Feb. 18th, 2017

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1. Today was my one-week post-surgery follow-up visit and it looks like everything is healing up really well.

2. It's a long drive to see the surgeon and it was predicted to rain a ton today, but thankfully it mostly held off until we got home. No rain on the way down and while there was some heavy rain on the way home, it was off and on, and just getting started so there wasn't any huge puddles built up yet or anything yet. Once we got home it just kept pouring all afternoon and evening, though. I'm glad we didn't have to go out in it!

3. Look at this sweet Chloe face!

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1. We started watching this new show called Powerless and it's so good! It's set in the DC universe but it's about regular people, in particular, the regular people working at a company that makes products for people to use in case of supervillain/superhero incidents (like an umbrella to keep rubble from falling on you). I'm surprised I hadn't seen anyone talking about it, since superhero shows are very popular, and it has some fandom favorites (Alan Tudyk and Dany Pudi), but I might have just skimmed over it because I'm not that into superhero stuff myself. But it's a sitcom, not a drama, so it turns out it's actually right up my alley.

2. Look at this silly Jasper.


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