Jan. 30th, 2017

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1. I had to fire someone today, which is never fun, but I'm really glad it's over. (It was something that had been coming for a while, not something spur of the moment, so plenty of time to dread doing it, bleh.) And I have someone new starting tomorrow to replace her, who will hopefully be much better. (This new person actually used to work at the store several years ago and was a good worker and got along well with everyone, so there shouldn't be any problems, but you never know.)

2. We took Jasper to Petco this morning for one of his shots that he still needed to get (they have a vaccination clinic every Sunday). He wasn't happy about the trip (so many sad mews in the car), but I'm glad to get that over and done with, too, and glad that the rest of the day has passed with no signs of a negative reaction to the shot itself.

3. I have tomorrow off and the only thing we need to go out and do is take Carla's computer to the Apple Store, but that's not until the evening, so I can sleep in and relax for most of the day.

4. We recently replaced a cardboard box in a kitchen cupboard that had been storing tupperware lids with a mesh basket, and of course rather than throw out the ancient cardboard box, we gave it to the cats. First it was on the dining room floor, and then for some reason got put on top of this pillow which we'd put out for them on top of another box, and Molly has been just loving that location.

torachan: (shibito no koe wo kiku ga yoi)

Title: You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead
Original Title: 死人との声をきくがよい (Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi)
Author: Hiyodori Sachiko (Uguisu Sachiko)
Publisher: Champion Red Comics
Genre: Shounen
Status in Japan: 8 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Sickly Kishida Jun has the ability to see ghosts, but in his opinion, it's a stupid power and nothing good ever comes of it. Considering the number of grisly situations he seems to find himself in after the ghost of his childhood friend Hayakawa Ryoko starts following him around, he may have a point.

Chapter Summary: Kishida's classmate moves into a new house haunted by the ghost of a little boy...

Chapter 7: The Cherubic Ghost


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