Jan. 31st, 2017

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1. I got one last chapter posted before the end of the month! (Well, it's possible I could still post something tomorrow, too, as I do have several things out with typesetters, but I won't hold my breath.)

2. I trimmed Jasper's claws. They trimmed them at the pet store before we brought him home, but they got sharp again so fast! And I keep thinking about it when he's awake and wiggly (and digging his claws into me while scaling me like a mountain goat), but today I remembered while he was sleeping, and he was so conked out it was super easy.

3. Last night just a few minutes after I got home from work (but after I'd already changed into my comfy house clothes), I got a call from the security company that the alarm was going off. So I went and checked on it and everything was fine. I was worried that if it was malfunctioning I would get another call, but I never did, so I thought maybe it was just a one time thing.

Except I did get another call, at like 3:30am, and even though I was almost certain it was just malfunctioning, I couldn't relax and go back to sleep until I went and checked, so I got dressed and drove over to the store (thankfully in the middle of the night it's like less than five minutes away) and sure enough, it was nothing, so I told the security company to just ignore any further alerts.

So that sucked, but at least it wasn't actually a break-in, and I didn't have work today so I could sleep in (and ended up sleeping until almost noon, with one interruption around 6:30am to feed the cats), and the security company came out today and replaced the sensor in the area that was malfunctioning and there haven't been any calls tonight, so hopefully it's fixed.

4. We made nachos for lunch and they were sooooo delicious.

5. Carla caught the elusive Chloe tongue on film the other day.

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