Jan. 26th, 2017

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1. Day off tomorrow! We do have some plans to go out and do stuff, but not until noon-ish, so I can relax and sleep in and have a lazy morning.

2. I cleaned the next chapter of You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead tonight, and I already had the translation done, so I might be able to get that all typeset tomorrow and post it. If not, then definitely Friday. (I wish every manga was as easy to clean as that one.)

3. I went to the pet store on Monday and talked to the lady who helped us when we adopted Jasper and she mentioned that adding a bit of pumpkin puree to their wet food can help firm up their poops, which is definitely something Jasper needs help with right now, so I've been trying it and it seems to work! We are in much less danger of poopfoot now.

4. We got a new printer! We had got a new printer just last year, an inkjet that had good reviews and seemed nice, but as it turned out it was crap and totally stopped working altogether a month or so ago. I thought maybe enough years had passed that inkjets wouldn't suck as much, but no, they still suck, so there was a laser printer on sale on Amazon and we went ahead and got it. Our last laser printer lasted years and years and the only reason we got rid of it eventually was that we could no longer get ink for it, so hopefully this one will serve us well, too.

5. Three sleepy kitties!

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