Jan. 20th, 2017

torachan: ewan mcgregor pulling his glasses down to look over the top (ewan glasses)
1. It rained so much last night, but was clear today when we had to go out and do stuff. That's the best kind of rain!

2. We went to Portillo's for lunch. The closest one around here is in Orange County, so it's not exactly somewhere you'd go just for that, but we happened to be down that way for other stuff, so we stopped for lunch on the way back.

3. I'm so happy the cats all seem to be settling in so well. There hasn't been any snuggling between the girls and Jasper yet, but I think it could happen any time.

4. We cleaned out the tupperware* cupboard in the kitchen tonight and got rid of so many ones we never use, as well as a bunch of random lids with no containers. (*Approximately zero of them are actual tupperware.)

5. Look at this little furball!

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