Feb. 25th, 2017

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1. First day back at work! About two thirds of today was playing catch-up with the piles of stuff on my desk, but in general it was a good day. I thought I might be easily worn out, but I wasn't at all, and while I did have to be more careful about lifting than usual, it really wasn't an issue. (I know there were a couple times where I definitely lifted more than the twenty pounds I'm supposed to, and I had no trouble with it, but I don't want to strain anything, so I'm trying to take it easy.)

2. We had doughnuts for dinner. Or rather, neither of us were really feeling that hungry, so we skipped dinner and went and got doughnuts from DK's, which was surprisingly not that busy for nine o'clock on a Friday night.

3. Chloe and Jasper have become 100% comfortable with each other, always playing together, sleeping together, grooming each other. But Molly has still been keeping her distance more. For one thing, she's a much quieter cat and wants nothing to do with Jasper when he's hyper (which is most of the time he's awake), but I was really hoping she'd sleep with him more and she hasn't been. However, tonight he was curled up in her favorite purple blanket and she got up on the sofa and just looked at it like she was disappointed, so we widened the space slightly and she got right in with him! And then they cuddled together for over an hour! :D

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