Feb. 2nd, 2017

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1. I've been checking my bank account fairly regularly to see when the federal tax return hits and when I checked this morning it was there! It's also payday tomorrow, so at this rate I'm just going to wait until my paycheck goes in, too, and do all the bill-paying at once, but that credit card is all but paid off!

2. It's my day off tomorrow and other than going out to brunch with my mom, I don't have any other plans and am looking forward to just relaxing and hopefully getting some translation done.

3. Since Monday we've been keeping the bedroom door open a bit on and off during the day and so far no accidents from Jasper, so I think we're okay on that front. However, I think we're going to keep the door closed at night for a little while longer. Chloe seemed happy to be able to get back in the bedroom and burrow under the covers for a nap this evening (and Jasper was curled up next to her on top of the covers, confused as to why he could smell a sister (and feel her when he jumped on that sister-shaped lump under the blanket) but couldn't see her).

4. Today Jasper and Chloe were cuddling again and then he took it a step further and started grooming her! Carla got some video and it's super cute!

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What are you currently reading?
Currently still reading Their Eyes Were Watching God, which I hadn't picked up in a while but did read several chapters of it last night. I'm just about halfway through now.

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished Raising Steam! Finally! Wow, what a slog. Considering it has my favorite character (Moist) and is my favorite type of Discworld story (new technology), it's sad to say this is probably my least favorite Discworld novel and I would only recommend reading it for completeness' sake. I have heard that the final Tiffany Aching book was better edited, so I do think I'll give that a go at some point, but reading this just made me sad for Pratchett and sad for Discworld that this was the last book in such a great series. Even setting aside the fact that his illness was almost certainly affecting his writing skills, it just feels so much like an early draft.

Once I no longer had that hanging over my head, I dove right into a new book and ended up finishing it up in just four days! That book was Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens. It's the first book in a murder mystery series set in a 1930s English boarding school. The narrator, Hazel Wong, is from Hong Kong and has been sent to boarding school in England. She and her best friend Daisy Wells have formed their own detective society, but until the mysterious death of one of their teachers, they've never had a real mystery to solve. I really enjoyed this a lot and have already loaded up the next book on my phone.

What do you think you'll read next?
Finish up Their Eyes Were Watching God (I'm going to try and read a bit each day; as it's a physical book rather than ebook, it's easier to neglect it) and read Arsenic for Tea, the next Wells & Wong mystery.


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