Feb. 8th, 2017

torachan: (musume no iede)
Apparently Musume no Iede is ending in Japan this month and will have six volumes total. I'm sad to hear it's ending, but as we're only just starting volume three here, we'll still be going for a while longer!

Title: Musume no Iede
Original Title: 娘の家出 (Musume no Iede)
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Jump X
Genre: Seinen
Status in Japan: 6 volumes, complete
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations + muge
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: When Mayuko's mom announces she's getting remarried, Mayuko runs away to live with her dad and his boyfriend. This heartwarming slice-of-life series follows Mayuko and her family and friends as their stories interweave.

Chapter Summary: Last chapter saw Haruna get her hair cut like the model Araki Rena, and this chapter we follow Rena herself.

Chapter 13: A Slave to Love


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