls getting together, because they kept declaring their love for each other, and saying how their friendship was more important than any boys, and how if one of them were a boy they would totally be a couple, but of course it was het. :p

What do you think you'll read next?
Right now I'm just going to concentrate on the stuff I have in progress. Although I don't have as much time to read now that I've gone back to work, I have been managing to make some time to read every day, so I'm happy about that.

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