Jan. 25th, 2017

torachan: karkat from homestuck headdesking (karkat headdesk)
1. Carla went to See's Candy today and in addition to the regular one piece sample that you always get, the clerk asked her after her purchase if she wanted more samples, to which she of course said yes, and the clerk gave her three packages of pre-wrapped samples with like four pieces in each, which is like $10 or so worth of free chocolates. O_o Two of the packages I can already see have some stuff I don't really love, but the one I opened tonight had four of my favorites in it, so that was super lucky!

2. Someone brought in a birthday cake for someone else at work today and it was sooo good. It was from a Cuban bakery called Porto's, and people have brought in stuff from them in the past and it was all super delicious, but that was back when we didn't have a car and there are no locations nearby, and then we got a car but I'd totally forgotten about them. But now! Now we're planning to go out to Burbank on Thursday and go there. :D

3. I got another chapter of manga finished, finally!

4. Molly and Chloe were sleeping together up on the high shelf tonight and looking super cute.

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