Feb. 1st, 2017

torachan: a kitten looking out the window (chloe in window)
1. I'm going to see Panic at the Disco in March! I just happened to see an email from Ticketmaster this morning announcing that they're playing in LA and I was like, well, I do really like their recent stuff... So I bought it. :D Now that I have a car, I should take advantage of that and get back into the habit of going to concerts more often.

2. I did some translating tonight on a couple back-burner projects. They're way down low on the priority list not just because they're one-shots, but because the person who's typesetting them is super busy and so far behind on other stuff we're working on that there's no reason to hurry, so I just work on them here and there when I have time, and the last day of the month, when I've got all my other monthly stuff done, is the perfect time for that.

3. I had to go back into work tonight like half an hour after I came home, because I'd forgotten that the person who usually orders the next day's meat and fish was out today, so nobody was there to order. Having to get dressed and go out again right after I'd changed into my comfy house clothes sucks, but it's better than the last time this happened, when I didn't remember until the middle of the night and had to go in and order then.

4. Super exciting kitty milestone! Cuddling has been achieved!

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