Jan. 27th, 2017

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1. I slept in until like ten, which was nice. I've been going to bed at like twelve or one, which is earlier than I had been doing, so even considering I read in bed for a bit and got up once to feed the cats, that means I still got a pretty good amount of sleep.

2. We went out to Burbank today, both to go to Ikea and to Porto's. We also decided to go to Target while we were there, since there was one right near by. Ikea turned out to be a bust (an exhausting bust), as we were mainly looking for a new desk for Carla and they don't have anything that will fit well in the space we have. But we got some stuff at Target that we needed, and we got a delicious lunch and pastries at Porto's, so overall it was a good trip.

3. I got the new printer set up! Aside from a test page, I haven't printed anything yet, because I realised we only have like two sheets of paper, but it's good to have a working printer again. Every time we had something to return to Amazon, I was having to print the label out from work and bring it home and that's kind of a pain and also likely to get forgotten.

4. Look at this sleepy Jasper! So tiny but getting so big!

torachan: sei and rin from yasha (yasha)

Title: Yasha
Author: Yoshida Akimi
Publisher: Flower Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Molly
Status in Japan: 12 volumes, complete
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Twelve-year-old Sei lives a normal, quiet life on a small island in Okinawa until one day a strange man who seems to know his mother shows up and tries to kidnap him. After that, nothing is normal or quiet in this sci-fi thriller from the author of Banana Fish.

Chapter Summary: Takeru has been tasked with killing Sei's uncle, but will he be able to follow through?

Chapter 54


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